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In this way far more good will be obtained than by inflicting punishment, because this treatment works correctively, which in such cases can scarcely, if ever, be said of imprisonment.

More benefit will be obtained for the delinquent personally, because there is a more certain foundation for hope of his improvement.

More benefit will be obtained for society in general, because by his good behaviour the man will become an example to others.

More benefit will be obtained for the maintenance of public order which will no longer be so frequently disturbed by him and his associates.

More benefit will be obtained for public morality, because as a quiet and orderly citizen he will make a reparation for his former misconduct.

AU this must necessarily redound to the good of society. But there is still more.

Release on probation will not take him away from his family, and on account of his being a total abstainer, he will be better able to provide for his household.

In this connection it is of importance to observe that in this country, where release on probation of offenders, that have reached their majority,is not yet known, but onlyconditional release after part of the sentence has been served (the ticket of leave system), the Minister of Justice in some cases prescribes the condition, „that such person shall not visit any publichouse."

Now, what this conditional release only effects in a few rare cases release on probation may effect on a very large scale.

We now may put the question: Is it possible to apply this system of release on probation to every one, who is convicted of an offence in connection with drunkenness?

To my mind the answer must be in the negative. With many the passion for drink is the only or the main cause of their offence. A large number would never transgress, were it not for this failing, and these could be improved by taking away the cause of their offence.

There are others however with whom the passion for drink is not a cause but an effect, the effect of degeneration,showing ïtself in lazmess, vagabondage, weakness of mind and such like. The latter are found especially in our penal settlements. They