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Vagevuur, o. purgatoy. i( __

Vak, o. space, partition, compartment (af«lceling), line (of business), trade (of a butcher, baker etc.), branch (of teaching), province, ilepartment (|;i>Mcd)i een man van het

t an expert, a professional ; over *Un

praten, to talk shop; dat i« «»ü» — rhat ia out of my line ; dat behoort »»let tot m|)n —, tbat is not within my province.

Vakerig, bv. sleepy, drowsy; — held, v. sleepiness, drowsinesa.

^ al, «n. lall, downfall; hoogmoed komt voor den —, pride will have a fall; een — doen, to get (have) a fall; ten — brengen, to ruiu, to seduce; — hebben, to please, to be suitable; —, v. trap (lor mice, rats etc.), valance (on a chimney), cadence (in music); —strik, snare; —, o. haliard; —blok, haliard-block; —ft»!!1- guillotine; — klep, valve; —reep, man-rope; glaasje aan den —, parting cup; een oude rat iu de —, au old rat caught.

Valies, o. portmanteau, carpet-bag, Gladstone bug. ,

Valk, m. falcon; —enhllk, —ennog, hawk s eye; —enjacht, falconry; —enkap, bood; -enmiit, mute, muting; —ennest. acne; —enet, o. falconet; —enler, m. falconer; —er(f« v. falconry.

Tallei, v. valley, vale, dale, dell.

Val lei», on. w. to fall, to drop, to happen, to turn oui, to be killed;(In) to invade; (op) to choose, to give the preference to; (over) to find fault witli, tostumble at; het anker laten —, to drop (to cast) anchor; ter aarde —, to fall to the earth.on the grouud; te beurt —, to fall to one's share; flauw —, to fall into a «woon, to faint away; in den «mank —, to be to one's liking (taste); In het oog —, to strike one's eyes; op den prU« laten —. to drop (to abate) Irom a price; een dubbeltje per pond laten vallen, to knock olt' twopence a pound ; I» de rede —, to interrupt; uit de lucht komcu —, to fall froin the shies; met de «leur in 't liuis —, to talk point blank; to eet about a thing very awkwardiy; op de gedachte —, to hit upon an idea; al naar het valt, as it happens, as circuntstunces allow; — b(|l, guillotine; —brug, drawbridge; —deur, trap-door; —gordyi», blind; —hek, port-culli»; —hoed, head-roll; — kruid, arnica; —licht, sky-light; —luik, Trap-door; —poort, portcullis; —scherm, parachute; —wind, midden *quall ol wind. Vallend, bv. — e ziekte, lalling sickuess, epilepsy. , .

Valsch, bv. false (report), base (coin); forged (signature, bill); sham v#Joor): artificial (teetli); counterfeit (inoney); —e dobbelsteeneu, loaded (cogged) dice; — e Juweelen, paste, tictitious jewels; —, bw. lalsely; —hort, m. & v. lalse person ;—hartig, false-hearted; —hartigheid, false-heartedness; —tougig. double-tongued; —aard, m. false person; —held, v. falsehood, perfidy.

Van, m. family-name.

Van, vz. of; from; with; for; by; —daag, bw. to-dny; —daar, bw. thence, therelore; mid«lng, this afternoon; —avond, this evening; — harte, with all my heart; — adel, of noble blood, noble; — boven, 01» (at) the top; — voren, in front; — achteren, at the back: — ouds, of old; in oldeu times; — heden al', from this day (to-day); een Hollander — geboorte, a Dutchuian by birth; afhangen —, to depend on; af hankeiyk —, dependent on ; onafhankeiyk —, independent of; — alle *U* «lei», on every side, on all hands; tengevolge —, in consequence of, owing to; rekenschap geveu —, to accouut for; leven —, to live on; — buiten kennen, to know by heart; — buiten leeren, to get by heart; schelden (afstand doen) —, to part witlij voorzien —, to provide with; beschuldigd —, cliarged with,accustom ed of; al keerig —, averse lo; sterven — honger, to die with (of) hunger. een roman — W. Scott. a novel by Sir W. fc-cott; een gedicht — Tennyson, a poem by T. Vaudehasidsch, bv. ofl-haud; —e paard,


Vaneen, bw. asunder, in two.

Vang, v. catch; curb; stay (of a mill); en, ov. to catch ; liazen en patr|)zen —, to bag hares and partridges; vlscli —, to catch fish; to land several fisli; —bal, play-ball; —boom, joist; —||zer, iron spear; - trap; —lyn, last, huwser; — touw, lasso; —er, m. catcher; —st, v. catch; capture, bag. Van hier, bw. hence; —nieuws, bw. agam, anew; —oud*, bw. of old; —waar, bw. whence; —we#c, bw. on the part (in the name) of.

Var, iu. bullock.

Varen, o. lern; —kruid, fern;—zaad, fern-

seed; —, bv. fern.

Varen, ov. w. to carry; to convey; on. w. to navigate, to sail, to go by water: to go, to depart; to be a sailor; to be, to do; langs «Ie kust —, to coast. geregeld — tusschen II. en H., to ply between lt. and H.; op liet bord —, to sail by the lead ; om de Knap —, to doublé the Cape; In iemands xog —, to follow iu another's wake; laten —, to give up, to resign, to leave, to abandon (all hope); ten hemel —, to ascend to Hoaven; hoe vaart how do you do?

how are you? how are you getting on? —sgast. — sgezel, —sman, sailor, seaman. Varkeu. o. hog, pig; hair-broom; scrub; Ik zal «lat — wel wasschen, Ishall manage that matter; wild —, boar; —sbak.swiuetrough: —sblaas, hog's bladder; —sborstel, brMIe, hog's brusli; —sbrood, 6ow-bread; —sdistel. sow thixtle; —sdraf. hog-wash, swill; — HdrUver, swine-herd; — sgras, centinody; —sluik, —skot, —sstal, hog-*ty, ijigsty; —skarh«»i»ade, pork-chop (—cutlet); —slapjes, polk-steaks; — slever, hog's liver; —sniarkt, swinemarket; —sreuzel,—svet,