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Taui, bv. tame, meek, domestic. I

Tamarinde, v. tainarind; —boon», tama-

Tamboer, m. drummer; v. J™*]

foor, drum-major-, -en, w. w. to drum, (op) to insist upon, to harp on the same itriBf, —Hu. v. tanibourine.

Tamelijk. bv. tolerable j —. bw. tolerably.

pretty, rather.

Tamheid, v. tameness, meekncil.

Tand. m. tooth. cog (of a wlieel);

groove); prong, tine (of a fork. a h»"°* etcl- d« - de. t(|d., the wear and tear of time; een - laïen .rekke... to ha,, a tooth extracted: een - vullen. to #11 a tooth i -en kr«ge.., to cut one » teeth to be teethlng; va.. de hand I.. den from l,and to moutli: ...et hand en -. wit» «verv means in one'» power, tooth and nail, ilV —en late., xlen. to «how one'teeth; ■net lan&e — en eten, to piddle, to eat against oue's stoniach; haar °p de—en l.ebben. to be as bold as brass. to show a bold front, to .how one's teeth; tot aan de -en gewapend iU«. to be armed cap-apie (up to the teeth); Iemand «au den — voelen, to sound one, to put one to a se-

to'staiKl q>'"u^de"'èrd"dtriookJblank as|

liolte^6—kn«.ar*tooth"hoTe, ^tootli-lsocket,

^L'roo'nrcrown; "Vette™ S&X£\

—middel, dentifrice; —pijn, tooth-aclie,

poeier, tooth-powder; co&£ed

wheel; —TH'* rug\ne-, -vleeacb, gums;

vormig, dentiform, denticulate; —-enbor-

•tel —euaehuier, tooth-brush; —enkrUgen, o. dentition; — eurQ. row of teeth; — | euatoker. tooth-pick; —entrekker, tooth- . drawer, extractor of teeth; — elooa, bv. tootliless; -elooaheld, v. toothlessnesn; | —en, ov. w. to indent, to notch; — lg, bv. toothed, indented, notched.

Tanen, óv. w. to tan. to be obscured, to fade

uwav ■ doen —, t.o eclipse.

Tnus, V. (pair of) tong*. - pincers. forceps (of d«ttaü)Y vixen, shrew, virago (kwaad wi)f).

Tangen», v. tangent.

Tangent, v. jack.

Tanig. bï. tawny.

Tanlng. v. tanniug; fading awaj, eclipee. Tante. »■ aunt.

Tantième. O. percentage. wr»lv

Tap, m. tapping, tap spigot (of a

trunnion (of a canuon), tenon ; b(J dei. , k. r.tail■ od den —« tapped, broached; — gat, tap-hole, bunghole; —Pï'.(£l" blic*)house ; -kart. (relreshmentObar,buffet. Tapijt. O. carpet, tapestry, hangings; met behangen, tapestried; -behangsel, tauestry — fabriek, carpet-maiiufactory; — üafel.1, carpet-iint; -.pyker, tm-tack; op hi.* _ brengen, to briug upon the carpet, —uiaker, —werker, tapestry-maker; —

werk, tapentry.rug-work ; —wever,tapeitry-

Taplaaerie, v. tapistry, embroidery (-work);

nnald, tapistry-needle.

Tappel en, on. w. to gueh, to trlckle (out

onf -Inge. bw. in a stream. trickling. Tap pen, ov. w. to tap, to draw; to crack (jokes = uien -)i on. w. to keep an alehou.e, to retail; -hnl., zie TapperU I per. m. -.ter, v. tapeter, ale-house-keeper; —pery, v. ale-house, gin-shop ; — temelk.

Taptoe,*v?tattoo; de — alaan, to beat the tattoo.

Tarbot, v. turbot. .. .

Tarief, o. tariff (In re.taura..t. euï.); ecale of cliarges; biil of fares (in 'buses, tramcars etc.); biliyk —. moderate termn; verminderd —, lat) reduced term».

Tarnen, ov. w. en*, zie Tornen, en*.

Tarra, v. tare.

Tartaau, v. tartane. ...

Tarten, ov. w. to defy. to challenge, to bid defiance (to), to set at deftance, to provoke; tarter, provoker; tarting. vrov°c&Uou. Tarwe, v. wheat; —brood, wheaten-bread, -loaf; —meel, -wheaten-ttour; -noogat, wlieat-harvest, erop of wheat; atroo, wheat-straw.

Taa, m. heap, pile. it„..

Ta.ch, v. purse (for money); pocket pouch (tor tobacco etc.); bag (for tooi.); box (tor cartridges); satcbel (tor schooi-children); — kruid, shepherd's purse, pick-puree.

Taaien, ov. w. to heap up.

Ta.t, m. hU den -. grop.ng; -bnar. -elyk. bv. & bw. palpable (-biy); een —bare leugen, an obvious (a palpable) lte; —en, ov. w. to touch, to 1'eel; <>n. w. to grope % to'seek (tor); —er, m. feeier, groper. Tateren, on. w. to stammer, to stutter. Tatewalen, on. w. to lisp, to speak stam-

Tatoueer' en, ov. w. to tattoo j —Ing, v. tat-

Tax° atéur, m. taxer. eworn appraiser, valuer-, —atie v taxation, valuation, appraising, eatin.ation', -atle-pry.. P'ice of valuation; —eeren, ov. w. to tax, to estimate, to value.

Taxia, m. —boom. yew-tree.

Te, vz. at, to, in, on, by ; — bed, in bed, to bed; — buur, to let; — koop, for sale, to be sold; — land en — water, by land and by sea (water); — paard, onhorseback; — vuur en — «waard, by fire and sword; tien — Reliik. ten at a time; — voet, on loot; — verReefa, in vain; — Hoorn, at Hoorn; — Londen, in Loudon; —, bw.too (much, small etc.). , _• ,„n

Teclin lek, v. tecbnics; —lacb,bv. technic(al), —iaebe uitdrukkingen, technicalities; —oloog, m. technologist; —ologie, v. teen-

' Teed°e/,' bv. S bw. tender (-ly); -gevoelig.

bv. * bw. delicate (-ly), sensible ',-bly); -ge-