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brief, — schrift, bond, indenture; —leer, art of dressing wounds; —legging, wounddressing; —linnen, charpie.

Verbaan eia, ov. w. to bantel), to exile, to proscribe; to excommunicate (from Cliurch); -ing. y. banishmeut, proscription; excommuuication.

Verbaster ü, bv. degenerate; —en, on. w. to degenerate; —lug, ▼. degeneratlon.

Verbas eu, or. w. to surprise, to amaze; —end. bv. & bw. surprising (-ly), prodigious (-ly); bw. exceedingly; —ing, v. surprise, smazement.

Verbetlden, ov. w. to cliange beds.

Verbeeld en, ov. w. to signify, to represent; zleh —, t. w. to imagine, to fancy; —Ing, ▼. imagination; —skracht, imagiuation.

Verbeenen, on. w. to ossify, to harden.

Verbeest, bv. stupid, stupeficd.

Verbeid en, ov. w. to wait for, to expect; on. w. to wait, to stay; —Ing, v. expecting, expectatiou.

Verberg eu, ov. w. to hide, to conceal (voor, froin); —er, m. concealer; —Ing, v. concealment; —plaat», refuge, retreat.

Verbeter aar. m. auiender; improver; corrector, rectifler; —eu, ov. & on. w. to better; to improve, to aniend, to ameliorate; to correct, to rectify; to reform; zich —en, to charge for the better, to mend one's ways; —blad, correcting-sheet; leaf with errata (of a book); —huls, house ofcorrection; —Ing, v. improvement; amendment; correction, rectiflcation ; —lyk, bv. corrigible, iinprovable.

Verbeurdverklar en, ov. w. to confiscate, to seize; —ing, v. conftscation, forfeiture.

Verbeur eu, ov. w. to forfeit; to remove; paud —, to play at forfeits; —Ing, —te, v. forfeiture, penalty.

Verbldd eu, ov. w. to deprecate, to softe» s. o.'a heart; to spend (one's time) in prayert slch niet latei* —, to be inexorable, to be past relenting; —Ing, v. deprecation.

Verbiedeu, ov. w. to forbid; to prohibit (by law); to interdict; —d, bv. prohibitive; verboden te rooken, uo Binoking ailowed; verboden hier nau te plakken, billsticking prohibited here; bill-stickers beware! verboden hier te wateren, commit no nuisance here.

Verbyster eu, ov. w. to perplex, to stupefy; —Ing. v. perpiexity, stupor.

Verbijten, ov. w. to bite out; to choke, to stille, to brook; zich —, t. w. to gnuw the bit, to choke (with fury); met verbeten •PU*. between one's teetli.

Verbind en, ov. w. to bind (to tie) otherwise; to bandage, to dres9 (a wound); to bind, to unite, to combine, to counect; to oblige, to •ngage, to pledge; zich —, t. w. (tot) to engage (to bind) one's self to; —end, bv. binding, obliging; copulative, conuecting (link, word etc.); —Ing, v. binding; unitiug, combination; obligation; copuiation; Junction (railway-); —steekeu, hyphen.

Verbintenis, v. engagement; alliance; schrlf-

teiyke —, written contract (engagement); eene — aangaan, to enter into an engagement.

Verbitter d, bv. embittered: Irritatcd, ineensed, exasperateds —dheld, v. bitternesa; irritation ; ezasperation ; —en, ov. w. to embitter; to irritate, to incense, to exasperate ; —Ing, v. irritation, exasperution.

Yerbleekeu, on. w. to grow (to turn) pale; to fade.

Verbiyd eu, ov. w. to rejoice, to make happy; sleh —, t. w. (over) to rejoice at;—end, bv. rejoicing, joyoua, happy; —Ing, v. rejoicing, gladdening.

Verbiyr, o. abode, sojourn, residence, stay; —kosten, liviug-(sojourning-)expense9; lodging-money; —plaats, abode, residence, dwelling-place.

Verblyven, on. w. to remain, to abide, to stay. to sojourn, to reside.

Verblind, bv. blind, dazzled ; —en, ov. w. to blind, to blindfold (— blinddoeken) i to dazzle; —end, bv. dazzling; — heid, v. blind ness; —ing, v. blinding; blindness, error.

Verbloem d, bv. diaguised, coloured; bv. & bw. figurative (-ly), allegorical (-ly); —en, ov. w. to disguise, to colour, to palliurte, to mince (matters); —ing, v. disguise, colouring, palliation.

Verbluffen, ov. w. to strike dumb, to browbeat, to stupefy.

Verboil, o. prohibition, interdiction.

Verbodemen, ov. w. to new-bottoin.

Verbolgen, bv. angry, incensed; raging; — held, v. anger, wrath, indignation, resentinent.

Verbond, o. covenant, treaty; alliance; league, confederacy ; het Oude —, the OM Testament; —sbrief, bond, obligation ; — sgod, god of the covenant; —«kist, ark of the covenant; —siuaal, the Lord's supper, eucharist, —swet, law of the covenant.

Verborgen, bv. hidden, concealed; secret; mysterious ; In het —, in secret, secretly; —held, v. secrecy; mystery.

Verbouw en, ov. w. to rebuild (a house); to produce, to grow, to cultivate ; to spend (much money) in building;—lug, rebuilding (of a house); growth, cultivation.

Verbouwereerd, bv. perplexed, struck dumb, dum(b)tounded; —heid, v. perpiexity.

Verbrabbelen, ov. w. to waste, to spoil.

Verbrand baar, bv. combustible; —en, ov. w. to burn, to reduce to ashes ; to parch ; to blast; on. w. to burn, to be burnt; een door de zon — gelaat, a sun-burnt face; —ing, v. burning, ooinbustion, conHagration.

Verbrassen, ov. w. to squander by feasting, to waste in debtfucheries.

Verbreed en, ov. w. to enlarge, to broaden, to widen; —Ing, v. enlargement, widening.

Verbreek baar, bv. dissoluble, violablu, frail; —ster, v. breaker.

Verbreid en, ov. w. to spread, to propagate (a doctrine); zich —, t. w. to spread; —er,