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▼. deairableness; —en, ov. & on. w. to wigh, to desire; te — overlaten, not to be as may

be desired (as is desiredj; geluk —en, to congratulate (a person on); to wish one joy (on); ik — u geluk met Kerstmi», met Nieuwjaar, I wish you a happy Christinas, a happy New-Year; —end, bv. optative.

Wentel en, ov. & on. w. to roll; zich —, t. w. to roll (in richea), to wallow (in the mire or mud), to weiter; to rotate, to turn (the earth —a round the aun); —trap, winding staircase, - stairs; —zuil, roller; —Ing, v. rolling, wallow ing; tnrn, rotation.

Wereld, ▼. world, universe, earth, people; groote —, high üfe, great people. the upper ten (thousand), the upper classes; the people ot' quality; niets ter —, nothing at all; ter

— brengen, to give birth to; ter — kouten, to be born; wat zal de — er wel van zeggen?, what may Mrs. Grnndy (or: the world) say about It ?; geheel voor de — leven, to be wordiy people; to be or the earth earthy; z|)ne — kennen, to be wellbred; to know the world; iemand naar de andere — helpen, to malce away with a person; het aoclallaane la zoo oud als de —, socialisin is as old as the hiils; de geleerde —, the republic of letters; the learned (scientiflc) world ; de stoffelijke —, the physical world; de booze —, the wicked world ; de verkeerde —, the world turned upside down; eeta aaaan van de —, a man about town ; — beschriJviaag, cosmography; —bol, —kloot, globe; —burger, cosmopolite; —burgerschap, cosmopolitism; —burgerlijk, cosmopolitic; —deel, part of the world; —kaart, map of the world ; —kennis, —kunde, knowledge of the world, cosraology; —kundig, experienced, knowing the world ; notorious ; iets —kuaidig aaaakeaa, to rumour a thing abroad; —rond, world, globe; —stad, metropoli» ; —streek, zone, region ot the world; —teaatoonstelliaag, universal (international) exhibition, woild'a show; —wijze, pliilosopher;—zee, ocean ; —«gezind, worldly-minded; —sgeziaadheid, worldly-mindedneas; —l||k, bv. woridly, secular, temporal; — liaag, m. & v. worldling, worldly-minded person; —sela, bv. woridly, temporal, worldly-minded; eeaa —sch aaaaaa, a man about town; —sche zaken, woridly matters; —sche geestelijke, lay-brother.

Weren, ov. w. to rei'uHe, to iiinder, to avert; zich —, t. w. to defend one's «elf, to stand on the defensive.

Werf, v. wharf, yard; recruiting; —gast, journey-man of the wnarf, siiip-carpenter; — geld, recruiting-money; —huis, — kantoor, recruitiug-house, -office; —officier, recruiting-officer; —volk, ship-carpenters; recruit».

Werk, o. work, labour, workmanahip, trouble, tow, oakum; — pluizeaa, to piek oakum; fraai —, splendid workmanship; het — staken, to strike work; geeaa — hebben, to be out of employ, • out of work; aaaa *t

— zetten, to set to work; hoe te — te

gaan?, how to set about it?; te — gaan, to act, to go to work, to'manage it, to proceed, to keep a coil; In het — stellen, to perform, to effect, to execute; to do one's utmost, to leave no stone unturned; veel

— aaaaken van, to make much of; —eIUk, bv. & bw. effective (-ly), real (-ly), actual (-ly), laborious (-ly); — eiykheid, v. reality, actual ness; laboriousness; —eloos, bv. & bw. inactive (-ly), idle; idly, indolent (-ly); — eloosheid, v. inaction, idleness, indoience ; —en, ov. w. to effect; on. w. to work, to germinate (=> kieaaaen), to ferment (gisten), to labour (of a ship), to influence (a person}; to get warped, to draw (of wood); zoaader —eaa geeaa loou, no pains no gains; —baas, —naeester, work-master, foreman ; —baaak, work-bench ; —beest, beaat of burden, draught-beaat; —b|J, working-bee; —dadig, bv. & bw. practical (-ly); —dadlgheid, practical nesa, practice; — dag, work-day; —ezel, drudge; —gast, journeyman ; —gever, employer ; —heilige, one that recognizes good work* in piety;

— huis, workhouse ; —Inrichting, labourcolony; —kracht, hand, workman, activa (motive) power; —kriaag, sphere of activity;

— lieden vereetaiging, labour-union; — loon, wages, pay; —loos, unemployed; —loosheid, unemployment, lack ofemployment; de —loozeu, the unemployed; — aaaaaa, workman; loaae —aaaaaa, odd-man; occasional ; — aaaeid, work-maid ; -pak. work-dress ; —plaats, work-shop ; —yard, laboraiory; —sloof, work-apron, drudge; —stellig aaaakeaa, to put into execution; —stuk, piece of work, - of workmanship; —tafel, worktable ; —tijd, working-time; —tuig, tooi, instrument, engine ; —kunde, mechanics; —kundig, mechanical; —kundige, mechanician ; —aaaaker, instrumentmaker; —tuigiyk, bv. & bw. instrumental (-ly), mechanical (-ly); involuntary;—tuigeItykheld, mechanicalness ; —nur, workinghour; —volk, workmen; —vrouw, charwoman ; —woord, verb; — eaad, bv. efficient; —iaag v. working, operation, intluence, effect; laa —Ing tredeai, to come into operation (into force); to be enforced ; —ster, v. charwoman.

Werkzaam, bv. laborious, active ; working, diligent; — zfju b{j, to be employed at Mr. N's; b|) het onderwijs — zijaa, to be professionally engaged in tuition; —heid,v. labour, laboiiousness, activity; —heden, v. mv. business, the proceedings (of a society, a meeting).

Werp eaa, ov. w. to throw, to cast, to fling; to bring forth (young ones), to whelp, to pup ; ieuaaaad voor de voeteaa —, to cast in a. o. 's teeth ; laa de gevnaigenls —, to put in prison ; zich laa ieaaaauds araaaen —, to fling ouesell (to run) into another's arms; eeaae gedachte ver weg —, to scout an idea; overboord —, to throw overboard ; Iemand een steeia naar laet

WEN. — WEIt.