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Z. — ZAK.


Z., v.; Z.. Soutli; 7. I). II.. Hia Serene Highness; Z. O.. His Grace: Z. O., Soutb-East; Z. K. H., Hia Royal Highness; Z. Eerw., His Reverence; Z. Exe. Hia Excellency; Z. M., His Majesty; z. I., in his opinion; Z. W., Soutb-YVest.

Zaad, o. seed (of planta); — schieten, to run to seed (of plants); op iwart — zitten, to be very short of cash; to be almost stonebroke; to be pinched; uit Abraham» —, of Abraham's posterity (seed);—, spawu (of flsh); sperm (of mammalia == zoogdieren); — bolster, husk ; — dorscher, thrasher; — handel, seed-trade; —handelaar, —koo* per, seed'a-man, aeed-man, -merchant; — huisje, aeed-vessel, huck, pod; —kelk, seedcup; —knop, seed-bud; —kool, seedy eabbagb; —korrel, grain of seed; -loop, —vloed, gonorrhea; —schleting, running to seed, getting seed-buds; spawning; ejection of sperm; —stof, pollen; —vlies, husk, spermatic membrane ; —vocht, sperm; — winkel, seed-siiop; —zak, seed-bag; — achtig, bv. like seed.

Zaag, v. saw; —blad, blade of a saw; — bok, trestle; —meel, saw-dust; —molen, sawmiII; —molenaar, master of a saw-inill ; —tand, tooth of a saw; —vyi, t»aw-file; — viscli, saw-flsh; —«el, o. saw-dust.

Zaai baar, bv. fit to be sowii; —en, ov. w. to sow; —bloeui, seedling-llower; —koren, seed; —land, arable land; —machine, sowingmachins; —ploeg, sowlngr-plou^h; —tijd, sowing-tlme, -season; —zaad, seedcorn; —zak, seed-bag; —er, ui. sower; —ing, v. sowing; —llng, m. seedling; v. female hemp; —«el, o. sowings.

Zaak, v. matter, affair, business, cause, concern; thing; staatszaken, atfairs of state; *t ia zjjne — niet, it is no concern of hia; particuliere —, private concern; eene uitgebreide —, an extensive business; een winstgevende —, a lucrative (paying) business; eene — beginnen, to set up in trade; to open a shop; eene — drijven, to curry on a business-concern; to transact busiuess; zoo stonden «Ie zaken met hem, thus matters stood with him; op z(|ue zaken letten, to mind one's business; het was — op te houden, it was advisable to stop; zoover waren de zaken ge* koineu, dat..., matters had coine to such a pass; zich uit de — terugtrekken, to retire from busiuess; ter zake komen, to come to the point; —bezorger, attorney, proxy, agent; —gelastigde, commissioner, ageut, deputy, chargé d'atfairea; — kenuis, competence; knowledge of business ; — kundige, competent peraon; — r|)k, thorough, elaborate, clever; — verslag, account (re¬

port) of the proeeodings; —waarnemer, commissioner, aeent.

Zaal, v. hall, atate-room; saloon; —huur, rent of a hall; —, o. saddle.

Zaan, v. milk-curds.

Zabber aar, m. drivelier; —en, on. w. to drivel, to auck at.

Zacht, bv. & bw. soft(-ly), gentle (-tly), smonth ® dood, easy death; een — bed, a soft (smooth) bed; een — kleed, a soft (smootli) cloth; een — klimaat, a mild climate; eene —e behandeling, a gentle treatment; een —e straf, a mild punishment; een — ei, a soft (-boiled) egg; zoo

— als een lam, as gentle aa a lanib; — wat! hare a care! aoftly, gently I fair and softly ! op z()ii —st gezegd, putting (stating) it mildly; op z(Ju —st genomeu, at ita best; — spreken, to speak low, gently, aoltly; —aardig, —moedig, —zinnig, bv. & bw. gentle (-tly), mild (-ly>, meek (ly), kind-hearted (-ly); — aar«ligheid, —moedigheid, —zinnigheid, v. softness, (rentleness, ineekness, kind-heartedness; —lieid, v. softness, gentleuess, smoothness; —jes, —keus, bw. softly, gently; —st, bw. eastly.

Zadel, m. saddle, pad, pillion; uit den — lichten, to unhorse; to supplant; in den

— springen, to vatilt into the saddle; vast in den — zitten, (flg.) to be on sure ground; to be thoroughly competent; (elg.) to sit a horae wel!; iemand weer in den — helpen, to help one up again; — boog. sad'ilebow ; —kleed, aaddle-cloth ; —knop, ponimei; —kussen, pad ;—leer, saddle-leather; —maker, aaddler; —makerij, saddier's trade; • workplace ; —paard, saddle-horse; —rleui, girth-leather ; —tascli, budjret, aaddle-bag; —veer, back (front) saddlespring ; —en, ov. w. to saddle.

Zag en, ov. w. to saw (wood etc.), to scrape (on a violin); —er, m. aawer, sawyer; —sbok, aawing-frame (jack).

Zak, m. bag, sack, pocket; met pak en —, with bag and baf?ga?e; den — geven (krijgen), to give (to get) the aack ; to be Bent packing ; In — en assche zitten, to be in dust (sack-cloth) and ashes; Jaii-iu-den —, dog-in-a blanket; steek dat In Je —, put that in your pipe and smoke it; pas o|» Je —, beware of pick-pocketa ; iemand in den —hebbeu, (Hg.), to be up to a person's tricks; to know one thoroughly; een — koren, a sack of corn ; een — niet geld, a bag of money; een papleren —, a paperhag; een liunen —,a canvass sack; een kat In deu — koopen, to big a pig in » poke ; —almanak, pocket-almanac; —boek, pooket-book, memorandum ; —doek, pocket* handkerchlefj —formaat, pockctsize; —