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Universeel, bv. bw. uaiversal(ly); •—erfgenaam. sole heir.

Universiteit, v. university, college.

Unster, v. steel-yard.

Uso, o. usance.

Uur, o. liour; te goeder ure, at a seasonable time; te kwader ure, at an unseasonable time; in an evil hour; —glas, hour-

■ j glass; —werk, clock, watch; —maker» clock-maker; watcb-maker; — wHzer, hourhand.

Uw, vn w. thy, your; cle thet) —e, thine, yours.

Uw ent, ten —, at your house; —halve, 011 your behalf, for your sake ; -wege, as for you ; van —wege, in your name; at your hands; oiu — wil, for your sake.


V. v.j v. h., from home; v. v. vice versa, to and fro ; vol., volume; V. 8., United States (U. S.); va. (voorzitter), chairman.

Vaag. v. fertility (of the soil); prime, vigour (of life).

Vaag, bv. vague, unflxed, uncertain, indefinite. Vaagsel, o. sweepings.

Vaak, m. sleepiness ; Klaas—, the Dustman, Willie Winkle; — hebben, to be slcepy; praatjes voor den —, fiddle-faddle ; stories, nonsense.

Vaak, bw. often, frequentiy, again and again. Vaal, bv. sailow; laded (=» verschoten), pale-red, ash-coloured; tawny ; threadbare (■» versleten); —boat, dun-checkered ; —bruin, —kleurig, straw-colourcd ; —achtig, bv. *allowish ; —lieid, sallowness. Vaalt, v. dung-pit.

Vaam, m. zie Vadem.

Vaan, v. zie Vaandel.

Vaandel, o. flag, ensign, colours, banner; company, troop; met vliegende —s. with flying colours ; —drager, standavd-bearer, ensign; —Jonker,cornet;—schoen, bannercase.

Vaandrig, m. ensign, cornet.

Vaantje, o. vane ; wenther-cock.

Vaar, m. zie Vader; — aal,muraena; —koe, Jieifer ; —schroef, male-screw.

Vaar baar, bv. navi^abie, fit for navigation; —geul, navigable iane (opening, cliaunel); —glas, compass ; —weg, towing-path; — baarheid, v. navigabieuess, fitness for navigation.

Vaardig, bv. & bw. quick (*ly), ready (-ily), clever (-ly); —held, v. quickness, readiness, cleverness, tiuency (in speech), proficiency. Vaars, v. heiier.

Vaart. v. navigation, canal; course; binnenlandsclie —, inland navigation; kunt—, coasting; eene — van 15 iiiyi per uur, a rate of 15 miies per hour; de groote —, great (long) navigation; trek — , draw cliannel; in de — brengen, to run (to ply) a ship: do — Is gesloten, the navigation is closed; de — vermeerderen (verminderen i, to give more (to lessen the) headway; de boot verminderde hare —,tbe steam er slowed up, — sluckened speed; iu ; dolle — voorthollen, to dasii on «eek or j naught; iemand iu zyne — stuiten, to |

check one in bis mad carecr; to arrest one in his course.

Vaar tuig. o. vessel; —water, o. navigablo water, fair way, track; iemand Iu het — zitten, to thwart a. o., to be at cross-purposes; —wel, o. farev ell; — zeggen, to bid farewell to, to take leave of.

Vaas, v. vase.

Vaat doek, in. dish-clout (—cloth); —Je, o. littie barrel, cask; —scli, bv. tasting of the barrel; —water, o. disli-water; —werk, o. fustage, platen and dishes, kitchen utensiU.

Vacant, bv. vacant, empty; — Ie, v. vacation, holidays; —ledag, play-day, holiday, off-day.

Vacatie, v. sitting; —geld, fee.

Vacature, v. vacancy.

Vaceeren, on. w. to be vacant; to hold a sitting, to set.

Vaccin atie, v. vaccination; —e, vaccinematter; —eeren, ov. w. to vaccinate; t» inoculate.

Varht, v. fleece, lilde.

Vadem, m. fathom; een — hout, a cord of wood; — eu, ov. w. to fathom; eene naald —, to tliread a needie.

Vader, m. father; sire (of animals), master (of an orphanage e. g.); het Onze —, the I.ord's Prayer; van — tot (op) zoon,from father to son; from generation to geueratiou; tot zyne —en worden verzameld, to be gathered to one's fathers; zoo —, zoo zoon, like sire, like son; —hart, paternul heart; —land, native country, mother-cor.ntry, fatherland;—lander, patriot;—landlit*veud, patriotic; —landsllefde. love of one's country, patriotism; —laudscli, patriotic, native; —lief, dear father, dad(dy); —liefde, fiiial love; —moord,—moorder,parricide; —moorders (hooge boorden of dassen), chokers, 6tick-ups; —naam,a father's uamé; —stad, native town; — achtig, — lyk, bv. fatiierly, paternal (-ly), like a father;—loos, bv. fatiierless; —schap, o. fatherhood,paternity; —stad, native town; —vreugd, father's joy; —zegen, a father's (paternal) Messing, bliss 5 —zorg, paternal (a father's) cares.

Vadsig, bv. & bw. lazy (-ily), dull (-y), indolent (-ly); —held, v. laziness, duilness, indolence.

Vagebond, m. vagabond, tramp.