Onderstaande tekst is niet 100% betrouwbaar

electioneering; — Ingsleus. election-cry;—

iugsprogram.election-programme; — ingsrede. stump-speech ; -lugwedevoerlngei» houden, to be on the stump.

VrrkUkeii, ov. w. (aan) to pay for the sight of; zich —, t. w. to look amisH, to be mistaken ; z|)»e kans Is verkeken, bis chance is gone ; hit opportunity is lost.

Verklaar baar. bv. explicable, explainable; —der, m. eXplainer, commentator, interpreten

Verklagen, v. w. to accuse, to infornt against.

Verklapp en, ov. w. to bhib out, to betray; een geheim —, to teil a secvet; to let the cat out of the bag; zicli —, t. w.tosay too mucli; —er, m. betrayer.

Verklar en. ov. w. to declare (on oath = onder eede), to explain (wliat is not clear); to comment (a play, a poem), to interpret (a text, a speech); den oorlog (de liefdej —, to declare war (love); — ing, v. declaration, deposition. evidence, explanation; eene schriftelijke —Ing, a writteu declaration; eene oflicieele —ing, au official deposition; getuigen—ing, evidence of witnesses; tekst—ing, explanation of (comment upou) a text.

Verkleed en, ov. w. to put on other clothes, to dress otherwise, to disguise ; zich —, w. to change one's dress, to disguise one's dress, to disguise one'» self; —ing, v. disguise.

Verkleefd, bv. attached (to); —held, v. at- | tachment.

Verklein en, ov. w. to dimiuish, to lessen; to reduce (fractions); to detracl trom, to belittle (a person's merits); —glas.diminishing-glass; —woord, diminutive; —ing. v. diminution, reduction, detractiou; —i»g»uitgang. diminutive ending; —woord, o. diminutive.

Verkleum d. bv. benumbed, stiff (with); —dheid. v. numbnesn; -en, on. w. to get benumbed, to get stiff with cold. Verkleuren, ov. w. to give auother colour

to; on. w. to change colour; to fade. Verklik ken ov. w. to betray, to inform (against), to peach upon : —ker m. —ster, v. betrayer, informer, tale-teller, peacher. Verkloeken, ov.w. to embolden, toencourage, to malie bold; to overreach, to outwit, tobe one too mnny(for).

Verklungelen, ov. w. to squander (away),

to tritle (away); to spoil.

Verkneukelen (zich), to rub one 's hands (with .ioy), to be delighted, to bug oneselt. Verkniezen, on. w. to fret, to pine away. VerknUp en (zich), t. w. to be choking (with), to bite one's lips; —ing. v. pinch, hcrape, embarrassinent.

Verknippen, ov. w. to cut, to cut intoanother

form, to spoil iu cutting out.

Verknocht, bv. attached (to); —held, v. attachment.

Verknoei en, ov. w. to spoil, to cobble, to

bungle up, to squander; —er, m. spoiler, bungler.

Verkoel en. ov. w. to cool, to refrigerate, on. w. to grow cool, to lessen ; —drank, cooling-drink; —end, bv. cooling, refritferant; —ing. v. cooling.growing cool, rel'rigeration; slackening; e>trangement, chili (between persons); —ingsmid«lel, reirigerant.

Verkok en. ov. & 011. w. to boil away; — ing. v. boiling, - away.

Verkol en, ov. w. to char, to convert into coal ; on. w. to carbonize; —ing, v. carbonization, charring.

Verkomen, on. w. to recover (slowly).

Verkondig en, ov. w. to announce, to proclaim, to preacl» (the Gospel, het Evangelie); —er, m. announcer, proclaimer, preacher; —ing, v. annunciation, proclamation, preaching.

Verkoop, »n. sale; ten — aanbieden, to offer for sale; — uit de hand. private sale, sale by private contract; publieke —, public sale; — by afslag. Dutch auction; executoriale —. forced (open) sale; vrijwillige —, voluntary sale, free sale; —acte, deed of sale-, —dag, day of sale; —hui», store, shop, magaziue; —lokaal, sale-room; —prils, selling-price; —rekening, accountsales; —baar, bv. saleable; —en. ov. w. to sell; — Iu 't groot, — iu 't klein, to sell wholesale, • (by) retnil; uit de haud — ,to sell by private-contract; —er, m. —ster, v. seller, dealer; —ing, v. public sale, auction. Verkoperen, ov. w. to copper, to bronze. Verkoren, bv. choseu, elect.

Verkorsten, ov. w. to encrust, to cover with a crust.

Verkort eu, ov. w. to shorten, to abridge (a story, a book, etc.), to abbreviate (a word), to while away, to beguile (the time); (Hg.) to detract trom, to prejudice; —ing, v. shorteniug, abridgment, abbreviation, detractiou ; —schrift, shorthand writing; b(| —, short; — steekeu, apostiophe.

Ver koud en, bv. — zyn. to have a cold; — worden, to catcli a cold; —heid, v. cold, rheum.

Verkracht en, ov. w. to violate, to ravish, to detlour; to transgress (a law;; —er, m. violator, deflourer; —ing, v. violation, transgression, detloration.

Verkreukelen, ov. w. to crumple, to rumple. Verkrijg baar, bv. to be had, obtaiuable; — eu, ov. w. to get, to obtain, to acquire; — er, m. obtainer, acquircr; —ing, v. obtaining, acquisitiou.

Verkroppen, ov. w. to swallow (an injury, offence), to overwhelm, to swallow, to brook, to pocket (insults).

Verkruimelen, ov. w. to crumble. Verkuipen. ov. w. to coop auew, - over again. Verkuiwclit, bv. pure, neat, clear; — z||u

nn t. to plume one's self on.

Verkwansel eu, ov. w. to squander away.to exchange with loss; —ing, v. .squanderiug away.