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gatively ; —achtig, bv. inquisitive; — al, m. & v. inquisitive person-, —«ter, ▼. zie Vrager.

Vraat, m. glutton; —achtig, — zuchtig, bv. gluttonous ; — achtigbeid, —zucht, v. gluttonousness, gluttony.

Vracht, ▼. load, burden («=■ last), cargo, lading, freight (— lading); (—prys) fare, carriage, postage (on letters) ; —terug (retour—), freighthome, return freight; —uit, freight outwards; —agent, freigliter; — boot, goods-steamer; —brief, bill of lading; —ceel, charter-party; —geld, freightage, carriage ; -Ijjit, bill of invoice ; —loou, —prys, fare, carriage, passage-money; freight; —r||tler, —schip, —schuit, boat for goods, merchantman ; —vaart, carryingtrade;— verlies, dead-lïeight; —vry, freightfree, carriage paid ; -wagen, waggon.

Vrag en, ov. w. to ask ; to invite; on. w. (naar) to ask tor, to inquire at ter; (om) to ask for; ten huweiyk —, to ask in marriage; naar iemands gezondheid—,to inquire alter a person's healtli; iemand naar den weg —, to ask the way of a person ; om uitstel —, to beg for a delay; een hoogen pr(|s —, to charge a high price; iemands aandacht —, to bespeak a person's attention ; iemands bescherming —, to solicit a person's protection ; wat wordt gevraagd? (kaartspel) what is the lead ? agenten gevraagd (in de kraut), wanted agents ; —en, v. inv. questions ; —boek, catechism; —er, m. asker, questioner, inquirer; inviter; inquisitive person.

Vrank, bv. & lw. — en vry. quite free-(-ly).

Vratig, bv. gluttonous; —beid, v, gluttonousness.

Vrede, m. peace; quiet; laat m|| met —,

let me alone; In — leven, to live at peace ; — met iets hebben, to agree to; —bazuin, trumpet of peace; —bode, anirel (herald) of peace ; —breker, peace-breaker; —breuk, breach of peace; —gerecht, county-court; —kus, kiss of peace : —lievend, peaceful, peaceable ; —lieveneiheid. peaceableness, peacefulness ; — |»Ul». pipe ot' peace; calumet; —rechter, justice of the peace; —stichter, peace-maker; —vlag. flag of truce; white flag; —vorst, pacific prince, prince of the peace-, —vuur. constellation of Castor and Pollux -, —«artikelen, articles of peace ; —«onderhandelingen, netcociations of peace; —stempel, temple of peace (of Janus); —styd, time of peace; — sverdrag, treaty of peace ; —svoorstelleu, stipuiations of peace.

Vredig, bv. & bw. peaceful (-ly), quiet (-ly); —held, v. peacefulness, quietness.

Vreedzaam, bv. & bw. peaceable (-bly), quiet (-ly); —heid, v. peaceableness.

Vreemd, bv. strange (onbekend, zonderling), foreign (bultenlandsch) j exotic (uitheeuiscli, bv. —plaats); extraneous (pupils); singular, odd; — vinden, to wonder at; ik ben hier —, I ain a stranger Ibere) in these parts; — opkijken, tostare

preciously; — zQn aan, to be a stranger to; — soortig, strange; —soortigheld, strangeness; —ellng, m. & v. stranger, foreigner; —enboek, visitors-book, day-book (at an hotel); —enbureau, iutelligence office for tourists (travellers); — eulegloen, legion of aliens; —eiiwet, law regulating the admission etc. of foreigners ; —srecht, right of escheat, rlght over aliens; -ellngschap, v. alien≥ —heid, v. strangeness.

Vrees, v. fear, apprehension; — aanlagen, tofrighten,tointimidate;— koestereu voor, to fear for ; —achtig;, bv. & bw. 1'earful (•ly), timorous (-ly); —achtigheid. v. fearfulness ; timorousness ; —eiyk, bv. & bw. terrible (-bly), dreadl'ul (-ly); — eiykheid, v. dreadfulness.

Vreet op, m. ft v. —wolf, —zak, m. glutton; —zucht. v. gluttony.

Vreezen, ov. & on. w. to fear, to dread, to appreheud, to be afrald (of), to stand in awe of; ik vrees het», I am afraid of him, I fear him, I stand in awe of him; ik vrees voor z|ju leven, I am afraid for his lit'e.

Vrek. m. miser, niggard, skin-flint; —achtig, -kig, bv. miserly, stingy; —kigheid, v. stinginess, miserliness.

Vret en, ov. w. to eat (greedily), to devour, to consume, to corrode; —er, m. glutton.

Vreugde, v. joy, gladness; —bederver, marjoy, wet blanket-, depvessionist; — bedrijven, rejoicings; —betoon, rejoicing», merriment, show of joy ;— dag, day of rejoiciug, festival* day; —feest, festival, festivity-, —gejuich, shouts of joy, cheers; —kreet, cry (snout) of joy, huzza; —schoten, shots of rejoicing; —traan, tear of joy; —vol,joyful; —vuur, bonfire; —loos, bv. joyless; —loosheid, v. joy les» ness.

Vriend, m. friend, relation, kiusman; oud—, crony-, een dikke — (lig.), a tast friend;

— noch maag, neither kith nor kin ; een

— zyn van, to like, to be a lover of-, te

— houden, to cultivate the friendship of, to keep on good terms with; goede —en zyn, to be on triendly terms; kwade —en worden, to fall out, to cut each other, to be on bad terms; —endienst. kindness, favour, act of friendship, a friendly turn; —enkring, circle of friends; — eninaal, friendly meat, family-d inner; — en rol. album, part of a friead ; — eiyk, bv. & bw. friendly, kind (-ly); — eiyklieid, v. friendliness, kindness; —iu, v. friend, female (fair) friend, mistress, sweetheart.

Vriendschap, v. friendship, relation, kindness ; —sband, bond (tie) of friendship; — ■betrekking, friendly relation; —abetrekking aanknoopen. to enter intoa triendly relation; —sdienst, kind favour, a friendly turn; —sknobbel, bump of friendship; — splicht, duty of a friend; —sverbond, friendly alliance; —peiy k, bv. & bw. friendly, amicable (-bly).