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Zich, ruw. one's Belf, himself, herself, tliemselves ; ieder roor —, erery one for hts own; hy had geen horloge by —, he

had no watch about him ; zorgvuldig «loot lifl de deur achter —, he carefully locked the door behind hlm ; uit — zelf (zelve), of his (her) own accord; b|| —«elf denken, to think to one'» self.

Zicht, ▼. sickle, reaping-hook; —en, ov. w. to reap, to mow down.

Zicht, o. sight; op —, at sight; betaalbaar op —, payable at sight; tien «lagen na —, ten days after sight ; op — sturen (goederen), to eend (goods) on approval, on in* spection ; op kort (lang) —, at short (long) sight; short-sighted (long-sighted) bill; — einder, horizon ; — witsel, slght-bill; — haar, br. ft bw. visible (-bly), manifest (-ly); perceptible (-bly); —baarheid, v. visibtlity.

Ziedaar, bw. see there, behold, there (that) is, there (those) are, look there, there you are.

Zied en, ov. & on. w. to seethe, to boil; — van toorn, to boil (to seethe) with rage; to be fuming and raging; —end,bv.boiling hot; furious; —er, m. boiler.

Ziehier, bw. see here, behold, liere (this) is, here (these) are.

Ziek, br. 111, sick, diseased; moeder Is —, mamma is ill; een — kind, a sick baby (child); zoo — als een hond, as sick as a horse-, zich — houden, to sliam Abraham; to feign iliness; een — brein, a sick (diseased) brain; zich — lachen, to laugh one's heart out; —bed, sick-bed; — enhuis, hospital; — enkanier, sick-chamber; — enoppasser, attendant of the sick; — en op panster, — enzuster, nurse; —entrooster, comforter of the sick; —e, m. & v. sick person, patiënt; —eltyk, bv. sickly, infirm; —elykheld, v. sickliness, infirinity; —en, on. w. to be sick; —te v. iliness, sickness, disease; aardappel —, disease umong the potatoes; een volks —, a natioual disease; eene ernstige —, a severe iliness; eene slepende —, a lingering malady; zee —, sea-sickness ; lever —, liver-complaint; hart —, heart-d isease; maag —, distemper of the stomach; besmettelijke —, contagious disease; Kngelsclie —, rickets; vallende—t epilepsy; —stof, morbid matter; —teeken, symptom; —toestand, state of the disease; —verloop, course of a disease; —verschijnsel, phenomeuon of a disease.

Ziel, v. soul, spirit; de — van den oorlog, van den handel, the sinew of war, of trade; de — aller Christelijke «leugdeu, the essence of all Christian virtues; b(J m|Jne —, upon my soul; God liebbe zyne —, God rest his soul; een —y e zonder zorg, a devil-maycare (happy-go-lucky) feilow ; hoe ■neer —tjes hoe meer vreugde, the more the merrier; H. Is eene stad van 10,000 —en, H. is a town of 10,000 inhabitants; eene onnoozele —, a simpleton, a simple Simon; geen levende —, not a living soul;

—ktiude, psychology; —tuis, mass for the dead; —roerend, touching, pathetic; — togen, to be in agony.to be dylng; — togend, dying, expiring; —toging. agony, pang; — verheffend, edifying; —verkooper, kidnapper; —zorger, pastor; —esmart, grief; —evreugd, delight; —enhell, salvation; —ental, number of inhabitants; —sangst, anxiety; —sbegeerte, —sverlangen, fervent desire; — sgedachte, inmost thought; —sgenot, delight; —skracht, energy ; —skwelling,—sverdrlet, heart-break, sorrow; —srust, tranquillity of mind; — sstrQd, if-^ny, psychomachy; — sverhulzlng, metemp»;:!-??is; — svermogen, facultyofths mind; — s verrukking, —svervoering, rapture, ecstasy ; - vriend, —svrieudin, bosom-friend; —sziekte, u.. "se of the mind; —loos, bv. lifeless, inanlmate; — ioo^held, v. Ufelessness, inanimation.

Zien, ov. & on. w. to see, to look, to perceive, to observe, to try; (op) to refer to, to care for; laten —, to show; over het hoofd —, to oinit, to neglect; —sw|Js,—sw(Jze, opinion, judgment; —er, m. seer, prophet; —sgave, prophetic inspiration, secoud sight; —soog, prophetic eye, prophet's eye; — I«k, bv. visible.

Zier, v. mite, bit, whit, mote, atom; geen — waard, not worth a straw, a whit, a bit, a rap, a fly etc.; er geen — omgeven, not to care a flg (a straw etc.) about it; to snap one's fingers at a thing.

Zift, v. sieve; —en, ov. w. to sift, to criticize, to cavil, to find fault, to split hairs; —er, m. sitter, caviller, fault-finder, hair-splitter; —er|J, v. sifting, criticism; —Ing, v. sit'ting, cavilling, hair-splitting; —sel, o. siftings. vnw. she, they.

zy. v. zie Zydei —dak, side-roof; —deur, side-door; —gang. side-ailey, by-way; subterfuge, evasion; —kamer, paiiour; —laan, side-alley, by-lane; —linie, side-line, collatera 1 line ; side-(branch-)line of arailroad e.g.; de kroon zou in eene —linie vervallen, the crown was to lapse to a oollateral line; —muur, side-wall; —pad, by-path; —raam, side-window; —rivier, tributary river; — spoor. Biding, side-rail; de trein werd op een —spoor gebracht, the train was shunted (switched) on to a siding; —sprong, side-leap, swerve, evasion; —straat, sidestreet; —stuk, side-piece; —weg, by-way, side-way; —wind, side-wind ; —zak, sidepocket.

Zyd, bw. wyd en —, far and wide; —geweer, sword, sabre.

Zyde, v. silk; —fabriek, silk-manufactory; —fabrikant, silk-manufacturer; —handel, silktrads; —handelaar, silkmercer; —haspel, silk-reel; —rups, —worni,silk-worm; —teelt, silk-growing; silk-crop; — twynder, silk-throwBter; —verver, silk-dyer; —ververy, Bilk-dyer's trade; - work-place; — wever, Bilk-weaver;—wevery,silk-weaver's trade; - workplace; — worm, ailk-worm;