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(■orrow, pain, grief); to mitigate (aaentence, •en Tonnis); -end, bv. lenitive; —ende omstandigheden, attenuating circumatances; —ende uitdrukking, euphemism, euphemistic expreaaion; —er, m. aoftener; —Ing. v. aoftening, mitigation, alieviation.

Verzadig baar. bv. satiable; — d, bv. aatlated, aaturated, fllled; —en, ov. w. to aatiate, to aaturute; —ing, v. aatiating, aaturation.

Verink en, ov. w. to forsake, to revoke (at carda, renonceeren), to deny (one'a faith), to renounce, to neglect (one'a duty); —er, m. foraaker, denier; —ing, v. forsaking, dental, neglect, revocation.

Verznkk en, on. w. to aink, to give away ; —ing, v. ainking.

VerzHinel «ar, m. — aarater, v. gatherer, compiler; —en, ov. w. to gather, to collect, to muater (courage), to rally (ahipa, troopa); to compile (stories); zich —, t. w. to meet, to aasemble ; —plaats, rendez-vous, tryating —, meetin^-place, receptacle; —staat, co!lective ti.ble; —woord, collecbive word (noun): —ing, v. collection, crowd, multitude, compilation, repertory.

Verzand en, on. w. to be fllled up (choked) with sand, to run aground; —ing, v. being fllled up with aand, aballow.

Verzeeuw d, bv. aea-aick, squeamish; —en, on. w. to be Rea-sick, • aquearaiah.

Verzegel aar, m. aealer-, —eu, ov.w.to aeal; —ing, v. aealing (up).

Verzeggen, ov. w. to awear not to do, to promiae; zich —, t. w. to engage one'a aelf.

Verzeilen, on. w. to aail (away); on. w. to loae (a ahip), to ahift berth; op een zandbank verzeild raken, to run on (to atrike on) a aand-bank.

Verzeker aar, m. insurer, underwriter; —d, bv. aaaured, aure, certain, inaured; —de bewaring, custody; —eu, ov. w. to aaaure, to inaure; zich —, tw. (van) to secure, to aacertain; —brief, policy ot' instirance ; — geld, premium ol' insurance; —kantoor, inaurance-offlce; —ing, v. asaurance, inaurance; — tegen borgtocht, fldelity aaaurance, guarantee; — tegen glasschade,plateglasa inaurance; — tegeu inbraak, inaurance againat burglary; — tegen ongelukken, accident-iuaurance; — tegen ziekte en invaliditeit, aanitary-inaurance; —smaatschappij, inaurance-company; —spremie, inaurance-premium: onderlinge —, mutual inaurance company.

Verzeilen, ov. w. to accompany.

Verzen, o. mv. verses, poetry;—boek,book of poetry; —maker, verse-maker, -man, rbymer.

Verzend en. ov. w. to send away, to diapatch, to aliip off, to export; —er, m. diapatclier, forwarder, exporter; —ing, v. aending away, expedition, exportation; kosten van —ing, forwarding (expenaea), costs of conveyance.

Verzenen, v. mv. heels, zie Prikkel.

Verzeng d, bv. acorclied, torrid; — en,ov. w. to ainge, to acorch, to parch.

Verzet, o. opposition, reaiatance ; (ontspanning) recreation, relief; rerht van —, right of appeal; in — kouten (tegen een vonnis), to appeal (againat a aentence); — (tegen maatregelen), to oppoae (to reclaim againat) meaaurea; —ten, ov. w. to remove, to diaplace, to tranapoae, to pawo, to divert, to forget, to ward off; zich —, t. w. totake some diversion; (tegen) to oppoae; het anker —, to chnnge berth; een edelgesteente —, to reaet a gem (a precious atone); li|) wilde geen voet —, he would not atir; —«lig. V. removal, transpoaition, diverting, diveraion, pawning, mortgage.

Verzien, ov. w. to neglect, to pay for the aight of, to bet; Ik wil er drie gulden onder —, I will bet five shillings; het op iemand — hebben, to find fault with, to piek holes in one'8 coat; vérziend, bv. preabyopic: —heid, v. preabyopia; zich —, tw. to miatake, to be mistaken.

Verzilveren, ov. w. to ailver (over), to convert into money, to caah (a banknote).

Verzinken, on. w. to aink; in gepeins verzonken, abaorbed in thought, In a brown atudy.

Verzinl(fk en, ov. w. to repreaent in a aensible form, to render perceptible (by the aenaea); — ing, v. repreaenting in a senaible form.

Verzlu nen, ov. w. to invent, to contrive, to trump up (lies, atoriea); zich — ,t. w. to be mistaken; —ner, m. inventor, contriver; — nliig, v. invention, contrivance, miatake; — sel, o. fiction, atory, fabrication.

Verzitten, ov. w. to pay for a Beat; on.w. to remove, to take another seat, to change placea (seata).

Verzoek, o. requeat. demand, deaire; een — doen, to make (to prefer a) a requeat, to aak a favour; aan een — voldoen, to comply with a requeat; een — weigeren, to decline a requeat; op — van, at the requeat of; —en, ov. w. to beg, to requeat, to deaire, to invite, to try (— benroeven), to petition (=» een —schrift indienen),to tempt (in —ing brengen), (om) feo aak for; —schrift, petition; —er, m. —ster, v. requester, inviter, auitor, petitioner. tempter; —ing, v. temptation; in —ing leiden, to lead into temptation.

Verzoen baar, bv. reconcilable, placable; —en, ov. w. to reconcile (met, to, with), to conciliate; zich —, t. w. to reconcile one'a aelf, to be reconciled, to be at peace; —dag, Day of Atonement or Propitiationi —deksel, mercy-aeat; —end, bv. propitiatory, reconciiiatory; —er, m. reconciler, conciliator; —ing, v. reconciliation, propitiation, atonement; —iugsdood, expiatory (propitiatory) death ; — ingsofler, ain-oifering.

Verzoet en, ov. w. to aweeten, to dulcify, to eaae, to relieve (one'a work), to compensate; geld verzoet den arbeid, reward