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Verwant, bv. allied, related (to), congenial (wifch); —e talen, cognate languages; het naast — ann, next of kin, ïiext in blood; —e, m. & r. kinsinan, kin*woman, relation; —schap, v. relation, affinity, congenialness.

Verward, bv. & bw. confused (-ly), intricate (-ly); entangled; —heiü, ▼. confusion, intricacy.

Verwarm en. ov. w. to warm; to heat;—a oppervlak, heating surface ; —ing, v. warming; — iiig«buU. warming-tube; —ingstoestel, calefactor, calorifere.

Verwarr en, ov. w. to confound ; to entangle; zich —, t. w. to entangle one's self; —ing, v. confusion, disorder, embarrassment. Verwaseiuen, on. w. to evaporate. Verwaten, bv. & bw. impious (-ly); arrogant (-Ijl, saucy (-ly); —held, v. arrogance; sauciness.

Verwater d, br. spoiled by water;—en, ov.

w. to water down, to make (to get) insipid. Verwedden, ov. w. to bet, to lay (a wager). Verweekeiyken, ov. w. to enervate, to ef-


Verweerbaar, bv. defensible.

Verweerd, bv. weather-beaten, spoiled by

the weather, bw. extremely;

Verweerder, m. del'ender, party In a law-

suit; defendant.

Verweereu, on. w. to be spoiled by the weather.

Verweer schrift, o. defence; apology, apo-

logetic writing ; —ster, v. defendant. Verwekk en, ov. w. to raise; to excite, to produce; to beget, to procreate (children); —er. m. exciter; bes-etter; author, cause; —ing, v. raising, exciting; begetting.

Verweid!gen, ov. w. zie Overweldigen. Verwelf, Verwelfsel. o. vault, arclted roof. Verwelk eiyk, bv. withering; perishable;

—en. on. w. to wither, to fade. Verwelkomen, ov. w. to welcome, to bid


Verwelven, ov. w. to vault.

Verwennen, ov. w. to disaccustom; to fondle,

to spoil (childreu).

Verwenscli ei», ov. w. to curse, to imprecate;

—Ing. v. imprecation.

Verwer en (zich), t. w. to defend one's self; —end, bv. defensive; —ing, v. defence, resistance.

Verwerk en. ov. w. to work (into), to make (into); to manufacture; to work np, to nse; to remove; —Ing. working into, manufacture.

Verwerp eiyk, bv. rejectable, exceptionable, objectionable; —en, ov. w. to reject, to cast off; to condemn, to reprobate; —Ing, v. rejection, reprobation.

Verwerv en, ov. w. to obtain, to get, to ac-

quire; —ing. v. obtaining, acquisition. Verwiggeleii, ov. w. to move, to shake. Verw|)den, ov. & ou. w. to widen, to dilate. Verwyder d, bv. remote, distant; —en, ov.

w. to remove; to estvange: zich —, t. w. to withdraw, to retire; — ing, v. removal;

estran eement.

I'erwyding, v. widening; dilatation. Verw(|fd,bv. efTeminate; — held, v. efTeminacy. %'erwUI, o. delay ; zonder —, without delay, directiy, immediately; —en, ov. w. to put off, to postpone, to delay; on. w. to tarry; to stay

VerwQt, o. reproach, blame; —en, ov. w. to reproach, to upbraid witli; —ing, v. reproach, upbraiding.

%*erwyven, ov. w. to efTeminate, to enervate;

on. w. to grow efTeminate.

Verwijz en, ov. w. to exile, to banish, to condemn; to refer (to); —ing. v. banishment, condemnation; reference.

Verwikkel en.ov.w.to make intricate; —ing,

v. intricacy, difficulty.

Verwilder d, bv. bewildered; wild, waste, uncultivated; —en, on. w. to grow wild, to become unmanageable (unruly); —ing, v. bewildering, growing wild, unruliness. Verwin baar, bv. conquerable; —naar. m. zie Overwinnaar; — nen, ov. w. to conquer, to subdue; —ning, v. conquest, subdueing.

Verwinteren, on. w. to winter; to grow chilblained.

Verwissel aar, m. changer, exchanger; — baar, bv. changeable, exchangeable; —en, ov. w. to change, to exchange, to cast.; to slied (of teeth); —ing, v. change, exchange; shedding.

Verwittig en, ov. w. (van) to inform of, to acquaint witli; —Ing, v. information, notice. Verwoed, bv. enraged, furious; —held, v. rage, fury.

Verwoest en, ov. w. to ravage, to destroy, to desolate, to lay waste; —end, bv. destructive; —er, m. ravager, destroyer; — ing, v. ravage, desolation, devastation.

Verwond en, ov. w. to wound; —Ing, v.

wound, hurt.

Verwonder d, bv. astonished, surprised; —en, ov. w. to astonish, to rfurprise; het is niet te —, it is no wonder; it is not to be wondered at; zich —, t. w. (over) to be surprised at, to wonder at; —ing, v. astonishment, surprise, wonder; —steeken, note of exclamation; —Iy k, bv. & bw. wonderful


Verwonding, v. wounding; wound. Verwonen, ov. w. to pay for house-rent. Verwonnelliig, m. & v. vanquished person. Verworg en, ov. w. to strangie, to throttle;

—er, m. strangler-, —ing, v. strangulation. Verworp eling. m. & v. reprobate, outcast; —en, bv. reprobate, abject, miserable; —enheid, v. wickedness, abjectness. Verwrikken, ov. w. to move (with jerks);to

sprain (one's foot).

Verwringen, ov. w. to wrench, to distort (one's face); to twist, ts sprain (.one's ankle). Verzaakster, v. zie Verzaker.

Verzacht en, ov. w. to soi'ten, to relieve