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wash; -ipek, 1>acon of hops fatter.ed witli wash ; —ton, —vnt, draff-tub.

Spos, o. spittle.

Spok en, on. w. to haunt; to be stirringr; to be (rough), stormy; het spookt in huis, the house is liaunted ; —er, m. hauntinir spirit; one tliat is always stirring ; — ery, t. haunting, apparition of ghosts.

Spon, t. bung; —gat, bung-hole; —mei, nddice ; —turf, hard turf, peat.

Sponde, v. bed, couch, bed-side,

Sponning, v. rabbet.groove, notch; — schaaf, rabbet-plane.

Spons, v. spunge, pounce; —gezwel, spungi ons tumor; —steen, putnic stone ; —zakje, pouncing-bag; — achtig, bv. spungy, fungous; —nchtiglieid, v. spunginess; —en, ov. w. to spunge ; to pounce.

Spontaan, b\\ & bw. spontaneous(ly); het spontane, the spontaneity.

Spook, o. gbost; bot-goblin, spectre; fright. scare-crow • het roode —, anarcby, the red spectre; —dier, lemur, maki ;—geschiedenis, ghost-story; —goden, sliades; — huis, haunted house ; —verschyning, apparition ; —sel, o. gbost, spirit; —ster, v . atirring housewife.

Spoor, v. spur; de sporen geven, to spur, to set spurs to; zijne sporen verdiend hebben, to have won one's spurs-, een haan met sporen (Hg.), a vixen, a Xantippe, a shrew; —, o. tracé, track,rut; prlck; mark, sign, vestige, step; road, rails, ruilway; model, exainple; op het — komen, to tracé (to find) out, toscent; het— geheel bysteito be quite at sea (quite astray); iemands — volgen, to follow a man's track, ( ,«g.) to ioilow in his footsteps; iemand van het — brengen, to briug one off the scenc (off the track); iemand op het — z(|n, to be on some one's track; de sporen eener ziekte, the traces of a disease; sporen van verwantschap der talen, traces of the at'ilnity of languages. sporen van Homeinsche tempels, ▼estiges of Roman temples; een — van menscheiyk leven, a vestige of human life; per — reizen, to travel by rail; de locomotief vloog van het — af, the engine flew off the li»e(the metais, the rails); een trein op eeu ander — brengen, to shunt off (to switch off) a train to another track; smal (breed) —, narrow (broad) gauge; —balk, keelson ; — by«ter, astray; —gat, step-hole; —haan, spurred cock; — hond, blood-hound ; —maker, spur-m&ker; —radje, rowel; —riem, spur-strap; —slag, prick with a spur, spur, stimulus, incitementj —slags, full speed, at full gallop, whlp and spur; —slags ryden, to ride tantivy; — staaf, rail; —trein, train ; —wagen, waggon; —weg. rail-road, railway ; —aandeel, rallway-share; —beambte, railway-mau; — ■naatschappy,railway-company; —station, railway-station ; —wachter, signal-man, pointsman, guard ; —werktuigen, railway- |

plant; —loos, bv. trackless, bw. without leaving any tracé.

Sporen, ov. w. to spur (a liorse), to incite (dogs), to perceive, to step; on. w. to go (-to travel) by rail; gelaarsd en gespoord, booted and spurred.

Sporrel ig, bv. quarrelsome, wranglesome; —Igheid, v. quarrelsomeness; — iug, v. quarrel, squabble, wrangling.

Sport, v. step, stick, rundie (of a chair), round rung (of a ladder), sport (English).

Spot, in. mock, mockery, scoff; een voor* werp van —, a laughing-stook ; — sw yze, ironically; den — dry ven met, to mock at, to make (a) game of; —aehtig, bv. & bw. mocking (-ly), scoffing (-ly), jeeriiig (-lyj; — ste r, v. zie Spotter; —ten, on. w. to mock, to scoff, to banter, to Jeer, (met) to mock (to scoff, to jeer) at, to make (a) game of, to trifle with; —boef, jester, wag; — dicht, satire, satirical poem; —geld, zie Spotprys; —lyster, zie Spotvogel) — lust, —zucht, love of mockery ; —naam, nickname; —prent, caricature; —prys, very low price, low (nominal) price; voor een —, do?-cheap, a dead bargain; — rede, satirical discourse; —schrift, satire, lampoon; —vogel, mocking-bird, (lig.) jester, wag; —woord, scoff, taunt; —ter, m. mocker, scoffer, derider, banterer; — terny.v. mockery, derision, banter.

Spouw en, ov. & on. w. to split; —er, m. splitter; —ing, v. splitting.

Spraak, v. speech, language. accent; daarvau kan geeu sprake zyn, tliat is out of the question; ter sprake brengen, to mention, to bring on the carpet; ter sprake komen, to be mentioned, spoken about; — gebruik, parlance, idiotism; —geluid, tone, accent, pronunciation ; —kunst, —leer, grammar; —kunstenaar, grammarian; — kunstig, bv. & bw. grammatical (-ly); — vermogen, power of speech; —verwarring, confusion of tongues; —wending, idiom; —werktuig, organ of speech; — zanni,bv. loquacious,communicative, affablc; —zaauihcid, v. loquacity, communicativeness, affability.

Sprakeloos, bv. speechless, dumb, voiceless; —held, v. speechlessness.

Sprank, Sprankel, v. spark.

Spreek beurt. v. turn to speak, delivery of a speech, a discourse; —buis, speaking-tube; —fout, slip of the tongue; —gestoelte, o. —stoel, m. pulpit, rostrum, tribune;—hoorn, ni. —horentje, o. speaking-trumpet, eartrumpet; —kamer, v. parlour; —manier, v. —trant, 111. manner of speaking; —ster, v. speaker; —trompet, v. speakiug-trumpet; —uur, consultation-hour; -wjjie.v. phrase, locutJon, expression; —woord. o. proverb, adage, saw, saying; — woordeiyk, bv. & bw. proverbial (-ly); —zaal, v. auditory, parlour.

Spreeuw, m. starling, (Hg.) jester, wag; — ennest, starling's nest; —en, on. w. tojest, to scoff.