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8TR. — STU.

Stront, v. turd, dung, fudge; —Jongen, blackguard, good-for-nothing; — knr. dung-cart; —kever, —vlieg, dung-fly; — achtig, bv. like dung; —erig, bv. trilling, poor; —Je, o. pimple oii the eye-lid, sty, stain.

Stroo, o. straw; een bos —, a bundie of straw; pjt-trden —, litter lor liorses; iemand geen — in tien weg leggen, not to hinder u persou iu the least; op liet — liggen (flg.), to be dead and goue; — dorschen tllg.), to be picking up straws, to do u-eless labour; onder liet — geboren (Ug.), to be low-born, to be of low descent, of very humble birth ; —bed, straw-hed ; —dnk, thatclied roof; —dekker, thutcher; —geel, straw-coloured; —lialau,straw-halm; —lioed, straw-hat; —hut, cotta?e; —Jonker, beggarly gentleman, shabby-genteel fellow; — kap, thatclied roof; —mat, straw-mat ; — matras, straw-bed; —pop, straw-puppet, (lig.) Jack-Ktraw; —wittcli, wisp of straw; —zak, straw-bed; — len, bv. straw, strawbuilt, thatclied.

Strooi en. on. w. to strew, to scatter, to litter (horses); —Jonker, bride-man; — mandje, basket lor tiowers to strew with; —meisje, bride-maid; —penning, dole; — •uiker, sugar-plums, powdered bu^ar-, — nel, o. litter, straw ; —er, nu strewer; — i«g.». strewing; —ster, v. brides-maid.

Strook, v. strip, baud, llounce (of a gowu), tape, fillet (of paper).

Strooken, ov. w. to strokc, to caress, to Üatter; on. w. to agree, to taliy with.

Stroom, in. streain, torrent, river, current; electrisclie —, electrio current; ouderzeesclte —, submarine current; tegen den — opvaren, to go in against the current, to stem the tide ; op — liggen (van een schip), to be anchored (to be moored) in mid-streain ; een — tranen, a flood of tear*; een glusheldere —, a glasay streani; uiet deu — meegaan (Hg.), to follow the majority, to do as otner* do; de — der publieke opinie, the current of public opinion; eeu — vau gelukweii*cheu, a torrent of conurratulations; woeste —en, rash (rapid) torrente; —afwaarts, down the btreani, down-river; —bed. bed of a river; —gebied, river-basin; —goil, river god ; — godin, —maagd, — nimf, naiad; —opwaarts, up the stre&m ; — rjjk, streamy ; —water, river-water; —swy*, —sw)jze, like a streani, in streams; —en, on. w. to stream, to tlow ; —ing, v. streaming, Üowing, current, tendency.

Stroop, v. syrup (of fruit), molasses (dark brown), treacle; —lepel, treacle-spoon; — likken, to fawn, tocoax;—likker, lawuer, coaxer; — iikkertf, fawniug, coaxing; — pot. treacle-pot j met deu —pot loopeu, to be fawn ing and Matter ing.

Stroop, m. pil lage, plunder; — beude, troop of plunderers; —lust, —zucht, desire of plunderiug; —nest, nest of pirates;—party, plundering party; —tocht, predatory incur-

sion, raid; —en, ov. & on. w. to ravage, to pillage, to pluuder, to poach (gaine), to strip («- to skin), to uncase; —er, m. pillager, poacher; — ery. v. ravage, pillage, poaching.

Strootje, o. straw; zieh aan eeu — vasthouden, to catch at (to cl ing to) a straw.

Strop, m. halter, rope, stock, collar, strop, filing; tot den — veroordeelen, to condenin (a inan) to be hanged by the neck, to condemn to the gallows; met den — om den nek, with the rope round one's neck; een leeren —, a leather collar (stock); eeu — vau een Jongen, a good-for-notliing, a never-do-well; —das, stock; —gesp, stock-buckle; —touw, str.ip.

Stroperig, bv. like syrup, sirupy, thick, sticky.

Strot, nt. throat; —ader, jugular vein ; — klepje, epiglottis; —lap, uvula; —teuliot» td, larynx.

Struif, o. omelet, fritter; —koek, omelet, pancake.

Struik, m. shrub, bush, stalk, stump ; —bosch, tnicket; —gewas, shrubs, copse-wood; — rooven, —roovery, highway-robbery; — roover, highway-man; —winde, smilax; — achtig, bv. stirubby, like a shrub.

Struikel aar, m. stunibler; —en, ov. w. to Btumble (at); het beste paard struikelt wel eens, it is a good horse tliut never stuinbles; —blok, Btuuibliug-block; —ing, v. stumbling.

Struis, m. ostrich; —el, ostrich's-egg; —veer, ostricii-feather; —vogel, ostrich.

Struis, v. ceruse, white lead ; —en, ov. w. to powder with ceruse.

Struweel, o. slirub, shrubs, bush.

Studeer en, ov. & on. w. to study, to be at the university; (op) to study, to ponder upnn; lu de rechten —, to 6tudy law, to read lor the bar; —kamer,—vertrek, study; —lamp, reading-lamp, study-lamp; —tyd, time 01 study.

Student, m. student, scholar, undergraduate; —enbond, students' uuion; —eucorps, student*' Corporation; —eufeest. teast ot studeuts, academie lestivity ; —engrap, — enstreek, student's trick ; —enleven, college 1 ife; — ensocieteit, students' club.

Studie, v. study; —beurs, scholarship, ex* liibition; —boek, book for study; —fonds, foundation; —kosten, studying-expenses.

Stug, bv. fturly, sullen, stubborn; —held, v. surliness, stubbornness.

Stuif aarde, v. mould; —meel, o. mill-dust; pollen (of flowers); —zaad, u. pollen; —zand, o. quick-sand, blowing (dry)sands;—zwam, v. putf-ball.

Stuik, m. push, pile of sheaves; —en, ov. w. to toss (trodden) srrapes in a basket; to play at marbles ; —mand, tossing-basket.

Stuip, v. convulsion, freak; — boom, mimosa, seusitive; —trekking, convulsiou, coiivulsive fit; —achtig, bv. convulsive.

Stuit, v. rump; —been, rump-boue; —stuk, rump.

Stuit, m. rebound, push; —en, ov. w. to stop.