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loosheid, v. Insipidity; —en, ov.w. tosalt; —er, m. tal ter; —held v. saltness; — lg. bv. saltiBh; — Igheld, ▼. Baltishness; — ing,

T. salting.

Zucht, m. algh, groan ; water—, dropsy: een — Binken, to heave a sigh; lu een vloek

en eeu —, in a trice; in the twinkling ol an eye; —, ▼. desire (of), eagerne«s (for), appetite; «welling, tumidness ; —en, on. w. to ilgh, to groan, to desire, to long (for); — lg, bv. swollen, dropsical; —igheld, ▼. «wollenness. „ . .

Znld, bw. souttas — ten oosten (westen), eouth by eaMt (went); —, v. «outli; om de —, eouth about; —kust, southern coast; south-coast; —IU»». «outliern circle; — pool, antarctic pole, Bouth-pole; —cirkel, southern circle; —streek, antarctic region; —vruchten, green fruit; —zee, South-sea; — z^de, Boutli-Hide. ,

Zuideiyk, bv. «outhern; —, bw. southward. Zuiden, o. «outh; —wind, «outh-wind. Zulder, bv. southern, meridional; — ««punt, antarctic pole; —breedte, «outhern latitude; 5° Z.B., Lat. 6°. S.; —krul», «outhern cross; —zou, southern sun.

Zuidoost, bw. —en, o. south-east; — ten oosten (zuiden), south-east by east (south); —elUk, bv. south-east, bw. towards the south-east; —eren, on. w. to incline towards the south-east.

Zuidwaarts, bw. «outhward.

Zuidwest, bw. —en, o. «outh-west; — ten westen (zuiden), «outh-west by west (south);

ellik, bv. south-west, bw. towards the

■outh-west ; —eren, on. w. to incline towards the south-west.

Zuidzuid oost, bw. —oosten, o. south-south-

«ast; west, bw. —westen, o. aouth-Bouth-


Zuig ellng, ra. & v. auckling, baby, —en, ov. & on. w. to suck, to «uckle; —buis, «uctionpipe, «ucker; — flesch, feeding-bottle;—glas, suckiug-glass; —kind, auckling; — lom, sucking-lamb; —pÜP> «ucker; —pomp.aucking-putnp; —er, ra. — ster, v. sucker; — ing, v. sucking, suction, draught.

Zuil, v. pillar, column; — v»n Volta, Galvanic pile; de —en van Hercules, Hercules' pillars (Gibraltar); Dorische —, Doric column; —engang, —enr|f, colonnade, peristyle.

Zulm achtlg, bv. & bw. negligent (-ly); — aehtigheid, v. negligence; —en, on. w. to be neglierent, to neglect, to delay.

Zuinig, bv. & bw. sparing (-ly), saving (-ly), frugal (-ly), economical (-ly), thrifty (-ily); — held, v. Bparin^nesfl, savingness, frugality, thriftiness; verkeer«le —held, penny-wise and pound-foolish; — heidsmaatregel, mea«ure of economy; —Je, o. save-all (of a candle); alles op een —Je doen, to be economical in everything; —jes, bw. zie Zuinig. Zuip, v. drinking, boosing, tippling; —achtlg, bv. given to drinking; —en, ov. & on. w. to drink, to quaff, to guzzle, to tipple, to tope.

to boose; —en als een tempelier, to drink like a flah; —en, to be addicted to liquor; to be an babitual drunkard; —bast, —lap, drunkard, toper, tippler; —lust, love of drinking; — party, drinking-bout.

Zuivel, o. milk, butter and cheese; —bereider, dalry-farmer; butter and cheese maker; —bereiding, butter and cheese making; — hoeve, dairy-farm; —producten, dairyproduce.

Zuiver, bv. & bw. pure (-ly), clean (-ly), genuine (-ly); —e natuurboter, dairy-fresh; —e lucht, pure air; — geweten, clear (clean) conscience ; —e wijn, dry wine; —e cognac, brandy neat: —e opbreugst, net proceeds; een —e piano, a piano in tune; —e winst, pure gain ; —e waarheid, the naked (plain) truth ; de kust is —, the coast is clear-, het was er niet —, there was something wrontc; —aar, m. clearer, purifier-, —en, ov. w. tr> purify, to clean, to clear, to purge (the blood), to refine (morals, sugar etc.); zich door een eed —en, to take one's oath for beiug Innocent; —drank, purge, purgativs; — held, v. purity, cleanness ; —Ing, v. purification, cleansing, refinement, justification. Zulk, bv. & vnw. such.

Zulks, vnw. this, it, the same, such a thing. Zullen, on. w. «hall, will.

Zult, o. marinade, potted pork ; — boonen, pickled beans; —spek. pickled (salted) bacon; —en, ov. w. to pickle. to salt.

Zundgat, o. vent, touch-hole; —krult, priminsr.

Zur en. ov. & on. w. to make (to grow)aour; — lg, bv. Bourish; —igheid, v. sourishnessv —ing, v. aouring, sorrel (wilde —), doek (eetbare —): —inczuur, oxalix acid. Zus, bw. so, thus; het stond — of zoo, It almOBt happened, it was hap-hazard; —. v. sister, lass, girl; —Je, llttle sister; het ia een —Je en een broertje, it comes to the same thing; it is six of one and half a dozen of the other.

Zuster, m. sister; —huis, nunnery. —liefde, sister's love; —moord, —moorder, aororIcide; — vereeniging, sister-society; —l\Jk, bv. sisterly; —schap, sisterhood.

Zuur, bv. Bour, tart; —. o. acid, vinejrar, heart-burnlng (geneesk.), pickles; uitjes, komkommers in *t —, pickled onions, cucumbers; — kyken. to look black, angry, to pull a face; het zal hem — opbreken, he will smart for it; Iets voor een — gezicht geven, to irive Bomething for a Bong;

verdiend geld, hard-earned money; —

gezicht, sour face;—deeg.—deesem.leaven; —kool. sourcrout; —muil, sour face, crabbed person; —stof, oxygen-, —achtlg, bv. Bourish, acidulous; —held, v. sourness, acidity.

Zwaai. m. turn, swing; —en. ov. w. to swing, to sway (a sceptre): to brandish (a sword), to wave (a flag), to wield (a hammer), to flirt (a fan = een waaier); on. w. to swing, to totter; —haak,zie Zwei; — lug, v. swinging.