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Paris, August 6, 1911.

Mr. S. F. VAN OSS,

Royal Hotel.

Evian les Bains.

. My dear Mr. van Oss.

Please excuse my delay in answering your favor of July 30th; it arrived during my absence from the office.

You know of course, as well as Mr. Deen and myself that the commission of Frs. 250.000 is payable out of the commission that Deen receives at the time the Robinson properties will be transferred to the "Union des Pétroles d'Oklahoma".

This transfer has been delayed somewhat on account of the great work of searching the titles, and according to our attorney, it will not be completed before the mjddle of this month and perhaps not before the Ist of September; they are working day and night on the examination of the titles and every effort is made to complete it as soon as possible, I have written in the same manner to Mr. von Ofenheim and trust it will be satisfactory.

(w.g.) Brünner.

VI. De heer Brünner heeft tot den heer E. Deen de volgende brieven gericht:

Paris, le 9 Février 1912.

Monsieur EMILE DEEN.

75, Zeestraat.

La Haye (Hollande).


Nous avons 1'honneur de vous informer que, suivant les instructions de Monsieur Henry Brünner, notre Administrateur-Délégué, nous vous créditons de:

Fr. 200.000.—

pour votre commission de participation Union des Pétroles de 1'Oklahoma.

Agréez, Monsieur, nos salutations distinguóes.

(w.g.) Onleesbaar.