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band, tyre; —boor, augcr; —draaier, turner; —er, cyclist, wheelman; —haak, paddie-bolt; —maker, wbeel-wright; — r»den, t© ride on a bike, to bike, to cyele; —r|Jder, cyclist, wheelman; — schoen, trigger; —apaak, spoke; — tochtje, (a) spin; wheel-shaped, circular. wielewaal, m. golden thru&h. wieling, v. circular motion (of the water).


Wier, o. aea-weed.

Wierif, bv. lively, sprightly ; —heid, v. Hve-

liness, aprightiiness.

Wierook, in. incense, frank incense ; — toezwaaien, to incense, to extol; —boom, incense-Tree; —geur.Kmell of incense;—offer, incense-oflering; —schaal (vaas), incense; —wolk, cloud of incense ; —en, ot. w. to incense.

Wig. Wigge, T. vedge ; —Btnnrt, ftwallowtail; —wormig, cuneiform, wedce-like, — s*U*« wedge-wiBe.

Wiggelen, ov. & on. w. to shake, to totter,

to be rickety.

W||, vnw. we.

Wyd, bv. wide, wind, spacions, large; —, l>w wide, widely, far: — en s(|d, far and wide; — beens.straddle-legged; —befaamd, -beroemd, far-renowned; — looplg, prolix, diffupe; —loopigheid, prolixity ; —en, ov. w. to wideu.

Wy den. ov. w. to consecrate, to dedicate, to devote, to vow ; -bisschop, Huirragan ; —brood, sacred brcad; -kwmt, lioly-water•prinkler; —water, holy-water; —«bakje, —•vat, lioly-water-pot, stoup.

Wydera, bw. further, moreover, besides. Wydiug, v. coiifiecrution.

Wydte. v. width, breadth, space, distancegauge (of a railway-track), caiibre (of a gun). Wtfeu, ov. w. zie Wyden.

Wyf, o. wife, woman; —aclitig. bv. womanïsh, etlemiuate; uxoriou»; —achtigheid, v. effeminacy; uxoi-iousness; —Je, o. lemale ; —aarend. female eagle, she-eagle; — smusch, li en-spar row; — »ch, bv. zie Wy tachtig. Wyk, v. retreat, refuge; quarter, section, ward; (a postman's —), (a policeman's) beat; «Ié — neuten, to retreat, to take to one'u heels; —meeater, (aiderman ol*the) ward;—plaat*, asyluni; —predikant, parish-priest; — atad, town of retuge; —en, on. w. to withdraw. to retreat, to yield, to make way.

Wyi, v. while, time; by tijd en —e, at a seasonable time; by —en, now and then, occasionally; —, vw. since, because. wyien, bv. deceased, late, quondam; — de president wan A., the late President 01 the U. S.

Wy«», m. wine ; Bordeaux, Ryn—, claret, Hoek; verschanhle —, llat wine; — op flesschen, bottled wine; — op fust, wine in the wood; — van 't vat, wine from the wood; versneden —,qualified (sophisticated) wine; als de — is in deu man, gaat de wysheid in de kmi, when wine is in,

wisdom is out; Iemand klaren — schenken. to teil the plain truth; not to mince matters; to give one a piece of one's mind ; —appel, wine-apple; —a*y«i, winevinegar; —berg, vineyard; —bouw, til» jing of vines; —dragend, vineferous; — drinker, wine-drinker; —droesem, lees of wine; — flescli, wine-bottle; —gaard, vineyard; —blad, vine-leaf; — bot, vine-bud; —loof. vine-leaves; —rank, vine-brancli; —ataak, vine-pole; —worm, vine-fretter; —gaardenier, vintager; —geest, spirit of wine, alcohol; —gewas, ciop (growth) of wine ; —glas, wine-glass;—god, god of wine, JJacchus; —handel, wine-trade; —handelaar, —kooper. wine-merchant; — hnls, tavern;— kan,—kruik, wine-pot; —kelder, wine-eellar: —koop, wine drunk upon a bargain; —kuip, wine-tub; —kuiper, winecooper; —land. wine-country; —lezer, vintager; -lezing, vintage; —maand, (month of) October; —moer, lees of wine; —oogst, vintage; erop of wine;—pakhuis, wine-magazine; —peer, wine-pear; —peiler, roeier, wioe-gauger; —pers, wine-press; — proever, wine-taster; —rank, vine-branch; -roemer, wine-glass; -ruit, rue, herb of grace; —steen, tartar; —stok, vine; — stokbladluis, viue-lïetter (—grub); —tapper, vintner, wine-seller; —tyd, vintage; —vat, wine-cask; —zuiper, wine-bibber; — achtig, bv. vinous, wisy.

Wys, Wfjze, v. tnanner, way, course, method, mood (of a verb); tune, melody;'slands—, 'a lands eer, *o many countries, so many customs ; op de gewone —, in the usual way; op de eene of amlere —, anyhow; by hook or by crook ; eene aangename —, a pleasaut tune (melody); op de— van, in the tune (tonality) of; van ue —, out of tune; quite perplcxed.

Wys, bv. & bw. wise (-ly), sage, knowing(ly); iemand iets — maken, to make one believe something; to impose upon one; to make one believe that the mnon is made of green cheese; kondt ge er — uit wor? could you make head or tail of it? —begeerte, philosophy; —geer, philosopher;

philosophical; —hoofd, —neus, wiseacre, pedant; —maken, to persuade,to make believe, to palm oü' (to sham) upon; —ueuzig, self-conceited, pedantic; — elyk, bw. wisely; —heid, v. wisdom, prudence.

Wysvinger, m. fore-finger, index.

Wyten, ov. w. to impute (to), to blame (a perpon lor a thing); to charge with; dank —, to thanlc.

Wyting, m. whiting.

Wijven beul, m. tyrannical husband, wivebeater; —praat, v. women's gossip, chitchat.

W yze, m. wise man, sage; een dwaas kan soms een — raden, a fooi may give a wise man counsel; een dwaas verandert nooit van meening, een — wel, a fooi never clianges his opinion, a wise man does; de steen der —n, the philosopher*s stone;

WIE. — WU.