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Weldoorkneed. bv. well-versed (in).

Weldoorvoed, bv. well-fed.

Weldra. bw. goon, in sliort.

Weledel, bv. noble ; —geboren, bv. honourable, illustrious; den —geboren Heer R., R. Esq; — gestreng, bv. right-honourable.

Weleer, bw. formerly, anciently, of old.

Weleerwaard, bv. reverend; den —en Heer II., To the Revd. D.; uw — e, your reverence.

Welgaan, on. w. to go on well, to go prosperous, to succeed.

Welgeaard, br. good-natured.

Welgeboren, br. honourable.

Welgebouwd, bv. well-built, well-made.

Welgedaan, bv. healthy, good-looking.

Welgelegen, bv. well-situated.

Welgelijkend, bv. true, resembling very well; een — portret, a good likcness.

Welgemaakt, bv. well-made, handsome ; — held, v. haudsoinenesM, synunetry.

Welgeuianlerd, bv. well-bred, good inannered; —held, v. good breeding, good manners.

Welgemeend, bv. well-inteuded, «incere.

Welgemoed, bv. clieerful; —lieid, v. cheerfulness.

WelgeniutHt, bv. good-humoured, in good (high) spirits.

Welgeschapen, bv. well-made, well-formed.

Welgesteld, bv. moneyed, well-to-do, warm, substantial; —held, t. wsaith, riches.

Welgetroffen, bv. true, resembling very well, hit off happily.

Welgevall en. on. w. zleli laten —, to submit to, to put up with; naar —, at will, to one's liking; —en, o. pleasure, liking—Ig, br. pleasiug, agreeable.

Welgevormd, bv. well shaped, well-made.

Welgezind, bv. well-dispused, well-minded ; — held, v. good intention, liking, sympathy.

Welhaast, bw. erelong, soon, shortly.

Welig, bv. & bw. luxuriant (-ly), proud ; — held, v. luxuriancy.

Welk, vnw. which, thatook, whichsoever, whatsoever, wiiatever.

Welkom, bv. & bw. welcome; een — thuis, a welcoming — lieeten, to welcome.

to bid one wetcome; — x{fii, tobewelcome; —st, v. welcome; een — bereiden, to make welcome.

Wellen, ov. w. to weid (metais), to seethe, to boil; on. w. to well, to spring, to spout (up).

Wellevend, bv. & bw. courteous (-ly), wellbred;—held, v. courteousnrss, good breeding.

Wellicht, bw. perhaps, haply.

Welling, v. welding, seething, spouting.

Welluidend, bv. melodious, harmonious;

held, v. harmony, euphony.

Wellust, m. voluptuousness, lust, sensual pleasure, delight; —eling, m. voluptuary, sensualist; —Ig, bv. & bw. voluptuous (-ly), lustful (-ly); — igheid, v. voluptuousness.

Welmeeneitd, bv. well-meaning, well-intended.

Welnemen, o, leave, permission; uiet uw —, wlth your leave, saving your presence.

Welnu, bw. well then, now.

Welopgevoed, bv. well-bred.

Welp, o. whelp, cnb, young.

Welriekend, bv. fragrant, odoriferous, sweet.

Welsmakend, bv. savoury.

Welsprekend, bv. & bw. eloquent (-ly); — held, v. eloquence.

Wel staan, on. w. to become, to suit, to fit well; —«halve, bw. for form's sake, for decency'8 sake, for appearance' sake; — stand, in. welfare, prosperity; health.

Welvaart, v. welfare, prosperity.

Welvaren, on. w. to prosper; to be in good health; —, o. zie Welvaart; —d, bv. prosperous; healthy; —dheld, v. prosperity; healthiness.

Welven, ov. w. to vault; to arch.

Welverbonden, bv. well-united, -joinsd.

Welversneden, bv. well-made; — pen, excellent pen, - style; eene — pen hebben, to carry a good quill.

Welverstaande, bw. provided, on the understanding.

Welving, v. vaulting; vault.

Welvoeglijk, bv. & bw. becoming (-ly), decent (-ly); —held, v. becomingness,decency.

Welvoorzien, bv. well-provided, well-stocked (—stored).

Welwezen, o. welfare, health, well-being.

Welwillend, bv, & bw. kind (-ly), benevolent (•ly); — lieid, v. kindness. benevolence.

Welzalig, bv. blessed.

Welzijn, o. welfare, health.

Wemelen, on. w. to crawl, to «warm (van, with), to abound (to bristle) with.

Wen, v. wen (een uitwas, an excrescence); —, vw. when.

Wend en, ov. w. to turn; to tack, to go about (bjj deu wind —); to veer (voor den wiud —)» Ik weet my niet te — of te keeren. I don't know (I am at a loss) which way to turn to; I am at my wit'» end; — in het kielwater van een ander «chip, to tack (to veer) in the wake of an other vessel; zich —, t. w. (tot) to address, to apply to, to repair to; men wende zich om inlichtingeu tot de Ifleeren <>cbroeders !¥, dc O. 14., for information (particulnrs) apply to Messrs. N. & O. IC. Bros.; h|f weudde zich tot ons met het verzoek, he addressed bis petition to Us; —Ing, v. turn, turning; tack; —spunt, turn» ing-point; eene andere —Ing nemen, to talte another turn.

Wenk, m. wink, hint, suggestion, warning, nod; een — geven, to give a beek; to hint (at); iemand op zijne —en dienen, to be at one's beek and call; iemand een duldeiyken — geven, to give one a straight tip ; —bntuw, eye-brow ; —en, ov. w. to wink, to beckon, to nod, to tip.

Weuiien, ov. w. to accustom, to use, to get used to; to inure.

Wensch, m. wi»h, desire; —eiyk, bv. desirable; wü —en u alles wat — eltfk Is, many happy returns of the day;—eiykheid,