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stoop; zich —, to humiliate oneself, to lay in the dust (before God); -euü, bv. humbling, humiliating; -lag, ▼. huinbling, humiliation.

Vernemen, ov. w. to learn, to understand;

on. w. (naar) to inquire after.

Verniel achtig, bv. destructive ; —achtigheld, v. destructiveness; —al* m. & v. destroyer; —en, ov. w. todestroy; —xueht, destructive disposition; —end, bv. destructive; -er, m, destroyer; —Ing, v. destruction; — ingskrtyg, war of extermination; — ing* werktuig, destructive machine; — zuclit. love of (mania of) destroying. Vernietig en, ov. w. to annihilate, to annul, to uiake null, to cancel (an order, a testament etc.); —ende minachting, withering scorn; —er, m. annihilator, destroyer; —ing, annihilation, annulment, destruction, ruin. Vernieuw en, ov. w. to renew, to renovate;

—ing, v. renewal, renovation.

Vernikkelen, ov. w. to cover with nickle. Vernis, o. varnish; — sen. ov. w. to varnish. Vernoemen, ov. w. to give anotlier name ;

(naar) to name after (a person).

Vernuft, o. genius, wit; — ig, bv. & bw. in-

genious (-ly), witty (-ly).

Veronachtzamen, ov. w. to neglect, to slight

(a person, a thing).

Verongeluk en, ov. w. to wrong, to injure;

—er, m. wronger; —ing, v. wronging-, in jury. Verongelukken, on. w. to perish, to suffer

sliipwreck, to be wrecked (ruined). Veronthéilig en, ov. w. to profane (God's name), to desecrate (holy placea, tombs, graves); —er, m. profaner ; —Ing, v. profanation. desecration.

Verontreinig en, ov. w. to sully, to pollute, to defile; —er. m. sullier. defiler; —ing, v. Bullying, pollution, defilement. Verontrusten, ov. w. to disturb, to alarm, to disquiet; zich — over, to make oneself (to get) uneasy about.

Verontschuldig en, ov. w. to excuse, to exculpate, to justify, to defend : zich —, t. w. to apologize, to excuse oneself; —ing, v. excuse, apology; eeu aanueiiielyke—ing, an ailowable excuse.

Verontwaardig d, bv. indignant (at); —en, ov. w. to rouse the indignation of; zich —, t. w. to be fllled with indiernation, to be indignant at; —ing, v. indignation. Veroordeel aar, m. condemner; —de, condemned person, convict; —en, ov. w. to coudetnn (to death, to imprisonment); in de kosten — en, to condemn to costs; —ing, v. eoudemnation.

Veroorlov en, w. to permit, to allow, to give leave ; zich —, to take the liberty; —ing, v. permission, leave.

Veroorzaken, ov. w. to cause, to occasion. Verootmoedig en, ov. w. to humble; zich —, t. w. to humble one's self; —ing, v, humiliation.

Verorberen, ov. w. to consume; to take (dinner, breakfast).

Verorden en, ov. w. to design; to order, to enact, to decree; —ing, v. ordination; regulation, order; gemeentelijke —iug, by(e)-law.; politie —Ing, police-regulations. Verouden, ov. & on. w. to make (to grow) old. Verouder d, bv. antiquated, out of fashion (of stuffs, clottiing), out ot date, obsolete (word); inveterate (habit); —dlieid, v. obnoleteness ; inveteracy; —en, ov. & on. w. zie Verouden i on w. to grow obsolete; to grow inveterate ; —ing, v.%obsolescence (of a word), makinsr (growing) old.

Verover aar, m. conqueror ; —en, ov, w.to conquer, to subdue ; —ing, v. conquest; —szucht, passion of (thirst of) conquest. Verpacht en, ov. w. to farm (to lease) out;

— er, lessor (vergeHJk : lessee = pachter); —Ing, v. farming (leasing) out.

Verpakk en, ov. w. to pack, to wrap up,

- otherwise; —er, m. packer; —ing, v. packing.

Verpand en, ov. w. to pawn (a watch, clothes etc); to ensrage, to pledge (one 's word); to mortgage (a property); —er. m. pawner; pledger; —ing, v. pawnini?; pledgintr. Verpest en, ov. w. to int'ect, to poison, to corrupt; —end, bv. pestiferous, pestilent, infectuous; noisome (smells); —Ing, v. infection, poisoning.

Verplaats en. ov. w. to remove, to transpose, to transfer; —baar. bv. movable; —ing, v. removal, transposition.

Verplant en, ov. w. to transplant; —er,

transplanter; —ing, v. transplantation. Verpleeg de, m. en v. patiënt; —ster, v.

(hospital) nurse.

Verpleg en. ov. w. to nurse, to attend; —er, m, nurse, attendaut; —ing, v. nursing, atlendance.

Verplet, bv. confounded, perplexed. Verpletter en, ov. w. to crush, to smash (to atoins, to pieces), to conl'ound, to perplex; —ing, v. crushing; perplexing.

Verplicht, bv. obliged, indebted (to); bound; obiigatory; — lager onderwijs, compulsory (obligatory) elesnentary (primary) instruction ; een — vak, an obligatory branch; Ik ben het aan heiu —, I am indebted to him for it; I owe it to him ; —en ov. w. to oblige, to bind; —end, bv. oblieing; binding, obligatory; —l«»g, v. obligation; — hebben aan, to owe to, to be laid (to lie) under great obligation towards. Verponding, v. ground-tax.

Verpooz en, ov. w. to pan se, to relieve ; zich —, t. w. to take rest, to take breath; —ing, v. relief; pause, rest, recreation. Verpot en, ov. w. to transplant; —ing, v.

transplantation, transplanting.

Verpotten, ov. w. to put in other pots. Verpraten, ov. w. to talk away; zich —. t. w. to say too much, to commit oneself, to overtalk oneself.

Verpronken, ov. w. to spend in fineries. Verraad, o. treason, treachery; hoog — plegen, to commit high treason