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een -Je doei», to. takea nap; —. bv. trickish, sly; (op) desirous (fond) or.

Tui. r. en*, ile ■*•>' en*.~~ .

Tulband, m. turban, kind of cake.

Tullen. on. w. to tipple, to tope.

Tulp, v. tuHps —ebol, tulip-bulb; — enbed, tuffp-plot;—è.ih«i.del,tullp-trade!—,« weeleer. tulip-Krower; — voriMlg. tnllp-sliaped. Tnrelnnr, m. (Bood) l.umour, ploveri

bv. het !■ on» — te worden, it makes one (run) mad.

Turen, on. w. to stare, to gaze (op. at).

Turf, m. Bod of turf; —, v. turt, peat; een — a square (lump) of peat; — •t*keJ:|to cut pent (turf) , een -Je I» drl®8n Ten, to be very parclmomous (niiBerly). >■• liet veen xlet men op Been -Je. plenty oxcludes parciinony; —boer, turf-man; drager, turf-porter; —liok, turf plnce; ld.tf turf-chest; -mond. turf-bnBket; inarkt. peat-market; — molm, peatdust, -.chip, — .chult, turf-boat; -«ehunr, turf-bouse; —steker, turf-cutter; —.trool■el, mosi-litter; —ton, turf-tun; —ton.ter, woroan employed to tun up turf; bog-trotter; —verkooper, ppat «ellcr (-dea Ier, -merchant); — vuur.peat-fire; — zolder,

Tnrken?'oT. w. to torment, to ill-treat. Turkooi., m. & o. turquoise. - „t

Turven, on. w. to lny up a provlslon of peat. Tn.schen, vz. between. betwut; nmonï

'more tha» two); - .«en en den

Haag. between Flushing and the Hague; — «I», between u>i — Heli» en d"n,'®r-i" the twillght (gloaming); — twee bankje», ?n parenthesis, in passing.

TuMchenbedrtff* o. interact. Turachenbelde. bw. now and then, «ome tlmes, from time to time 1 — komen, to interfere (In); to intervene.

Ti...chenl»enrt, T. intermediate tinn TiHchendek. o. second deck, stee.age

bw. between deck», steerage; —.pa..»gier., «rteerage-passengers. ...

Tusschendilk*. bw. between tbe dikes.

TnMcïieiigebed.Tus.chBnge*ang, o.prayer

(song in the midst of the service). Tiiwchengerecht, o. eecond-course; by

Tn.sc lienkank.been, o. intermaxlllary bone. Tn..cliei.kleur, v intermedlate colour. __ Tusschei» komend, bv. inteivenient,

koiiimt, v. intervention, interference. Tu««cl»cnkoning. m. interrex. Tuanrhenlnng, v. intermediate stratum. T«i*schei»la»»ch en, ov. w. to interpolate;

iiiii, v. interpolation.

Tusuchcnllggend, bv. interjacent. Tusftchenltyn, v. interlineation, hiterline, TuMchenmengen, ov. w. to interims.

Tusscheiiiuutir, m. partition-wall. Tn*«cl»enper«oon, m. mediatoi,

intermediator; agent, broker; go-between, middie-man, thlrd party.

Tusscheu pooi, ▼. interval, pause ; *»U

pooien, at intervale; -pooil.ig, v. inter-

miss ion. , «

Tuuchenras, o. mixture, cross-breed. Tnuebenrede, t. dlgreislon; parenthesis. TuHehenregeerlng, v. interreïBUm. ^ TiiMChenrnimte, v. Interval, in'6"'1"Tn..el>en.chool, T. Intermedlat, school. Tusschenschot, o. partition, diapnragin. Tusschenspel, o. interlude.

Tunchen .praak, V. interlocution; ->P«; ker, m. Interlocutor; —.tatlon, interme

diate station. . , . „„ .

Tuiachen «tellen, or. w. to interpo.e; —

.telling, v. interpoeltion.

Tu.sc heiit|Jd, m. interim, interval-, In dien _, In the mean time. meanwhile-, before the proper time at an »na.».l time, between willies; —.che verkiezing, by,

TuMchênnnr, o. free hour, leisure-liour, offhour.

Tniiclienvnk, o. iuterstice.

Tusscheu voeg en, oy. w. to J*

intercolate ; —l»»g, v, interpolation, insertionj —gel, o. insertion, Interpolation. Tuiichenweg, m. by-path, snort cut. Tii..chenwerp,el, o. interjection. Tii..clienzang, o. zie TaMcheiigezaiig. Tua.chenzin, in. incident phrase. parenthesle. Twaalf, tw. twelve; —daagsch. of twelv, days; —hoek, dodecagon ; —hoekig, dodecagonal ; -Jarig, of twelve years, twelv, years old ; —maal. twelve time» ; -tal, twelve, dozen; —nnrtje, luneh(eon); rond. o. —voudlg, bv. twelvefold ; -de, bv. twelfth; -delialf. bv eleven and » half; — derhnnde, — derlei» bv. of twelve sorta, twelve sorts of.

Twee, vw. two; —, v. two, deuce-ace; harten —, two (deuce) of liearts; «lubnei * (at dominoes) deuces ; met — r|Jen pen, double-breasted; — ««■» —

two; met ons (hun) -ën, two of us (them); om de — Jnar, every two years, every otlier year; In - woorden (dg.), brielly. in a few words, to cut niatters short; armig. two-armed ; —bak, biscuit;—beenIg» —voetlg. blpedal; -dier. biped; -b'""erlg.bipetalous ; — ilraad.eh, of two threadl; —dracht, discord ; —drachtig, discordant; —gevecht, single combat, duel; —handig, two-handed, bimanoue ; —hoofdig, twolicaded. bicepital; —hoornig, bicornoui; —larlg. two yeare old, of tvr.o years, blennial; -klank, dlplithong; —ledig, doublo, binary, binomial; eqmvocal; — lettergre-

Ï.lg. dlssyllabic; — woord, dlesyllable; — obbig. bilobate; —maal, twloe ; —inan, duumvir; —man.ch«p, dnumvirate; — ma.ter, two-ma»ted vesiel, brig; —ooglg, two-eyed, binocular; -regellg, of two linea; — ver., disticli, couplet; — alaehtlg, ampliibious ; — dier. ampblbj; — .nUdena, two-edged; —.palt, discord, dieseniloji; —span, carriAge and pair; —«praau, aialogue, colloquy; -sprong, crossway; —

Tuncnenreue, ▼. -