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TEN. —


schuit, covered boat, tilt-boat; — wMcrn. hooded-, tilt-carriage; — enmakcr, tent» maker.

Tent en, ot. w. to probe (wounds); — (Jzer, probe.

Tentoon npreiding, v. display; —«telling,

v. exhibition, show; exposure (op de kaak •telling).

Tenue, v. dress, regimentals; groot —, full dress; klein —, military nndress.

Tenultvoer brenging, v. perforn>ance,bringing about; —legging, v. execution.

Tenware, Tenz||, vw. unless.

Tepel, m. nipple, teat, dug.

Ter, v7.. zie Ten.

Teraardebestelling, v. burial, intermcnt.

Terdoodbrenging, v. execution, murder.

Terechtbrengen, ov. w. to arrange, to put to rights; to reclaim.

Terechtkomen, 011. w. to be found back; h|| zal wel —, he will fall on his legs; niet —, to miscarry, to be spoiled.

Terechtstaan, on. w. to stand trial.

Terechtstellen, ov. w. to execute, to put to trial.

Terechtwijzen, ov. w. to inform, to exhort, to blame.

Terecht stelling, v. trial, execution; -wijzer, m. guide; — wijzing, v, instruction, correction, reproof; —zetting, v. regulntion, setting to rights; —zitting, v. session (of a court of justice), assizes.

Teren, ov. w. to tar (— to cover with tar}; —, on. w. to feast, to banquet, to languisli («= kwijnen).

Terg en, ov. w. to provoke; —taal. provokIng language; —woord, provoking word; —end, bv. provoking; —er, m. provoker; —Ing, v. provocation ; —ster, v. provoker.

Terhandstelling, v. handing over, delivery.

Terlg, bv. tarry, tarred.

Tering, v. expense, digestion, consumptio» (of the lungs), phthisis; —koorts, liectic fever; —achtig. bv. consumptive.phthisical, hectic (flush =» blosje); — aclitiglieid, v. consnmptive disposition, consumptiveness.

Terloops, bw. cursorily, in a hurry, in passing.

Term, m. term, word, expression, locution ; —en der wet, wording ot' the law ; in de —en vallen, to be entitled to, to be obliged to.

Term|fn, m. term, futures Mn trnde); time, part, instalment; in —en betalen, to pay in instalments; —liandel. speculation tradt*, futures; —markt, speculative (terminal) market; op —, on forward delivery.

Termiet, m. termite (white ant).

Terminologie, v. terminolosry, nomenclature.

Ternauwernood, bw. hardly, scarcely.

Terp, v. mound, hill; —aarde, black inould.

Terpcntyn, v. turpentine; —boom, turpentine-tree, terehinth; —olie, turpentine-oil; —stokerij, turpentine distillery; —achtig, bv. terebinthine.

Terras, o. terrace.

Terrein, o. ground, element; bouw—, building-site; — voor races, race-course, turf.

Terrine, v. tureen.

Tersluiks, bw. by stealth, stealtliily.

Terstond, bw. directly, immediately, forthwith.

Terts, v. (in music) third; (at cards) tierce; groote —, kleine —, major •, minor third.

Terug, bw. back, backward ;—bekomen, ov. w. to get back, to reobtain; —betalen, ov. w. to pay hack; —beven, on. w. (voor) to shrink lrom; —bezorgen, ov. w. to bring back» — blijven, ov. w. to remain behind, to stay, to tarry; —brengen, ov. w. to bring back; to recall (to life); —deinzen, on. w. to shrink back, to retreat; —denken, on. w. (aan) to remember, to recollect, to recall to mind; —«lr|)ven. —dringen, ov. w. to drive back, to repel, to repulse; — drfjviiig, v. repulse; — elschen. ov. w. to ask back; to reclaim; —gaan, ov. w. to go back, to return, to retrograde; to recoil, to co down the wind, to decay; —gang, m. going back, returning, decay; —gave, v. restitution; — geven. ov. w. to give back, to return, to restore; —halen, ov. w. to letch (to bring) back; —houden, ov. w. to keep back, to retain, to hinder to rel'rain (from), to restrain; -Jagen, ov. w. to drive back; — kaatsen, ov. & on. w. to reverberate, to reflect, to beat back, to return, to revert; — kaatsing, v. reverberation, reflection, beating back, reverting; —keer, m. return; — keeren, on. w. to return; —komen. on. w. to come back, to return; —komst, v. return; —kr(fgen. ov. w. to get hack; — loopen, on. w. to run back; — niarclieeren. on. w. to niarch back, to retreat; —utarsch. m. marching back, retreat; —neuien, ov. w. to take back, to call in, to retract (an insult, one's words); to abandon (a bill — een wetsontwerp);—reis, v. return, journey back, voyage home; —reizen, on. w. to travel back, to return; — r(|dcn, on. w. to ride (to drive) back; —roepen, ov. w. to call back, to recall; brieven van —roeping, letter of recall; —slaan, ov. w. to beat back, to repulse; —snellen, on. w. & —spoeden (zich), t. w. to hasten hack; — springen, on. w. to leap back, to rebound, to recoil; —sprong, m. recoil; —stooten, ov. w. to push hack, to repel, to recoil; — stootend, repulsive, forbidding, repnpmant; —Ntuiten, on. w. to rebound; — tocht, m. retreat; —tred, nj. step backwards, return; —treden, on. w. to step (to draw) back, to retraet, to recant; —trekken, ov. & on. w. to draw hack, to withdraw, to retirc (from business); to retreat (an army); to retrnct (a promise); zich —, t. w. to withdraw, to retire (from active life); lo retreat; —varen, on. w. to sail back, to return; —vloeien, ov. w. to flow back ; —vorderen, —vragen, ov. w. to ask back, to claim back; —werken, on. w. to react; —werkend, bv. reactive, retrospective (effect — kracht); -middel.