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gut, pocket liole; —geld, pocket-money; —kammetje, pocket-comb; —ky ker, operagl&si; —linnen, Back-cloth; —mes, pocketknife ; — p(Jp. baj?-plpe ; —pistool, pocketpistol ; —uurwerk, watch ; —vol, (a) pocketiull; — keuilrager, porter ; — keiiliuneii, packcloth; —keuroller, pick-pocket, cutpurse.

Zakeiyk, bv. & bw. essential (-ly), real (-ly), •umniary (-lly); kort en —, plainly; — e Inhoud, summary, epitomy; —lield, v. essentialness, reality, summaiines».

Zakk en, ov. w. to bat?, to pocket ; on. w. to sink, to fall; (voor een examen) tn be (to get) ploughed, plucked, to get the slip, den moed laten —, to lose courage; to allow one's spirits to flag ; liet gebouw begon te —, the building bega» to Bink (to fall); — Ing, v. pocketing; siuking.

Zalf, v. salve, unguent, oiutment; er Is geen — aan liem te strijken, Ite is incorrigible, he is past hope ol amendment; —olie, consecrated oil; —pot, «alve-pot.

Zalig, bv. blessed, blissful, saved; tipsy; —«preken, to beatify ; to canonize ; — zijn de bezitters, possession is nine points of the law;^—makend, suving, beatific;—maker, Saviour; — mak ing. sal vation ; —spreklug, beatification, canonization; —en, ov. w. to save, to bless ; «Ie alléén —makende kerk, tbe one Baring cburch; —er. bv. late ; deceased ; —er gedachtenis, of blessed meinory; hare moeder —er, her late (her sainted) mother; —Iteid, v. salvation, bliss.

Zalm, m. & v. salmon ; —forel, salmon-trout; —kop, jole of a salmon ; —moot, slice (flliet) of salmon.

Zaluw, bv. tawny, sallow.

Zalv en, ov. w. to do over wlth salve, to anoint; de gezalfde des Heeren, the Anointed of the Lord ; iemand «Ie hnndeu —, to bribe a person; to &ive p.-ilm-oil to a person; —end, bw. unctuous; —er, m. anointer; —erig, bv. oilj, greasy ; — ing, v. unction, anointment.

Zamel aar, m. gutherer, collector; — en.ov. w. to gather, to colleet; —plaats, rally ingplace, tryst (ingplace); —Ing, v. gathering, collection.

Zamen (te), bw. together.

Zand, o. sand, dust, gravel; Iemand — In de oogen strooien, to throw dust into a person's eyes, to deceive (to mislead) one; in het — byteu (lig.), to bite the dust; als droog — aaneenhangen, to be without any coherence; op — bouwen, to buildon the «and; —aardappel, sandground-potato; —bak, sand-box; —bank, —plaat, sandbank, shoal; —berg, —heuvel, sand-hill; —doos, —koker, sand-box; —groeve, — kuil, sand-pit; —grond, Band-ground; —

kar, Band-cart; —kokertje, pounce-box;

korrel, grain of sand;—looper, hour-glass, time-glass; —pad, Band-path; —ruiter, rider ! dismounted, unseated rider; —schipper, |

Band-man j —schuit, saud-boat; —steeu, ■and-Btone; —streek, sandy track; —weg, Bandy road; —woestyn, sandy desert; —sak, sand-bag; —aehtig, bv. sandy; —en, ov. w. to sand, to cover wlth sand; —erig, — Ig, bv. sandy, griddy; — eriglieid, —igheid, v. sandiness.

Zang, m. song, canto, ttave (of a poem); — berg, Parnassus; den —berg hest||gen. to ascend Parnassus, to touch the lyre.towrite poetry; —boek, hymn-book, book of songs; —cursus, singing-course; —gezelschap,— vereen! ging, glee-club; —god. god of music, Apollo; —godin, —nimf, muse ; —koor, choir, chorus: —kunst, art ofsinging; — kunstenaar (—nares), vocalist; —les. singing-lesson; —lust, fondness of «inging, poetio vein; —maat, metre, cadence; —meester, singing-niaster; —muziek, score; —noot, note; —oefening, singing-exercise; -onderw||s, instruction in singing; —r|jk, canorous, melodious; —school, singing-school; —sleutel, key; —spel, operetta; —stuk, song, air, cantata; —uitvoering, vocal concert, singing-performance; —vogel, singing-bird; —w||s, tune, melody; —er, m. singer, chanter, poet, bard; — sfeest, singing-festivity; —eres, v. (female) singer; —erig, bv. melodious; —eriglieid, v. melodiousness; —ster, v. singer, Bongstress, muse.

Zanik, m. & v. botherer, bore; —en, on. w. to bother, to be a bore; —ery, botheration.

Zat, bv. satiated, satisfled, weary, tired (of), fuddled (= dronken!, enough; zlcli — eten (drinken), to eat (to drink) one's fill; van dagen, tuil of days, old and decrepit.

Zaterdag, m. Saturday; —sch, bv. Saturday.

Zatheid, v. satiety, weariness, drunkenness.

Zavel, o. gravel; —boom, savin; —grond, sand-ground; —kuil, sand-pit; —Ig, bv.gravelly.

Ze, vnw. zie zy.

Zebra, m. zebra.

Zede, v. custom, manner, mode, use; — lyk, by. & bw. moral (-ly); -lyklieid, v. morality; —loon, bv. & bw. immoral (-ly), licentious (-ly), wanton (-ly); — loosheid, v. im» morality.

Ze«len, v. mv. manners, morals; —bederf, corruption; —kunde, moral philoiophy, ethics; —kundig, moral, ethical; —leer, morality, morals ; — leeranr. moralist; —les, moral; —meester, —preeker, censor, moralizer; —preek, sermon, lecture; —wet. moral law.

Zedig, bv. & bw. modest (-ly), decent (-ly), coy (-ly), demure (-ly); —helcl, v. modesty, decency, demureness.

Zee, v. sea, ocean; In de open —, in the open, the offing; in volle —, on the high sens; ®P — zyu, to be at sea ; de oever J,ep the sea-shore; te land en ter —, by land and sea; dat kan de — niet afwassehen, that is unavoldable, (lndelibleh eene van licht, a flood of llght; eene — van geld, a mint of money; op -- ver-