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Sprei. v. counterpane, coveriet.

Spreiden, ov. w. to spread; to lay; to make (a bed); to scatter, to strew; to level; ten toon —, to display.

Sprek en, ov. & on. w. to speak, to say, to talk, to converse, to treat; to sound ; om zoo te —, if I may say 60, so to say; — I» zilver, iwijgen Is pond, speech is silver, silence is gold; veel van «lel» doen —, to make a pre ut ui ir in the world; aisol het «pel «prak. n<* luck (lortune) would have it; het «preekt vanzelf, it stands to reason; it follows as a matter of course; it is a loregone conclusion; «preek op, speak out; say your say; speak your mind; «preek harder, #peak louder ; «preek luid, speak up; goed voor leauond —, to stand (to po) bail lor a person; —end, bv. & bw. — gelijken op, to bear a strik ing resemblance to; — geiykend, of a striking resemblance ; —er, m. speaker; orator.

Spreng en, ov. w. to water, to sprinkle; to powder; —hekken, sprinkiing-basin ; — kwast, holy water-sprinkler; —vat, saltingtub; —vlee«cl», saited meat; —Ing, v. sprinkling.

Sprenkel, v. spark; sprinkle; spring, «nare, trap; —en. ov. w. to sprinkle, to powder. —pot, sprinkling-pot; —vat, sprinkUngtub; —vleescli, powdered beef; —vuur, wild fire, Anthony's fire; —Ing, v. spriuk- I lingr>

Spreuk.v.saying.proverb.apliorism.apot begin;

de —en van Salomo. Solomon's Proverbs; —matig. bv. & bw. proverbial (-ly); —r||k. senteatious; — enboek, book of pvoverbs, collection of proverbs, • of apotliegms;— nclitig, bv. sententious.

Spriet, m. javeiin, spear; yard, sprit; bowsprit; feeier (— voelhoren); —boom, sprit; — oogen, to be dazzled;—straat, cross-street; —weg. cross-road; —zeil, sprit-sail.

Spring en. on. w. to spring, to leap, to jutnp, to skip; to burst, to chap; to blow up, to be blown up; to fall, to break; to leap, to cover; doen —, to spring, to blow up, to let play; van vreugde op—, to leap up with joy; in den zaïlel —, to leap (vault) into the saddle; uit bed —, to iump out of bed; in de lueht laten —, to blow up (a bridge, a mine etc ); to explode (to spring) a mine; uit zi)n vel — (van woede), to boil with rage; to be choUed with lury; de bank doen —, to break the bank; handen gesprongen door kou. chapped hands; de fonteinen —, the lountains (waterworks) are playing; in *t oog —, to be ciear (sellevident, obvious); de bankierszaak In gesprongen, the banker's house has tailed; —ader, —bron, sprii'g, fouutaiu-head; — glas, ltupert's drop; —hengst- «tallion ; — kever, leapinp-beetle; —koorts, intermittent ffver; —kruid, surge, euphorbia-, — matras, spring-mattress; —net, bprmurnet; —oefening, springing practice ; —plank, springing-board; —rieui, niartingal; —«lot,

sprlng-loclc, ciasp-lock; — «lok.leaplng-pole; — tjj, —vloed, spring-tide; —veer, spring; — vuur,St. Anthony's fire; fiery meteoi;—zaad, balsamine ; —zwam, putt-ball; —er, m. leaper, jumper; —In-'t-veld, m. & v. wild spark, romp, toni-boy; —«ter, v, leaper, jumper.

Sprinkhaan, m. grass-liopper, locust.

Sprits, v. spouted-cake, fritter; —en» ov. w.

to spout, to syrlnge, to squirt.

Sproei en, ov. w. to water; —wagen, liy-

draulic van, road-waterer.

Sproet, v. freckle ; —arhtig,—Ig, bv. freck-

led; —iglieid, v. freck led ness.

Sprokkel, m. twig, smali stick of wood; —aar, m.; —aarster, v. wood-gatherer; —en, ov. & on. w. to gather (dry wood) ; to piek up; —bloem, suow-drop; —hout, dry wood ; —maand, February ; —«, mv. dry wood, loppings; pickings; —ing, v. gathei ing dry wood.

Sprong, m. leap, jump, bound, skip: caper («■ bokke—); kromme —en maken, to cut cape i s ; een — doei», to take a leap ; op den — «taan, to be ready (to), to be on the point (of) ; op stel en —, imniedintely, at once, on a sudden, like a shot; een — in *t duister, a leap in the dark. Sprookje, o. story, tale, fable ; — van Moeder de <>aus, tale of a tub, cock-and-buil story. Mother Uubbard's tale ; — s«chri)ver. writer of nursery-tales (— Btorles); —«verteller, story-teller, flbber.

Sprot, v. sprar, sardine.

Spruit, v. sprout, sprig, shoot, cliild; —en, mv. olTspriug, issue; —, o. bridle; —blok, block of the bridles of the bowliues; —en, on. w. to sprout, to shoot, to spring (up); to descend (from a race), to proceed, to arise (froni); —gewas, plant tliafc does not grow up to a tree; Brusselsche —Jew, Brussels sprouts ; —kool, coleworth, sprouts, sprout-cabbage ; —sel, o. sprouts, shoots, off-shoot.

Spruw, v. thrush, aplithae.

Spugen, ov. & on. w. zie Spuwen.

Spul, o. sluice; —en, ov. & on. w. to let oir water through a Bluice, to ventilate a room, to let in Iresh air; —gat, seupper-hole.veuthole; het loopt de —gaten uit, that is going too far; tliey are overdoing it.

Spuit. v. spout, squirt, syringe («= klisteer —), fire engine ; —gast, fire-man ; —pUp. tube of a fire-engine; —enhnls, engiueliouse; —en, ov. w. to spout., to squirt, to syringe, to spout, to push;—middel.clyster, injection; —«lang, hose (of a lire-engine); —visel», scuUle-fish; —er, m. —«ter, v. spouter, squirter.

Spulletjes, o. mv. things, tools, Implements; zQue Zondagsclie —, hls Sunday togs ( best).

Spurrie, v. spurry, sans-foln boter, spurry-

butter ; — za«(l, spurry-seed.

Spuug, o. zie Speeksel.

Spuw en, ov. & ou. w. to spit, to vonut;