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hëalthy stimulants will naturally die out. This is not only sound theory, but accomplished fact, as the experience of housing reform everywhere shows.

And, this being so, how great a responsibility is thrown upon us all as individuals, and upon theseveral nations to which webelong. For, is it not clear that if you or I have it in our power to do that which will check or destroy the disease of alcoholism in any member of the community, and do not discharge our duty, we are as truly responsible for the vice of drunkenness as if we were guilty of it in our own persons? Let each one of us, thên, use our individual powers and our powers as citizens to create such a healthy environment, and one so expressive of kindly generous feelings to the last and the least of our brethren, as will vanquish and overcome all unhealthy cravings, of which alcoholism is perhaps the greatest and the most widely spread, but perhaps also the most amenable to wise and resolute co-operative effort.

One word more. There is a large class of people sufïering from the disease of alcoholism who have ample means, and who, it might appear, cannot be reached by the efforts I have spoken of to improve the lot of a working-class population. How will the good artisans' and labourers' cottages with the bright gardens; how will the healthy workshops with jolly playing fields and well attended technical schools near at hand help these well-to-do alcoholists? Not much — not at all, peihaps — except on one condition. And what is that? It is this. Let these sufïerers from a fearful disease be themselves induced to help their follow sufïerers by providing for them counter-attractions to the beer-pot and the spirit glass. The very fact of their making contribution of money, time, and energy to such a cause or to some other cause aiming at human well-being, will itself be the very counter-attraction which they themselves need. Let them save their souls by saving the souls of others, and let their friends and their physicians give them this piece of wise advice!

Prasident S. Exc. A. S. Talma: Ich überbringe Herrn Ebenezer Howard den Dank der Versammlung für seinen interessanten \ ortrag, und eröffne nunmehr die Diskussion.


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