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•coundrel; —erlg, bv. stinking; — erlgheld, v. stinking.

Stip. v. point, dot (011 the I).

Stippel, v. dot, speckle, spot; -en.ov. w. to speckle, to dot, to stipple; — Ing, v. apeckling; —HJu, dotted line.

Stippen, ov. w. to dip, to steep; to stipple. Stipt. br. & bw. punctual (-ly), precise (-ly), exact (-ly); —held, v. punctuality, precision, exactness.

Stoei en. ot». w. to dally, to sport, to romp; -ilrk, zie Stoellg« —zucht, playsomeness; —er, m. dallier, romper, romping-boy; — erjf, v. dalliance, sporting, romp, prank; —Ig, bv. playsoine. dallying, wanton; —«ter, ▼. dallying (wanton) girl, romp, tom-boy.

Stoel, in. chair, seat, «tooi, close-stool; pulpit; bottom (of an artichoke); de lieiiige —, the holy see; een — matten, to bottom a chair; neem een —. take a seat; pray, be seated; — broeder, col league; —gaug, stool; —kleed, chair-cover; —kussen, chaii-cushion; —leuning, back (of a chair); —«port. stick, rundle; — stapel, font (leg) oi a chair; — vast, stay-at-home; fixture; — endraaier, —eumaker. chairmaker; —engeld, cbaiimoney*. —enmat, bottom (of a chair); -enmatten. chair-bottoming; — enmntster, —enniatter. chair-mender; — enzetster, wonian that placet* the chairs at church. Stoep, v. (Ilight of) steps, perron; —en. on.

w. to sit on the steps.

Stoet, m. train, retinue, state, pomp; H|k—,

obsequies, funeral procession.

Stoeterij, v. stud.

Stof, o. dust, powder: —, v. stuff, substance, material, matter ; subject, topic; kort van —, 8hort-tempered, irritative, peremptory; —bezem, —varken, duster, hair-broom; —deeltje, atom; — gond, gold-dust; —hagel, sleet; —hagelen, to sleet; —klomp, heap (mass) of dust; —regen, drizzling ruin; —regenen, todrizzle ; —scheider, cheinist; —scheiding, chemistry; —zand, dry sand ; —icnwinkel, mercer's shop; — feuwinkeHer. mercer; — aclitig, bv. dusty; —lage, v. stuff.

Stoffeer der, m. —ster, v. furnisher, upholsterer; —en, ov. w. to furnish, to gurnibh, to stuff, to forge, to fill up (with lies etc.); gestoffeerde kamers te htiur, furnished rooms to let; — sel, o. furniture, ornament; —ing, v. furnishing, garuishing, upholsterin«r. . ^

Stotteiyk. bv. material; het — overschot, tbe mortal remains; — held, v. materiality. StotT en. bv. silk, silken; —en, on. w. to dust, to boast (op, or); —er, m. duster, dustingbrusii, hair-broom; boaster; —erlg,—ig, bv. dusty; —erlgheld, — Igheid, v. dustiness. Stofje, o. mote, grain, atom.

Stok, m. stick, stuff, cane; cudgel; rod (ofan uslier); perch, roost (of hens etc.); bee-hive, stock (of cards); stocks (lor prisoners); het met Iemand aan den — krijgen, to tuil together by the ears; to fall to loggerheads

together; op — gaan, to go to roost (sald of hens etc.); hg Is een oude —, he is a grey old man (agrey-beard); — beeld.status; —beurs, large purse; —bewaarder, — in erater, jailer; —blind, stone-blind: — boon. scarlet runner; —degen, tuck-stick; —doof, stone deaf; —duif, wood-pigeon;

— dweil, mop, swab: —geld, tax; —goederen, hereditary possession; —houder, auc ioneer; —liuis,jail;—lantaren,cressetlight; —nar, arrant fooi; —oud, stone-old, decrepit; -ouderdom, decrepitude; — paard, —paardje, hobby-horse; —proef, money preserved by the dlrector of the mint after each coining; —regel, maxim; —roos, rose-mallow, holy hoek, hollihock; —slag, stroke with a stick; —slagen, a drubbing; —slang, «cytale; — st(|f', very stiff, headstronffly; —stil, stock-still, motionless, mum;

— suiker, sugar-candy; —viseh, stock-fish ; —setter, regulator of a tax ; — kenknecht, jaMer's assistunt.

Stokebrand, m. & v. fire-brand, make-bate.

Stok en, ov. w. to kindie (a fire), to burn (wood, peat, coal), to make Ure, to have a flre; to dlstil (gin, brandy, etc.); to piek (one's teeth; a quarrel): h|) mag graag een vuurtje — (flg.), he likes to piek a quarrel, to sow discord ; soms — w(| nog in Mei, occasionally we have a fire au late as May; stookt ge al?, have you a fire in the grate yet?; stook de kachel eeus flink, set the stove in a glow ; —er, m. stoker, dlstiller, author, make-bate, fire-brand, brisk gale; —erU, v. distillery; —ing, v. kindling, di'tillinp.

Stokk en, ov. w. to stock, to 6tick; to flag (of the conveisation); to hive (bees);—erlg, bv. boorish; stringy, woody; —erlgheld, v. stringinetss, woodiness.

Stoll en, on. w. to clod, to curdle cold, to congeal; to coagulate; —ing, v. congelation, coagulation.

Stolp, v. cover; glazen —, shade, glass-bell; —en, ov. w. to cover (with a glass-bell).

Stom, bv. dumb, npeechless, silent, mute, stupid ; —me lettrr, mute; de —men, the dumb; de —me dieren, the brutes; — en «loof. deaf and dumb; — van verbazing, ppeechless with amazement; — spel, dumbfihow; —me personen (tooneel), walkinggentlemen, mutes.supernumeraries; —dronken, dead-drunk; — meknecht, dumb waiter; —held, v. dumbness, silence, muteness, stupidity; —me, in. & v. dumb person; — nietje speleu, to play the dummy; to sit mum.

Stommel en, on. w. to bnstle (about); — ing, v. bustle, noise; m. & v. stupid ass, blockhead.

Stouim en, ov. & on. w. to load, to qtialify (wine etc.); —erik, ro. stupid ass;— etje, o. dummy; voor — spelen, to pretend to be dumb, to sit mum; — Igheld, v. stupidity.

Stomp, m. kick, thump, push; —, v. stump (of a tree); —, bv. blunt, obtuse, on edge (of teeth), dull, blunt-witted ; —e hoek, obtuse