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Toelicht en, or. w. to clear (tip), to explain, to elucidnte; —end. l>v. explanatory; — Ing, T. exp'anation, elucidation.

Toelonken, on. w. to ogle (to glance) at.

Toeloop, m. concourse, confluence, crowd, throngf; Teel — hebben, to be in great vogue; een grooten — hebben, to draw a full house (theatre); —en, on. w. to run (to, towards), to run up (to), to crowd, to fiock; «pits —, to end in a point, to taper.

Toeluisteren, on. w. to listen (to).

Toemaat, v. overplus, over-measure.

Toemaken, ov. w. to shut; toseal;to button (up); to prepare, to dre«9, to season; to dirty, to suil.

Toemeten, ov. w. to measure to, • out, to give an overplus.

Toemetselen, ov. w. to wall up.

Toen, bw. then, at that time; —, vw. when.

Toenaaien, ov. w. to sew up.

Toenaam, m. surname, nickname, appellative.

Toen ader en, on. w. to draw near, to approacli, to reconcile; —ing, v. approach; reconcilement.

Toenelg en, ov. w. to incline (to); —ing, v. inclination, propension.

Toenem en, on. w. to increase, to augment, to advance, to improve; die gewoonte neemt b|J hem toe. that habit grows upon him ; —ing, v. increase, augmentation, advance, improvement.

Toen maala, bw. .then; —malig, bv. then (reigning), of those days.

Toepad, o. by-path.

Toepass el||k, bv. applicable, apposite (to); —elykheid, v. appiicability; —en, ov. w. to apply (op, to); —ing, v. application.

Toeplakken, ov. w. to paste up, to glue togetlier.

Toer, m. tour, journey; toupet, false hair ; ■tring (of pearis); trick; turn, sleiglit of hand («goochel—); moeieltyke —en doen, to perl'orm difflcuit 1'eats.

Toererliten, ov. w. to prepare, to dress.

Toereeden, ov. w. to equip, to prepare.

Toereiken, ov. w. to reach, to haud; on w. to suffice, to be sufficiënt, to do; —d. bv. sufficiënt, enough ; —dheid. v. sufficiency.

Toereken baar, bv. imputable; responsible; —baarheid, responsibility, imputation; — en, ov. w. to impute, to ascribe, to lay to the charge of; to cover up (a fire); —ing, v. imputation.

Toeren, on. w. to take a drive.

Toer(|gen, ov. w. to lace.

Toeroepen, ov. w. to cali (to cry) to.

Toertye, o. tour, journey; walk, ride, drive.

Toerust en, ov. w. to make ready, to equip, to fit out; zich —, t. w. to prepare; to equip; —ing, v. preparation; equipment, arm am ent.

Toeschieten, on. w. to run hither, (op) to rush on, - towardf, to run up to; toeschietelijk, condescending, benevolent, obliging; niet erg — zijn, to keep aloof, at a distance; to be reserved.

Toeschijnen, on. w. to seem, to appear (to).

Toeschreeuwen, ov. w. to cry (to).

Toeschouw en, on. w. to look on; —er,m. spectator, looker on ; —ster, ▼. spectatress.

ToeschrQven, ov. w. to ascribe, to attribute; to impute, to be owlng to.

Toescliroelen, ov. w. to sear up, to cauterize.

Toeschroeven, ov. to screw up, - down.

Toeschuit, v. covered boat.

Toeschuiven, ov. w. to push to shove (to).

Toeslaan, ov. w. to shut with a bang, to slam; to clap up, to adjudicate, to knock down (to a person) at an auction; on. w. to strike on; to accept of it, to agree with it; to fall to one's bid.

Toeslag, m. clapping up, adjudication, surplus.

Toeslede, v. covered sledge, coach-sledge.

Toesluiten, ov, w. to shut, to lock.

Toesmakken, Toesmijten, ov. w. zie Toegooien.

Toesnauwen, ov. & on.w. to snarl (to growl) at.

Toesnellen, on. w. to advance quickly, to rush forward.

Toespeling, v, allusion.

ToespUkèren, ov. w. to nail up.

Toespijs, v. by-meat, vegetables, dessert; alterclap.

Toespraak, v. address, harangue, allocution.

Toespreken, ov. & on. w. to speak -, to address (to).

Toestaan, ov. w. to permit, to allow; to admit, to tolerate, to grant.

Toestand, m. state, situation, cordition.

Toesteken, ov. w. to stretch forth, to hold out (one's hand) to; to slip (into a. o.'s hand); to pin up.

Toestel, m. preparation, appnratus, scaffold;

— tot verandering van beweging, reverting gear; — met buisverwarming,

calorifere; —len, ov. w. to prepare, to contrive.

Toestemni en. ov. & on. w. (in) to consent (to assent) to; wie zw|Jgt stemt toe, silence gives consent; —end, affirmative (-ly), in the affirmative; —ing, v. consent, assent.

Toestooten, ov. w. to push towards; to slam (a door); to push on.

Toestoppen, ov. w. to stop (up), to cork; to obstruct, to cover, to tuclc in (a child).

Toestroomen, on. w. to liow (to crowd) to,

— towards.

Toetakelen, ov. w. to accoutre, to rig, to trim, to soil; to belabor, to thrash, to punish severely. .

Toetasten, on. w. to help one's self; zie Toegrif pen.

Toetellen, ov. w. to count out (to).

Toet en, on. w. to blow, to wind (a hom);

— hoorn, bugle-horn; —er, m. one that winds a hom; —eren, on. w. zie Toeten.

Toetred en, on. w. to approach; (tot) to accede to (a plan, a request); —Ing, v. approach; accession.

Toetrekken, ov. w. to pull, - close, to draw tighter, to shut.

Toets, m. test, assay, proof, key, touch