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TOD. — TOE.'

Tod. Todüe, v. rag; -denmi)f, drargle-

tailed woman, slut.

Toe, bw. shut; do: —, vz. to, towards, on; In addition; de deur ia —, the door is shut;

doet dat er —? what does tliat mat*er * —# «preek op, do speak up; op den koop —, into the bargain; er slecht aan —• badly off; —, kinderen! cheerup (chirrup), children! —! tsw. do! come, cheer up! on! i?o on!

Toebedeelen, ov. w. to allot, to assign, to

distribute, to dole out (gifts). Toebehooren, on. w. to appertain, to beloog;

—, o. appurtenance, furniture.

Toebereid en, ov. w. to prepare; to season;

'"B* preparation; —sel, o. preparative. Toebetroaweu, ov. w. to entrust (to). Toe bidden, ov. w. to pray for.

Toebijten, ov. w. to bi te, to accept of it; to say snarling (to), to speak in a snarling way (to).

Toebinden, ov. w. to bind, to tie (up). Toebreeuwen, ov. w. to fill up with oakum. Toebrengen, ov. w. to bring, to give, to cause, to put to, to contribute; een «Ine—, to inflict a blow (on).

Toebrouiinen, ov. w. to mutter, to growl. Toebaldereu, ov. w. to cry (to a. o.) with a

thundering voice, to thunder out.

Toedeel en, ov. w. to allot, to assign, to

adminiater ; — ing. v. allotment. Toedekken, ov. w. to cover up, to tuck in (a baby).

Toedenken, on. w. to destine (to intend) for. Toedichten, ov. w. to ascribe, to impute (to). Toedienen, ov. w. to administer. to serve. Toedoen, ov. w. to shut, to help, to avail;

—• o. aid, help, intermedium, fault. Toedonderen, ov. w. zie Toebuldereii. loedrnclit, v. course, circumstances. Toedragen, on. w. to bear; een goed hart , to wish well to; zich —, t. w. to happen, to come to pass.

Toedrinken, ov. w. to drink to, to toast. Toedrukken, ov. w. to press close, to shut. Toedawen, ov. w. to push towards, to shut, to speak harshly to, to slip into a. o. 's hands. Toeeigeu en, ov. w. to attribute, to dedicate; zich —, t. w. to appropriate to one's self, to a8sume; —Ing, v. appropriation, assumption.

Toefluisteren, ov. w. to whisper into the ear of.

Toegaan, o». w. to close, to go on, to come to pass; het gaat er vreemd toe.strange

gomgs-on there.

Toegang. m. en trance, avenue, access, admittance; verboden —, private; noadmittance; ▼rye —, admission free; — sbiljet. —skaart, ticket, order; —spr|)s, admission (entrance-)fee.

Toegankelijk, bv. accessible, open to (the public); —held, t. accessibleness, accessibil-


Toegeeflijk, Toegefelijk, bv. & bw. indulgent (-ly)j —held, v. indulgence.

Toegedaan, bv. well-affected •, attached (to). Toegenegen, bv. affectionate, devoted, at*

tached; —held, v. affection, inclination. Toegespen, ov. w. to buckle (to). Toegeven, ov. w. to add (to), to give into tbs bargain, to bear, to grant, to allow, to yield, to indulge; kindereu te veel —, to indulge children too much ; een op de twaalf —to give one into the bargain (one in addition) to twelve; toegegeven... dat, granting tliat; —d, bv. & bw. indulgent (-ly);—dheld, v. indulgence, condescension.

Toegift, v. addition, surplus, overplus. Toegooien, ov. w. to throw to, to shut with violence, to slam (a door, gate), to fill up(* pit, a canal).

Toe grauwen, on. w. to snarl (to growl) at. Toegrendelen, ov. w. to bolt.

Toegrijpen, on. w. to lay hold on it. to taks hold of it.

Toegroeieu, on. w. to close, to heal (up). Toeliaken, ov. w. to clasp.

Toehalen, ov. w. to draw closer, to tie tighter.

Toehappen, on. w. to snap at it, to accept

of it, to swallow the bait.

Toehelligeu, ov. w. to devote,to dedicate (to). Toehoor der, m. auditor; — deres, —ster, v. auditress; —en, on. w. to listen, to hearken, to give ear (to).

Toehuls, o. private house.

Toejuich eu, ov. w. to- applaud, to cheer (to the echo — daverend, luide —); —ing,r. applause, shout.

Toekeeren, ov. w. to turn to; to turn (one's

back) on (a. o.).

Toekennen, ov. w. to adjudge, to ascribe (to). Toekijken, on. w. to look on; toekijker.

m. looker-on, spectator.

Toeknijpen, ov. w. to shut (to close) bj

pinchinf?, to pinch closer.

Toeknikken, on. w. to nod at, • to. Toeknoopen, ov. w. to button, to tie. Toekom en, ov. w. to come to hand, to belong, to be due (to); (met) to have enough of, to pay one's way, to make shift with; —end, —stig. bv. future, next; —st, v. future.

Toekr|Jgeii. ov. w. to get »hut, to succeed

in shutting, to get into the bargain. Toekruid, o. by-herbs, seasoning.

Toelaag, v. addition, augmentation, srratifleation, additional salary, extra-wages,allowance. Toelachen, on. w. to smile to, - on. Toelnkken, ov. w. to seal (up).

Toelat en, ov. w. to permit, to allow, to suffer, to tolerate, to admit; een candidaat —» to pass a candidate;—ing. v. permisslon, leave. admission; -lexamen, entranceexamination, matriculation (for the university); —sexameu doen, to matriculate. Toeleg, m. design, intention, purpose;— gen, ov. w. to shut, to cover, to allow, to grant; °P. to aim at, to attempt upon, to * '/ —• t* w« (°Pi to apply one's self to (one s studies).