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Tegendruk, m. counter-pressure, reaction, reiteration ; —kei», ov. w. to react, to be in reiteration.

Tegen ebbe, ▼. reflux that retains a ship in its course.

Tegeneisch, m. reciprocal claim, oounterpretention.

Tegeneten, ov. w. to begin to loathe (a thing)

by too much eating of it.

Tegengaan, ov. w. to hinder, to prevent, to

check j on. w. to go to meet.

Tegengalui, m. echo, resounding; — en. on.

w. to echo, to resound; — ing, v. resounding. Tegengapen, on. w. to gape at. Tegengeschenk, o. present in return. Tegengesteld, bv. opposite, contrary. Tegengif, o. antidote.

Tegen grauwen, on. w. to snarl at. Tegengraven, ov. w. to countermine. Tegengroet, m. reciprocal salutation.

Tegen grond, m. counter-argument. Tegenguust, v. reciprocal favour. Tegenhanger, m. match, companion (of a

picture), counter-part.

Tegenheid, v. adversity, aversion. Tegenhinniken, on. w. to neigh at. Tegenhouden, ov. w. to stop, to hinder, to prevent.

Tegenhuileii. on. w. to bowl fto whine) at. Tegenhuppelen. on. w. to bkip towards. Tegen(|leii. on« w« to 8Pee^ towards. Tfgenyver, m. rivalry, emulatiou; —en, on.

w. to oppose, to vie with.

TegenJagen, ov. & on. w. to chase (to drive,

to ride) towards.

Tegenkaits, v. counterchance, bad-cbance. Tegenkant, m. opposite side, reverse; —ei», on. w. ft zich —, t. w. to oppose; — ing, v. opposition.

TegenkeiTen, on. w. to yelp at, - against. Tegen kerf, v. counter-notch.

Tegenkiel, v. keelson.

Tegenklacht, v. recrimination.

Tegenklaiik. m. echo.

Tegenk linken, on. w. to resouud, to reach

(a. o. 's) ears.

Tegen komen, on. w. to meet (with); by toeval —, to stumble upon; —komst, v. meeting.

Tegenlachen, on. w. to laugh to, to smile upon.

Tegenliefde, v. mutual iove.

Tegen list, v. counter-trick, -stratagem. Tegen loopen, on. w. to cross, to disappoint, to fait, to be crossed (in a thing); to meet with ito suffer) reverses; het was hun van *t begin af tegengeloopen, the case had gone dead against tliem fron» tiie beginning. Tegenuiarsch, m. counter-march.

Tegen middel, o. remedy, antidote. Tegeninyn, v. counter-mine.

Tegeninuur. m. counter-mure, -wall. Tegennatuurlijk, bv. counter-natural. Tegenontwerp, o. counter-project. Tegenover, vz. opposite, over against; —gelegen, —liggend, bv. opposite; —gesteld,

—staand, bv contrary; —•telling, v. opposition.

Tegenpand, o. pledge.

Tegenpartij, ▼. adversary, opponent. Tegenpaus, m. antipope.

Tegen plan, o. counter-project, -plot. Tegenpraten, on. w. to contradict. Tegenpruttelen, on. w. to grumble (to

mutter) against.

Tegenretle, v. refutation, defence. Tegenreden, v. contrary reason.

Tegen reken i n g, v. counter-balance, counter-

biil; rekening en —, debit aud credit. Tegenrennen, Tegenr|Jden, on. w. to go (to ride) to meet, to drive (to ride) against. Tegen ru lachen, on. w. to reach (a. o. 's) ears. Tegen rukken, on. w. to march towards. Tegenscliann, v. contravailation.

Tegen schrirt, o. written refutation, defence;

—•chrUven. ov. w. to write against. Tegenstaan, on. w. to meet with ili success. Tegensniaak, m. disgust, loathing, aversion. Tegensnellen, on. w. to hasten to meet. Tegenspartel en, on. w.to sprawl, to oppose;

— Ing, v. opposition, resistance. Tegenspoed, m. adversity, misfortune, ill-

luck; —lg. bv. unprosperous.

Tegensporrel lg. bv. quarrelsome, reluctant;

— ing, v. resistance, opposition.

Tegen spraak, v. contradiction; —sprekelyk. bv. contestabie; —spreken, ov. w. to contradict, to gainsay; —spreker, m. contradictor.

Tegen staan, on. w. to withstand, to resist, to cause disgust; het staat ni|) tegen, I

loatlie it; —stand, m. resistance, opposition; —stander, m. adversary, antagonist, opponent.

Tegenstell en, ov. w. to oppose; —Ing, v.

opposition, contra-distinctiou, antithesis. Tegenstem men, on. w. to vote against. Tegenstoot, m. adversity, ili luck. Tegenstrev en, ov. w. to strive against, to oppose ; —er, m. opponent, adversary; — lg, bv. opposing ; —ing, v. opposition. Tegenstribbel aar. m. opposer; —en, on.

w. to oppose; —ing, v. opposition. Tegenstrijdig, bv. ft bw. contradictory (-ily);

—held. v. contradiction.

Tegenstroom, m. spring-tide, neap-tide; counter-current; general oppostion ; —en, ov. w. to flock (to crowd) together to meet. Tcgentrekken, on. w. to march against, - towards.

Tegenvallen, on. w. not to succeed, to be

disappointed (disappcinting). Tegenverklaring, v. counter-declaration. Tegenverschanslng, v. contravailation. Tegenverzekering, v. reciprocal assurance,


Tegenvloed m. zie Tegenstroom. Tegenvoeter, m. antipode.

Tegenweer, v. resistance, defence. Tegenwerk en, ov. w. to cross, to thwart, to oppose; —er, m. tliwarter; opposer; —Ing, v. thwarting, crossing, opposition.