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charine matter; — strooier, sugar-sifter; —«troop, molasses, treacle; —tang, sugurtongs, -nippers; —ton, —vat, sugar-cask ; —verbinding, saccharine combination; — vorm, sugar-mould; —wortel, skirret; — zoet, as sweet as sugar, sugared; — achtig. bv. sugary, saccharine; —en, ov. w. to sugar, to sweeten; — Ig, bv. sugary, sugared; —1|, r. succory.

Suil en, ov. & on. w. to flsh with a drag-net, to drag, to loiter, to while, to linger; — oor, flngging ear; —ooren, to hang one's ears; —oorig, bv. cast down, down-cast.

Suite. v. suite of rooms; luitenant a la —, additional lieutenant, lieutenant uuattached.

Suizebollen, on. w. to grow (to be) giddy.

Suizel en, on. w. to grow (tobe) giddy;—ig, bv. giddy, dizzy; — ing, v. giddiness, swiinming in the head.

Suiz en, on. w. to buzz (— gonzen); to tingie (of the ears), to sough (of the wind), to whizz (of bullets), to sing (in the head); —ing, v. buzzing, tingling.

Sukade, v. candied lenion-peel.

Sukkel, m. —aar, m. —aarster, v. loiterer, drudge, poor fellow, - creature; —aclitig, bv. slckly, ailing; loitering; —ar(|,v. loitering, drudgery, ailing, lingering ; —en, on.w. to loiter, to be in a lingering state ofhealth, to drudge, to make shift to live; achteraan —, to trudge (to loiter) behind; achteruit —, to get worse and worse; —boel, — party, —werk, loitering, misery; —drafje, hobbletrot, jog-trot.

Sul,m. simpleton, ninny, dunce.oaf; —achtig, bv. & bw. simple-minded, foolisli (-ly); — aclitigheld, v. simplicity, foolishness.

Sulfer, v. & o. sulphur, brimstone; —achtig.

bv. sulpliurous, sulphury; —en, ov. w. to sulphurate.

Suil ebaan. v. slide: —en, on. w. to slide.

Sullig, bv. & bw. zie Sulachtig; —heid, v. zie Snlaclitlgheld.

Sultan, m. sultan; —e, v. sultaness, sultnna.

Sumak, v. suinach.

Superl eur, bv. superior; —oriteit, v. su-


Superlatief, m. & bv. superlntive.

Suppleereii, on. w. to supply ; to make up the deflciency; w(| zullen — en eerste klasse gaan, we shall pay the dill'erence and go f*:rst (class).

Suppoost, m. officer, door-keeper, turn-key.

Surpltae, o. surplus, excess.

Surrogaat, o. snbstitute, suecedaneum.

Surseance, v. delay (of payment), supersedeas; — vaat betaling aanvragen, to apply lor a supersedeas.

Surveillance, v. inspection, guard, survey.

Sus, tsw. hush!; — seu, ov. w. to husli, to appease, to ltill.

Suzereiu, m. suzerain, lord paramount; — Iteit, suzerainty.

Symbool, o. symbol; symbolisch, bv. symbolic(al).

Symmetrie, v. symmetry; symmetrisch, bv. symmetric(al).

Sympathie, v. sympathy; syiupatltiseereii,

on. w. to syinpathize.

Symplaonie, v. syniphony.

Synagoge, v. synagogue.

Synode, v. synod.

Synoaaiean, bv. synonymous; —, o. synonyine.

Syntaxis, v. syntax.

Syrlng, v. zie Sering.


T, t.a.p. quoted above, higher up; t.w.,namely, to wit, viz.; 't, the, it.

Taal, bv. tough, hard, viscous, clammy; flexible, tenacious, enduring, lasting; close-fisted, niggardly; — vleescli, tough meat; een — geheugen, a tenacious memory; — geduld, enduring (inexhaustible) patience; een — e oude veait, a niggardly (miserly, closeflsted) old rogue; h|| houdt vaat een—en, be is a regular tippler, toper; —erd, m. nlggard, tenacious fellow ; —heid, —igheid, v. tougiiness, viscosity, flexibility, tenacity, niggardliness; — Ig, bv. rather tough.

Taak, v. task; — gever, task-master; een — «pgeven, to set a task; zich tot — stellen, to make it one's task (business).

Taal, v. language, tongue, speech; wel ter —, eloquent; h|f gaf — aioch teeken, hc neither spoke nor moved, he gave no inkling of his whereabouts; —bederver, corrupter of a language; —boek, gram mar; —deel,

part of speech; —eigen, idiom; —fout, graniniatical mistake (error); —grond, principle of a language; —kcainer, linguïst, philologer; —kennis, graniniatical learning, philology; —kuude, grammar, zie Taal* keaaaals; —kundig, bv. philologic, versed in philology, grammatical; —kundige, grammarian, zie Taalkenaier; —man, in* terp re ter; — aneester, —onderwijzer, language-master, teacher of language ; —oefeaiiaig, grammatical exercise; —onderwijs, instructiou in language, grammatical teaching; —reelater, critic; —regel, grammatical rule; —ryk, copious, eloquent; —schikking, construction; —tak, branch of a language; — teekeaa, accent; —vitter, —zifter, purist, critic ; — vitterij, —zifteri), —zuivering, purism, criticisni: —vorscher, philologer, etymologist; —wet, linguistic law; —woest* heid, barbarism.

Taaaa, v. tan; — bloem, tansy; —ketel, tan*