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money; he sends his wife and children more often into the woods to fetch all sorts of products. As prices increase, the misery becomes greater. And where will it cease?

The only thing that can help is an absolutely prohibitive law. lts partial application already proves the possibility and use of it. A more general application is what is required. Those business circles in Germany, which feel the effect of the import duties are unanimous in their opinion on the alcohol question. But it is of significance, that there is a strong undercurrent of feeling, that considers the liquor traffic as not a legimate one, and sees in it the ruin of other trade with the natives. The Committee for combatting the liquor traffic in Africa, established at Bremen, to which the most eminent business men belong, sent a request to the German Government on the 3rd of January 1908, asking them to propose, at the mixt international Conference of those Powers, that signed the Brussels Convention of 1890, that the import of spirits in the colonies be entirely prohibited. Should it be impossible at the present moment to carry out this proposition, they ask for the prohibition of the import in casks and to permit it in bottles only, with an import duty of at least 2 Marks on each bottle of 3/4 (three quarters of a) litre; sales to be permitted only under license costing a heavy sum, prohibition of sale to minors, etc.

The conference of the International Union against the abuse of spirits, which was held at Scheveningen last year, was in agreement with the main points of these requests and went the length of asking, that in every case the sale of spirits to women and minors should be forbidden together with the giving of spirits to native labourers in lieu of wages.

Mr. van Deventer in his „Organisation de la lutte contre 1'alcool" is of the same opinion: „nothing can exercise better influence than the absolute prohibition of the sale of spirits to natives, as is the case in the whole of Australia, in parts of the Dutch Eeast Indian Colonies, and in a number of the colonies in Africa." And further: „To attain this end, however, it is necessary that the whites in the colonies abstain from spirits."

I am in entire agreement with these conclusions. It seems to me that a mighty call should go out from this Congress to all the Colonial Powers for the entire prohibition of import and sale of spirits in the Colonies.