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Sluier, m. Teil. crape; cover, cölour maBk pretext; de.» — aaunemen, * *''e

„ii. achter den — «Ier Trlend.ehap,

belii'nd tlie maak of friendship, under the (show) pretext of friendship; —en, ot. w.

SlulfcVb»"»'r*lsl<t, 'w* (!»''). "'«der, ,hl°'

Ml ui k. v. ter —, underhnnd, privately, «ecretly, on the »ly. by stealth i —ien. O" » '" smuggle; —handel, smuggilng; — dr||Ten. to «muggle; —handelaar, »mug|fler; w.ir«ntUb.nd; -weg, .ecretpath;er, m. -«ter. T. smuggler; —erU. — «ng,

Slalkht-Jd. v. straightness, lankness (ofhalr). Sluimer, m. slumber; — aar, t. ■lumberer; —aehtlg. —ig. br. drowsy, —en, on. w. to .lumber, to doze; —iug, v.

slumber (-ing), doling, doze

Sluip, T. ter —, zie «er Sluik: -en, on. w. to sneak. to ateal; —deur, stcret door, loophole. subterfuge, Bhifl; -h«v«n.coTe creek, lee-ahore; -hoek, -hol. hiding-plaoe. lurkIng-hole; —koorts, hectic fever;—moord, aasaaalnation; — moordenaar, —moorder, assassln; —pad. eecret path ; —trap. back■taira; — Tergnderlng, conventlcle lofPuritana); eecret meeting; —er, m. «ncaker; —

Mal*'. V«ock i -bedding, groundtlmber; —deur, Üood-gate; —geld, slulcemoney, lockago s —wachter, .lulce-keeper,

lock-master. , , . , - t

Sluit en, OT. w. to aliut. to lock (— op «lot doen) t to close (— dicht doen)| to finish, to conclude, to balance (an account) ; on. w to ihut, to close, to be ahut, to fit; In de armen —. to embrace, to ciasp to one a breast; eeiie leening —. to contract (to roake) ft loan; Trede —. to make peace; aan zijn hnrt —. to presa to one s heart; een koop —, to strike a bargain; de oojen

to close (to sluit) the eye«: een hsien

—. to close (to blockade) a harbour; een huwelijk —, to contract a marriage; een Tergaderlng —, to close a meeting; niUn broek alnlt goed. my trousera flt tight; den winkel —, to ahut up a shop to close a shop; een Terbond, een Terdrag , to conclude an alliance, a treaty; dl» redeneering «luit niet, that reaaoning ia illogical; dat «lult niet niet uwe bewering, that does not tally with yonr assertlon; de gelederen —. to close the rauks lu geaioten gelederen, in serrled ranks; de woud wil niet —. the wound wlll not close l]n (_ heal); —band, belly-band. bandage, hSop; —ben, —mand, hamper; —boom,

bar;—dooe, box with a lock ; —gat, mortlce; —geld, iailer'e fees, carcelage; —hek, gate (with a lock); -hengel, iron^ap; .on parlintrs■ — kool, hcaded cabbage; — krop. headed'lettuce; -letter, final letter; —rede, syllogism; -regel, last line; —rü»"* barden; —«pier, Bphincter; —«teen, keyBtone ; —stuk, tenon, plug; —er, m. —«ter.

r. turn-key (of a priaon), door-keeper; —Ing,

Bhutting, lock ing. closing, lock.

Slungel. m. sluggard, clown, lubber.

Slurf, v. trunk, proboBcis (of an elephant).

Slurp. m. en*., ii« Slorp. en*.

Sluw, bv. & bw. sly (-ly), cunning (-ly), crafty Mly); —held, v. slyness, cunningnesn.

Smaad, m. scorn, disdain, outrage, object of injury; —naam, nickname; —rede, diatribe, invectlve ; —schrift, lampoon, libel; —taal, injurious (abusive) language, invectivea; — woord, injurious word, invective.

Smaak, m. taste, savour, flavour, relish, li*ing, fasliion; den — kw)|t *U«>* to be out of taste; — geven aan, to give a reliah (a flavour) to; naar s|Jn —«to bia liking (taste); over den — walt niet te twlsteu, there is accounting for tastes; niet — eten, to eat with an appetite; een kwestie van—, a matter (a question) of taste; leder *U«

— every one to hls taste; naar den Inatsteu

— according to (after) the latest faal»ion; —▼ol, bv. & bw. tasteful (-ly), elegant (-ly), in good taste; — lenuw, gustatory nerve; —Je, o. twang, bad flavour.

Smaal dicht, o. -schrift, o. libel, lampoon. Smacht en, to languish (to long, to pine) for; Tan dorst —, to be choked with thirst; van honger —, to be exhausted by hunger; to starve; — looper, sponger, shark ; —end, bv. dry, languishing, pining. languid. SmadelUk, bv. & bw. injurious (-ly), outrageous (-ly); —held, v. lnjuriousness, outrageousness, scorn(fulness).

Smnd en, ov. w. to injure, to revile, to taunt;

—er, m. injurer, reviler. taunter.

Smak, m. smacking (of the lips); heavy fall, du 11 thud; cast, throw (with dice); —, v. flshing-smack; —schip, smack.

Smakelijk, bv. toothsome, paiatable, savoury, tasteful, hearty, tempting, pleasing; —, bw. heartily, with a good appetite, in a pleasing manner; eet —, I wiah you a good appetite ; —held, v. palatableness, aavouriness, taatefulness. . ,, ,

Smakeloos, bv. & bw. tasteless (-ly). unsavoury (-ily), insipid (-ly); —held, v. tastelessness, unsavouriness, insipidity.

Smaken, ov. w. to taste, to relish, to enjoy, to experience; genoegen —, to have pleasure- — on. w. to taste (naar, of); hoe ■maakt va deze v»U« bow do you like this wine?; h(f smaakt naar meer, it tastes morish ; ue wy«» smaakte naar de kurk, the wine tasted of the cork; dat •ninakt naar ongeloof, that amacka of unbeüef. , , . .

Smak ken, ov. w. to fling, to hurl, on. w. to fall, to smack (with one's lips); —muil, m. St v. smacker; —muilen, —tanden, to smack; —ker, m. smacker.

Smal, bv. narrow, close, poor; —Ie gemeente, common people, the lower (pooier) classes, rabble; — bladlg, narrow-leaved ; — borstig, narrow-chested, asthmatic; —deel, squadron; —deelen, to aubdividej — deeling, subdi-