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•dienaar, public (clvil) officer, minister of state, high functionary; — «bankroet, statebankruptcy; —sbegrooting, budget; —sbelang, interest of the state; —sbeleid, policy; —«besluit, decree (edict) of the government; — «bestuur, —sbewiud, goverument of the state; — «blad, official collection of the laws, decree», etc., Statute Book ; — «bode, pursuivant; —•burger, citizen of a state; —•courant, Gazette, official newspaper; —«dienst, public (civil) service; —sdoiiieln, state-doniain; —•eigendom, public property; — «examen, povernment-examination; —«geheim, secret of state; —«gevangene, prisoner of state ; — ■inkomsten, public revenue; —sim-lclitiug, —«regeling, constitution ; —«instelling, public institution; —«kas, public treasury, exchequer; —«lichaam, body politic ; —«loter||. state-lottery; —«man, statesman, man of airairs, politic ian;—«minister, minister of state; — somwentellng, political revolution; —«papier, state-paper; —spapieren, public funds; —«raad, council of ntate, privy council, counsellor of state; —«recht, politlcal law, public law; — srechtelijk, relating to the public law; —sruif, uit de — eten, to eat treasur.v-pap; —«school, national school ; — sschuld, rational (public) debt; —spoorweg, staterailway ; —stoezicht, inspection of the state; ! —suitgaan, public expenditure; —sverga«lering, assembly of the states ; —«vorm, constitution; — swege (van), by authority, on the part of goverument;—sw et, political law; —«zaak, stateaffair; —«zegel, the great seal.

Staatsie, v. state, pomp, procession; —gor<l||n, curtain ot state; —graf, cenotaph;—kleed, state-gown, -robe, gala, court-dress ; —koets, coach of state, glass-coach; —kussen, cushion of state; —mantel, robe of state; — rok. court-dre8s.

Stad, v. city, town; —genoot, m. & v. fellowcitizen, townsman, townswoman; —houder, governor, lieutenant, stadtholder; —houderl|)k, belonging (relating) to a governor, of a stadtholder; —houderloos, without a stadtholder; —houderschap, office of agovernor, lieutenancy, dignity of n stadtholder, stadtlioldership; —huis, town-hall; —huisbode, towu-beadle; —huisklerk, clerk to a townhall; —hu is woord, law-term ; — sannnenier, undertaker of town-works, contractor for publio works; — saanplakker, olficial bill-sticker; —saf'slng, public sale, auction; —safslager, public auctioneer ; —«ambtenaar, functionary of the town; —«apotheek, town-dispensary; —«architect, architect for the town-works; —«armenschool, charityschool of the town; —«bediening, —«poat, muntcipal employment, •office; —«belastiug, —«laaten, excise, town-dues; —«bestuur, municipality; —«bode, town-beadle; —«• boek, city-records; —«bolwerk, bulwark of the town; — «bouwmeester,townarchi-

tect; —sdieuaar, sergeant, apparitor, constable; — sdokter, physician of the town, • for the pooi*; —sgebied, townsliip, jurlsdiction of the town; —«gebouw, publio building; —«gracht, town-ditch, canal (moat) of a town; —«grond, territory of the town; —«herberg, town-tavern; — «kas, treasury of the town, town-funds; —«keur, by-law (privilege) of a town, fine to be paid to a town-, —«klok, city-(town-)clock; — sleven, town-life; —«muur, town-wall; —auuzlkanten, town-musiciaus, town-waits ; —snieuws, news in town; —somroeper, town-crler; —sontvanger, receiver of the town, city-tax-collector ; —spoort, town-gate; —spredlkant, town-parson; — Braad,towncouucil; —sregeering, government of a town, municipsiï government; —«school, town-school.muuicipal school; charity school; —«schout, town-bailiff; —sschouwburg, theatre of the town ; —«schrijver, clerk of the town; — ««ecretaria, town-clerk ; —ssleutels, keys of the town; —ssoldaat, town-soldier ; —stimmerwerf, doek-yard of a town; —svest, — swal, wall, rampalt; —swaag,public weigliing-house; —swapen, city-arms, arms of the town; —weitle.common; —swtfk, quarter of a town, ward; —szegel, town-seal; —achtlg, bv. townlike.

Stade, v. te — komen, to be useful, to be serviceable, to be to the purpose, to come in due tiiue.

Stadie, v. stadium, stnge, period.

Stadig, bv. & bw. zie Gestadig.

Stadwaarts, bw. to town, towards the town, town-ward.

Staf, m. stick, stafT, crook (of a bishop); sceptre; —drager, beadle; —muziek, military band; — officier, stalT-officcr, fieldofficer.

Staffier, m. staff-bearer.

Stag, o. stay; fokke—, forestay; groote—, main-stay; over — smijten, to tack about; —blok, btay-block; —fok, lug-sail; —zeil, stay-sail; — zeilsval, stay-sail-rope.

Staggelen, on. w. to trip along, to stagger.

Staken, ov. w. to stop, to suspeud (payment); to cease, to leave ofT, to strike (work); to stretch (on poies); de stemnieu —, the votes are equally divided.

Staket, Staketsel, o. pnlisade, enclosure.

Staking, v. ceBsation (of latnentations etc.), suspension (of arms, of hostllities); strike.

Stakker, Stakkerd, m. wretch.drudge, poor fejlow.

Stal, m. stable, cow house, sty; —baud, halter; —bezeiu, stable-broom; —boom, stable-bar; —deur, atable-door; —einaner, stablepall; —geld, stallage, stall-money; —hengst, stallion; —houder, livery-atablekeeper, job-master; —huur, stable-rent; — Jas, coachman's frock; —Jongen, stableboy; —knecht, stable mau, kottier, gr oom; —licht, stable-lantern; —meester, equerry, master of the horse; —meesterschap,