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My sincerest thanks are due to various men in England whose help and advice, most generously given, were of the first importance to me in carrying on my investigations.

Dr. A. Leslie Sheather D. Sc., M.R.C.V.S. gave any amount of his precious time to the study and discussion of my researches. At the same time he placed at my disposal unlimited quantities of Johnine — a diagnosticum of his own composition.

Not less do I owe to Dr. George W. Dunkin M.R.C.V.S., D.V.H., who not only supplied me with great quantities of Johnine, but also took a very active part in the diagnosing of the various cases that came under my notice. Through a regular interchange of fresh material it became possible for us, to check and control each other's diagnosis.

Lastly there is Dr. F. C. Minett, D. Sc., M.R.C.V.S., who during a fortnight made me free of his laboratory, where he gave me every possible information concerning the cultivation of Johne's bacillus and inspection of material, living and dead. He also took me to the farm of Mr. Odium at Pewsey, where a herd- test of 400 animals was being applied, and where the most liberal hospitality was extended to me by Mr. and Mrs. Odium.

The help, kindness and friendship 1 received at the hands of the above mentioned gentlemen I shall not easily forget.