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verse 0.12 mm. The pores are 0.008 and the intermediate lattice work 0.005 mm- in width. In jasper rock at the mouth of the Tandjan River, also in diabase tuff frorn the River Badoengan.

Fig. 14 represents a large specimen of the same species. The long diameter is 0.17 and the transverse 0.15 mm. and xo—12 rows of pores are shown. This form is in jasper from the Mimit Rapids 011 the Upper Kapoewas River. Similar forms occur in the cherts and jaspers of Angel Island and the Buri-buri ridge, California. (Buil. Univ. Calif. vol. i, 1894, p. 238, pl. xiv, fig. 7).

Cenellipsis compressa, sp. nov. Pl. 1, fig. 15.

Test elongate oval, with uneven outline, long diameter 0.18, transverse 0.14 mm. The wall is 0.017 mm. in thickness, the pores are 0.01 and the framework 0.005 mm- in width. Examples of this form are common, but in nearly all the outlines are uneven, as if they had yielded to pressure. In diabase tuff from the River Badoengan.

Cenellipsis prcelonga sp. nov. Pl. I, fig. 16.

Test smooth, elliptical, long diameter 0.29 mm., transverse 0.2 mm. There are shown 12—14 oblique rows of pores, these are 0.015, and the interspaces 0.008—0.01 mm. in width. In size this form approaches near to C. gigantea, Rüst (Pal. Bd. xxxiv, p. 194, pl. xxii, fig. 3), but it is proportionately wider and has fewer rows of pores in the test. It is found in reddish chert, from near the mouth of the River Mëndjoewai.

Cenellipsis sp. ind. a. Pl. I, fig. 17.

Test short oval, the long diameter 0.25 mm., and the transverse 0.22 mm.; the wall is 0.017 mm. in thickness. The pores are very imperfectly shown; they are about 0.015 mm. and the intermediate framework 0.01 mm. in width. In light coloured chert from the River Boengan.