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(_ Terglftigeu); —•gemind, merclful; —•• Msindheid, merclfulness. . ,

Vergev er. in. forgiver. one that disposes of an emplojmenti -Ing. v. forïiTinsr. remiMion (of .in»; diip°»»l.conf»rment(oI offices, distinctions etc.), collation (of» living 1


to as.ure; «ich t. w. lm) to ascertair, Vergezellen, or. w. to accompany (one ■

frieuds); to attend (one's superior»). Vprff*xlcht o perspective, vista, prospect. I v"ïïet en! ov. w! to shed (tears, blood). to pour out, to recast (guns. metals), to spiii (blood, milk etc.); —»••», colander,strainer, —Ing. T. shedding.

vïïïiJifc"!».6»* pafdoni forgivenes., remission (of »ins); — acheiiken, to grant pardon; -

v:%K%'°po°ï,C~ -lg.br. poiaonÓ«, venomous ; —Igheld, v. P»1»0»»"""8' Tenomousness; —igeu. o». w. to Pol»°"' envenom, to embitter (men s mmds) to Infect (the »prings); -Iger, m. poisoner; —Iglug. V.

Vergla.0 e'n (aleh), t. w. to mlstake. to be mistaken, to cominit a mistake; —ing, v. mlstake, error.

Verglnaaarl. o. glazing, enamel.

Verglax en, or. w. to glaze. to r4trlf>; er,

m. glazer; -Ing. v. glazing, vitriflcation. Vergod en. ov. w. to deify, to idolize, to adore; -er, m. idoiizer; -Ing, v. deiBcation. idolizing. adoration.

Vergoed en. ov. w. to compenBate to indemBilï to defray (costs), tomake good. to inake Sp for (damalei. los.es, lost tln.e), to recoup (losses); —ing. v. compensation, reparation, indemnificatiou, indeinnity, amends (lig.). Verzoeliik en, ov. w. to colour, to pullia-te, to gloss over, to cover (Hg.)! —1»8« v-

V^öo^.^"'throw away, to lo,e In dlcing.

ÏSS2T'ao^wrathful, -dheld.

ïamrer Vrath; -wen. ov. w. to inake lig" f ti provoke ; «Ich t. w. to grow

viïgrüP. o. offence. mi.take, fault; outrage (on lionour); -en. ov. w. to take wrongly; zich —, t. w. to mistake, to make a laise step, (aan) to oft'end, to steal, to lay hands on, to commit a tlieft.

Vergrijzen, on. w. to become grey. Verirriiiiiiieu, on. w. to fret (op, at). Vergroeien! on. w. to vanish by growing; to

grow crooked, defovined. .f

Vereroot en, ov. w. to enlarge, to magnify, to exaggeiate, to overdo; — gla«. maKn'i'J" ing-glass; —er, m. enlarger. exaggerator, -Ing, r. enlaigement, niagnifying. eiaggera-

Vergrnlaen, ov. ». to crush. to pound Verguis en, ov. w. to de.pise, to abuse, to

•pit «pon; —er. m. abuwr; — Ing.v. despl,vM"^'-op «... gllKdged;

Irn. o'v. w. to gild; glidef. kuift;

-ér. m gilder;-ing. T. gilding; -Ml. o gilding; -werk, gilt objects (tl.ings, artlclw). Vereunn en, ov. w. to permit, to allow, to grant; -Ing, v. permission. license (for^the tale of strong liquors). leave, grant; -Ing,recht, riglit of license; eeu care me« —, a licensed coffee-house.

Verhaal, o. story, relation, narratlve, account, redres» (for grievances); — hebben op, to get redress front} —trant, style (way) of

Verhaast en/ov. w. to basten, to accelerate;

Ing, v. basten ing, acceleration; zien ,

to hurry too much.

Verhagelen, ov, w. to get spoiled by a hall-

Verhakken, ov. *. to cut (wood) to pieces, to block up.

I VeïhM «rgö»T' w*to' remove to relate, to teil. to recite, to recover; «ich —. t. w. to rest, to recover. (op) to take revengeion, to recover of, to seek redress; —er, m. relater, story-teller. , . .

Verhandel aar, m. orator, essayist; —en, ov. w. to neffociate, to treat of, to transact; — inje v. treatise, essay, speech, transaction. Verbannen, ov. w. to hang otherwise; de hekken *Un the tal)le8 are turned'' *lch —, t. w. to hang one's self. . . nB .rt

Verhandelen, ov. w. to mend. to fake up; to

Verhard? bv. hardened, hard-hearted, unfeel-

ine, obdnrate. . -

Verharddraven, ov. w. laten tc> offer (a certaia sum ot money a prlu) to tbe winner in a horse-race (trotttng-match). vTrhard en. ov. & on. w. to harden, to indurate, to obdurate-, —held, v. 1 obduracy; -i"g. *. hardening, obdu»ation.

Verharen!* on. w. to moult, to change hafr. Verheer en, ov. w. to destroy, to ravage, to

lav waste ; —ing, v. devastation. Verheerirewaden, ov. w. to do homage to

.. for, to enfeoff (a persou) with (laud). vêrheerlUk en, ov. w. to glorify; —t zQn «net, to be pleased at (with); —ing, v.

Verheffen!' ov. w. to raise; to exalt, to extol- zich —, t. w. to rise; to increase; (op) to p'de one's self in. to boast of;

— tecen, to protest (raise one s voice) against, , in den adelstand -, to raise to the peerage; —ing, v. raising, elevation; extolling,

: Verlieldir en, ov. w to clear up,, to brl?htJ°i to entigliten; on. w. to grow cleaier, —Ing, I v. clearing up, enlightening. fAw^n

Verhel en, ov. w. to hide, to conceal, to^keep aecret (voor, front); —er, m. concealer. o Verhelp eu, ov. w. to redress, to remedy.