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Das PoLLARD-system muss garantiert werden durch den Richter (richtige Auswahl), den Gesetzgeber (der darauf dringen muss, dass auf den Charakter gesehen wird, wie im Probation of Offenders Act, und sich gegen den Verführer wenden muss, wie der Berner Armenpolizeigesetzentwurf) und die Gesellschaft, d.h. die Vereine. Da es solche nicht überall gibt, müssen Schutzaufsichtsbeamte eingeführt werden.

Frau Powell, (Staffordshire): I think it a great honourtobe allowed to speak a word on behalf of judge Pollard's plan in dealing with drunkards, which he adopted, and has carried out with such success in America.

When first I read of the plan in my home in Staffordshire, England, I thought it very good, now I know it better. I think it is excellent. I first read of it in our English newspapers, then I heard the Rev. A. J. Sharp, (Temperance Secretary for English Wesleyans) speak of it at a meeting.

He advocated it very strongly and afterwards gave me a Wesleyan Magazine with a full account of the plan and its working in America. The Magazine also contained a portrait of Ju:'ge Pollard, which I still possess. As I am a member of the British Women's Temperance Association, I believe in Miss Willards: „Do Everything", policy and one thing among the „everything'' is to keep my husband informed on what is going on in the temperance world, as he is too busy with other matters of public interest to give much time to temperance matters himself. He like-wise soon became enthused with judge Pollard's plan. One morning he was leaving home to „sit on the bench" as we say in England, when a man is a magistrate and is going to the Court to (with his brother magistrates) — helpp try the prisoners and sentence them according to their crime.This particular morning I said to my husband „why not try the Pollard plan? Ifyouhave any „drunks" before you see what putting them on probation will do." When he got to do the Court, a number of cases were tried for various crimes and then a notorious man was brought up for being drunk. He had been in prison many a time and was very violent when drunk. He had lost one eye in a shooting affray and every body seemed afraid of him. On this morning he appeared to be very miserable, and appealed to the magistrates to save him from himself by putting him on what was then known as the