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Tegenwerp en, ov. w. to object; — Ing, v. objection.

Tegenwicht, o. counterpoise ; —ig, bv. couaterbalancing.

Tegenwil, m. contrary wlll.

Tegenwind, m. contrary wind.

Tegenwoneri, m. mv. antecians.

Tegenwoordig, bv. present; —, bw. at present, of our days, now-a-days ; —held, v. presence.

Tegen worstelen, on. w. to struggle against.

Tegeuzang, m, counter-song, antistrophe.

Tegenzijde, v. reverse, opposite side.

Tegenzin, m. aversion, dislike, (In, to); antipathy; met —, against the grain ; against the stomacli.

Tegoed (») to the good, due.

Tehuis komen, o. lodging, shelter; —komst, v. return, • home; —lading, return cargo; —rel», home voyage ; journey back (-liome); home-bound.

Teil, v. eaithen pot.

Teisteren, ov. w. to damage, to wound; to abuse; to harass, to torment, to ravago; to devastate, to Bcourgp.

Tekort, o. deficit; —koming, v. failing, fault, shortcoming, trespass.

Tekst, m. text; passage; brevier; letterpress (to a plate, print, an engraving); — en nit'e*. geven, to give chapter and verse; — boekje, libretto; — boekje schrijver, librettist; —haak, bracket; —verdraaiing, 1'alse interpretation oi' a text;—verklaring, interpretation, explanation of a text; —vervalsehing. falsification of a text; —woorden, words of a text, text.

Tel, m. amble (=• ambling gait), number; —, v. ambler; pacer ; l»y den —, by tale; niet In —, of no account, littl« esteemed; pas op Je —len ! miud your P's and Q's ; —g*ng» —pns, amble ; —ganger, —paard, ambler, ambling horse; -hout, zie Talhout,

Telastlegging, v. charge, accusation, imputation.

Telbaar, bv. numerable, countable.

Tele graaf, v. telegraph; —beambte, telegraphist; —bode, telegraph-man ; —dienst, telegraphic service; —draad, telegraph-wire; —geleiding, telegraphic connection ; —kabel, cable; —kantoor, telegraph-office; —I(|n, telegraph-line; —net, telegraph-net; —paal, telegraph-post; —toestel, telegraphapparatus ; —grafisch, bv. telegraphic; — grafist, m. telegraph er; —gram, o. telegram ; — grapheeren, ov. w. to telegraph, to wire, to cable; —graphie, v. telegraphy.

Tel en, ov. w. to bcget, to engender; to breed, to produce; to raise; to cultivate;to cause ; —er, m. begetter; breeder; cultivator; grower (of bulbs, beet-roots etc.).

Telepho on, v. telephone; — sieeren, to telephone, to ring up; — nie, telephony ; —nlsch bericht, telephetne.

Telescoop, m. telescope; telescopisch, bv. telescopic.

Teleurstelling, v. disappointment.

Telg, v. sprout, runner, slioot, offset; scion, descendant; —en, mv. issue, offspring.

Teling, v. begetting, breeding, raising, cultivation.

"leljoor. o. trencher,plate; — llkker.trencherfly, smell-feast, sponger.

Telkens, bw. every moment, at every turn.

Tel len, ov. w. to teil, to count, to number, to reckon, to repute, to regard; z(J — onze klachten niet, they make light of our complaints; tot tien —, to count up toten; h(| doet alsof h|) geen tien kan —, he looks as if butter won't inelt in bis mouth; —kunst, arithmetics; — letter, cipher; — woord, n unie ral; —Ier, m. teller, counter; numerator (of a vulgar fraction); — llng, ▼. counting, numbering, numeration, census (« volks—); —ster, v. zie Teller.

Tembaar, bv. tamable; —held, v. tamableness.

Tem en, on. w. to whine, to cant; —er, m. whiner; —erig, bv. & bw. whining (-ly).

Teuiet, bw. sometimes, perhaps.

Te in ui eu, ov. w. to tame, to break in (a horse), to curb, to queli, to subdue; —er, m. tanier, subduer; —ing, v. taming, breakiug, subduing.

Tempel, m. temple, church; —bouw, building the temple; —dak, thole; —heer, — ridder, knight-templar; —schender, violator of a temple; —schenderij, sacrilege of a temple; —sieraad, ornament of a temple; — tinne, pinnacle of a temple; — voogd, highpriest; —Ier, m. templar; orde der —Iers, order ot St. John. order of the Temple.

Temper, m. tempering; -anient, temperament, temper; —atuur, tempt*rature; — en, ov. w. to temper (metal), to allay (pain, sorrow, grief); —mes, scraping-knife; —oven, tempering-furnace; — ing, v. tempering, allay ing.

Ten, vz. at, to, in, at the, in the, per; — aanzieu van, in respect of, with respect to, as to; — achtereu «ij.., to be behindhand; to be in arrears; — anker komen, to cast anchor; — bate van, to the ^ood of; — behoeve van, in behalf of; — blyke waarvan, in witness where of, in proof of which; — einde, in order (to); — goede duiden, to take in good part; — koste van, at the expenseof; — kwade duiden, to take ill (—amiss); — naastenby, about; — oosten van, to the east of; — opzichte van, concerning, as for, as to; — overstaan van een notaris, in the presence of a notary; — prooi aan, a prey to; — verkoop aanbieden, to offer for sale.

Tenger, bv. slender, tender, delicate;—held, v. slenderness, tenderness, delicateness.

Teiiietdoeiiiug, v. cassation, annulment.

Tenor, m. tenor; —stem, tenor; —Ist, m. tenor-singer.

Tent. v. tent, awning (on board), booth (® kraam); —dak, pointed roof; —doek, tent-cloth, awning; —paal, tent-pole; —