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mizê: — doet garen, saving is having; geene koateu —, to spare no costs.

Hpark, v. spark; — elen, on. w. to sparkle.

Spartel en, on. w. to sprawl; to wrestle, to atruggle; — beenen, zie Spartelen i — ing, v. sprawling; struggle, fluttering.

Spat, ▼. spot, speckle; pop-gun; spavin (of horses); —bord, —kleed, spl as h-board; —ziek, spavined.

Spatel, r. spatula.

Spa tle, v. space ; —tleeren,ov. w.tospace.

Spatten, ov. w. to spatter, to throw; on. w. to spatter, to spout, to splaah, to splutter.

Spattig. bv. spavined.

Specery, v. spice, spicery; —handel, spicetrade ; — handelaar, grocer, spice-trader.

Specht, m. wood-pecker; groene —, awloird.

Speel aal, bv. special; —aliseereii, to ape-

* cialize ; —aliteit, specialty, speciality.

Specie, v. species; cash, coin; —hoekje, bareme; —briefje, bill of species;—handel, commerce of species.

Specnl ant, m. specuiator; buil (& la hausse), bear (& la baisse); beurs-, stock -jobber; —atie, ▼. speculation ; —eeren, on. w. to fipeculate.

Speek, v. apoke (of a wheel).

Speeksel, o. spittle,saliva;—kruid,—wortel, pellitory ; —klier, salivary gland; — kwaal. —vloed, salivation; —achtig, bv. salivary.

Speel achtig, bv. & bw. playful (-ly); —achtigheid, v. playfulness; —avond, in. playevening; —baan, —plaats, v. playingground, bowling-green, skittle-alley ; —bal, m. ball to play with; laugliing-stock, sport (of fortune, cler fortuin); —bank,gaminghouse; —bord, o. playing-board, chess(draught-) board; —dag, m. play-day; — doos, v. musical box; —duivel, great passion (mania) for gamhling; —geld, o. —penningen, m. mv. play-money; pocketmoney ; pin-money; —genoot, m.&v.playmate, companion ; —gevecht, o. mock-fight; —goed, o. play-things, toys; —winkel, toy-shop; —hof, —tuin, in. pleasure-garden; — hondje, o. lap-dog; —huis, o. gaminghouse; dancing-house; —houder, m. — houdster, v. keeper of a gaming-house, — of a dancinghouse; —huisje, o. gnrdenhouse ; —Jacht, o. —schuit, v. pleasureboat; —kaart, v. play card, playing-card ; —klok, v. musical clock; —kind, o. bastard ; —knecht, m. bride-man; —maagd, — meid, v. —meisje, o. bride-maid ; —makker, m. play fellow, companion; —man, m. musician, fiddler; —noot, m. bridemaid ; —party, v. party, card-party ; — pop, v. puppet, doll, hobby; favorite, sport; —reisje, o. party of pleasure, trip;—ruimte, v, elbow-room, play-room; scope, full play; —sch, bv. playful, wanton, proud; —schheid, v. playfulness, wantonness, pride; — schuld, v. gaming-debt, playing-d^bt; — | schyf, v. counter; man (at draughts); — |

ster, v. gamester, piayer, actress; —tarel, v. gaming table» card-table; — ttfd, m. hours of diversion ; — tooneel, o. theatre, stage; —tuig, o. plaything; musical instrument; —uur, o. hour of diversion, playhour; -uurwerk, o. musical clock; — vaart, v. party of pleasure in a boat, trip on the river; —vangen, m. —wagentje,o. pleasure-cart, open carriage; —werk, o. chime, music ; play, easy tliing; —woede, v. rage for play ; —ziek, bv. fond ofplaying, gamesome ; —zncht, v. passion for game.

Speen, v. teat, nipple;—ader, hemorrhoidal vein ; —distel, —kruid, pile-wort; —maal, weaning-meal; —t(Jd, weaning; —varken, sucking-pig; —sei, o. set fruit.

Speer, v. spear, lance. partisan; —drager, lancer, spear-bearer; —hitai, shark; —haak, bickern; —kraaid, valerinn, Jacob's ladder; —ruiter, lancier; —wortel, dragon's wort.

Speetje, o. akewer, slice, zie Spit; —saai, —«paling, spitcli-cock-eel.

Spek, o. bacon, lard, blubber (of a whale); met — schieten, to draw the long bow; er voor — eaa boAnen by zitten, to ait mumcbance; eeaae a flitch of bacon;

—bulk, pauncli, swag*belly; —buil. —gezwel. ateatoma; —eter, —eetster, lover of bacon ; —Iml*. —nek, fat (plump) reek; m. & v. fat-necked person; —koek, iarded pan-cake; —kooper, pork-seller; —lucht, —reuk. smell of bacon;—made. maggot tliat lives in bacon; —mes, blubber-knife; —muis. bat; — asnald, —priem, lardingpin; —slager, pork-butcher; — slagerj), pork-butcher'a sliop; • trade; — snyder, blubber-cutter ; —steen, ateatites; —ton, —vat. pork-barrel, cask; —traan, white oil, whale oil : —winkel, pork-shop; — zwoord, pig-skin, akin of pork, sw<ard; — achtig, bv. zie Spekkig i —ken. ov. w. to lard; to interlard, to stuff*, to provide; -kig. bv. like bacon, fat, plump; — klgheld, v. fatness, plumpness.

Spel, o. play; frame; sport; match; set, pack (of cards); performance; show, bootli, stall; In het — kostten, to come between; op het — staait. to be (to lie) at stake; op het — zette», to set (to lay) at stake; In het — zy>», to ltave a hand in; *t is maar kinder—, it is only a child's play; viool—, violin-playing; Mevrouw Siddons* —, Mrs. S.'s acting; stil — (op het tooneel), by-play; kaart—, game at cards; blindemannetje —, erame at blindman's buff; paarden—, circus; het — brandde af, the show (the theatre) was burnt down; een — kaarten, a pack of cards; het — in handeu hebbeaa ffig.), to have the ball at one's feet; een «aitstekeud —, an excellent hand; — breekater, —breker, trouble-feast, mar-joy.

Speld, v. pin; —ekitop, —ekop, pin's head; —eprik, pin-prick ; —enbakje, pin-dish; —endoosje, pin-case; — enfnbriek, pinmanufactory; — engeld, pin-money; —en*