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de —n van het dorp. the sages of the ril lage; de —1> uit het Oosten, the Magi

of the East; —, *. zie Wfls.

Wfyzeu, of. w. to show, to point out, to direot; to prooounce (a sentence — een vonnis) | to decide; van de hand —, to decline; to reject; Iemand de deur —, to motion one to the door; to eend one about hie business; In ataat van —, fit for public discussion; *U" verzoekschrift werd van de hand («wezen, his petition was non-suited. ^U'cr, m. hand ihour*, minute*; uur», sniuuutw{Jzer)f indicator, needie (ofscales); dial (zonue-)i pointer, index (= \%ö«vinger, bladwijzer)* bookmark (lees-); fingerpost (hand-); —bord, —plaat, dial, dial-plate; —naald, hand, needie.

Wtyzig en, ov. w. to modify, to alter; — li»g,

v. modification, ulteration.

Wik, v. weight; —geld, money paid for every

weight, weigh-money.

Wik. Wikke, v. vetch.

Wikkeleu, ov. w. to wrap up, to envelop; to involve; gewikkeld s|fu in, to be concerned in, - involved in (a plot, a law-suit); to be wrapped (in paper, in a shawl etc.); zich — in, to get entangled (in difficulties); to be wrapped up (in a cloak).

Wikken, ov. w. to weigh, to poise;de niensch maar God beschikt, man proposed, and God disposes; — en wegen, to cousider maturely.

WH, m. will, desire, intention, pleasure; nlter—♦ last will, testament; vr||e —, i'ree will; uit vr(|en —, ofone's own accord (l'ree will); om best —, witii a good intention, for the good ; leugentjes oiu beet —, white lie; out Gods —, lor Heaveu's sake; lor love (= kosteloos)) tegen — en dank, in spite of oue's self; — van iets hebben, to have a great deal of service of a thing; •net den besten — kon ik het niet anders doen, I could not lor the life of me do it otherwise; als de — maar goed is, kan uieu veel doen, where there's awill, there's a way; den — voor de daad nemen, to take the will for the deed ; — vaardig, compliant; —vaardigheid, compliance; —ebeechikking (uiterste), last will; — skraclit, power of the will, volition, energy.

Wild, o. game, venison, deer; —baan, park; braad, venison; —scliut, huntstnan ; — stroopen, to poach; —stro» per, poacher; --vang, lull-grown game, game cauglit, bag. /« . & bw. wild (-ly), navage (-ly), proud (Hesli — vleescli) | romping (chlldren); In

■ —» »t random, confusedly, disorderly;

vreeuid, quite strange, quite unknown ; quite a atranger (to); een —vreemde, an utter stranger; —zang, warbling, wild notes, bad music, nonsense, giddy-head, wild spark, hairbrained fellow, romp; In *t — opgroeien, to grow (to run) wild; iu 't — schieten, to lire at random (- random shots); —achtia, bv. wlldish, wild. *'

Wllde. m & v. savage; -mau, savage, hair-

brained (boisterous) fellow.

Wildernis, v. wilderness.

Wildheid, v. wildness.

«n. wlllow; — eboom, willow-tree; — etak, willow-branch; —genteen, osier, wicker: —enbosch, willow-grove.

Wille, v. will; om der — van. for the saks of; iemand ter — ztfn, to comply with a. o. s will; keur, will, option, arbitrariness, caprice; naar —keur handelen, to act as one likes (at one's own pleasure); —keurig bv. & bw. arbitrary (-ily), despotic(ally); — kearige handelingen, arbitrary proceedings; —keurig bestuur, despotic government; —keurigheid, arbitrariness, capriciousness; —loos, bv. having no will of one's J>*n' weak; — loosheid, v. weakness. willen, ov. & on. w. to will, to be willing, to

desire, to wish, to want, to have a niind ,

o. will, volition; — s, bw. on purpose;'—s of onwillens, willing or not, will he, nill ne; — en wetens, intentionally, designedly, on purpose, wilfully and knowingly; — s zHu, to intend, to have a rnind; ik wilde het vuur aanmaken, toen . . ., I was about (going) to lii?ht (make) a fire when . . .; hij wil het in de krant gelezen hebben, lie asserts (pretends) to have read it in the paper; zy wil naar Brussel, she intends going to Brussels; neem zooveel als ge wilt, take as many as you like (please); het toeval wilde, dat . . ., as chance would

!ïv1 »•«»uh9 "eet ,llet wat hu wii,

lie is shilly-shallying; wat wil liH ?, what r.°.e8j 1 God wil het!. God wills

5 *eggrn, that means, that is to

say; het praatje wil, dat . . ., there is a report that. . . .

Willig, bv. wanted, in demand, bv. & bw. zie Gewillig; —heid, v. being in demand, quick saté, zie Gewilligheid.

Wimpel, m. streamer, pendant; — stok, m.

pen.lant-staff, or —stick.

Winbaar, bv. conquerable.

Wind, m. wind, windiness, flatulence; hubbub, braggery; — maken, to brag, to bluster, to lord it; in den — slaan, not to mind, to make light of, to siight; vlak In den —, in the wind's eye; in the teeth of the wind: the wind dead against; tegen den — In, in the direction of the wind; in the wind's eye; den — van voren krUgeu (flg.), to be sharply rebuked; wie — zaait zal storm oogeten who sows the wind shall reap the wiiirlwtnd; — en weder dienende, wind and weather permitting; met alle —en draaieu, to howl with the wolves; vóór «len — gaan (Hg.), to go on swiimningly.

W'aait geen — of h() is iemaud dienstig, it is an lil wind that blows nobody any good; waalt de — uit dien hoek?, site the wind in that quarter?; de eilauden onder den —, the Leeward Isles (Anti Hes) • op den — liggen, to lie upon the wind; to lie head to the wind; by den — zeilen.