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Uitrust e»», ov. w. to fifc out, to equlp (» Heet); on. w. to take rest, to repose; -Iiir, v. equipment; fitting out, outfit, accoutrements. _ .

Uitschateren, on. w. (het) — van lachen, to burst out into laughter, to burst witli


Uitscheiden, ov. w. to stop, to leave ofT.

Uitschelden, ov. w. to abuse; to call name»; (voor) to call.

Uitschenken, ov. w. to pour out, to empty.

Uitscheppen, ov. w. to scoop (to bale) out (a boat).

Uitscheuren, ov. w. to tear out (up, open).

Uitschieten, ov. w. to shoot out; to eject; to put off quickly; to single out, to lay aaide; to lay out, to disburse, to advance (money); t° uuship (ballast); on. w. to sltoot; to slip (out).

Uitschiften, ov. w. to single out, to lay aside.

Uitschijnen, on. w. to cease shining.

Uitschilderen, ov. w. to paint, to portray.

Uitschot, o. disbursement, outlays (of money); ret'use, trasli, offal (afval); rabble, mob (gepeupel).

Uitschrap pen, ov. w. to scrape out; to scratch out, to erase; —ping, v. scraping out; scratcliing out; —sel, o. scraping*.

Uitschreeuwen, ov. & on. w. to cry (out), to screain.

Uitschryv en, ov. w. to wrlte out (an account); to copy (a paper); to prescribe, to appoint (measures); to convoke (a meeting); to raise (taxes; a loau); to issue writs (for an election); to levy; to decree; een bededag —, to appoiut a day for public prayers; een pr()wvraiig —, to publish a prize subject lor competition; —er, m. copier; prescriber; convoker; — ing, v. copying; prescription; convocation; levying; decreeing, writ, su mm ons.

Uitscliudd en, ov. w. to sliake out; - off, to stvip; —ing. v. sliaking out, - off. stripping.

Uitschnlereu, ov. w. to brush; (lig.) to take up roundly, to blow up (a person).

Uitschuiven, ov. w. to shove (to push) out.

Uitschuld, v. claim, outstauding debt.

Uitschulpen, ov. w. to scallop, to fiute.

Uit slaan, ov. w. to beat (to strike) out; to spread, to unfold; to sell, to deliver, to dispose of (goods), to bring (goods) in consumption; to flatteu (tin, copper); to utter, to blab out (nonsenie); 011. w. to kick; to break out; tobe moist, to ,get. damp (of wal Is), to be (grow) mouldy (of cheese, bread etc.); —slftg, m. result, issue (=» gevolg); bias, turning; sale; mouldiness, mould (-= schimmel); eruptlon, pimple* (on the skin).

Uitslapen, ov. w. zifu roes —, to sleep one*s self sober again; on. w. to sleep one's fill, to have a good night's rest.

UitslUpeu, on. w. to grind out, - hollow.

Uitsiyt en, ov. w. to retail; on. w. to wear out, off (in course of time); —er,m.retailer.

Uitslorpeu, ov. w. to sip (out), to swallow (to gulp) down.

Uitsloven (zich), t. w. to give one's «elf

much trouble; to lay one self out, to dradgt, to toll.

Uitsluit eu, ov. w. to oxclude; to lock (to simt) out; —end, bv. & bw. excluslvs (-ly); —Ing. v. exclusion ; b|| —. excluslvely; met -Ing van, excluded ; —sel, o. decision, decislve answer.

Uitsinyten, ov. w. to throw (to filng) out, tochuck out t een uilsui()ter. a chucker-out.

Ultsnellen, on. w. to basten out of.

Uitsn||d en, ov. w. to out out; to carve;on. w. to go far, to yield more than one expects; (er van door gaan) t to steal away, to scamper off; —sel. o. cuttings.

lTitsnuiten, ov. w, to blow out (one's nose); to snuff out (a caudle).

Uitspan nen, ov. w. to stretch out, to extend; to span (one's fingers); to unteam, to unharness (horses); on. w. to bait, to stop; —uilig, v. extenslon: unteaming; recreation, relaxution; baiting-place (=» pleisterplaats)» —iiiugsplaats, place for amusement or recreation ; —sel.o. firmament, sky, heavens.

Uitspar en, ov. w. to economize, to save; —Ing. v. sparing, snving.

Ultspatt en, on. w. to spurt out; to run into debauchery; —ing, v. extravagancy, disilpation.

Uitspelen, ov. w. to play out, to finish; on. w. to play first, to finish play ing; z(|ne rol uitgespeeld hebben, to have acted one's part.

Uitspinnen, ov. w. to spin (to eke) out.

Uitspitten, ov. w. to dig out.

Uitspoel eu, ov. w. to rinse, to clean, to wash away; —Ing, v. rinsing, cleaning; — sel, o. wash inga.

Uitspraak, v. pronunciation, enunciation, elocution, verdict, sentence (— vonnis); decision; — doen, to pass sentence (on); — leer, orthoepy.

Uitspreiden, ov. w. to spread (out).

Uitspreken, ov. w. to speak out, to pronounoe (a word, verdict, sentence), to recite (a poera); to express (one's tbanks), to pass (een vonnis); on. w. to speak to the end; to have (to say) one's say.

Uitspringen, on. w. to spring forward, to project, to jut out; —d, bv. projecting; —d venster, how (bay) winilow.

Uitspruit en, on. w. to spring (to shoot) up, to sprout, to bud forth ;—sel, o. shoot, sprlg.

Uitspuiten, ov. w. to spurt out, to squirt out, to spout up (out).

Uitspuw en, ov. w. to spit out, to vomit; —sel, o. spittle, expectoratlon.

Uitstaan, ov. w. to endure, to suffer, to bear; on. w. to stand out, to put out (at interest); —d, bv. outstauding (debt); —de posten, un*ettled claims.

Uitstall en, ov. w. to expose for sale, to exhibit, to show; to show off (one's knowledge); to stable; —ing, v. exposition, stabling, display, show, dressing (ol shop-windows); —kamer, show-room; — kast, show-case.