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Genus Lithapium, Haeckel.

The test is a simple elliptical latticed shell with a radial spine at one pole.

Lithapium sp. ind. Pl. II, fig. 3.

The elliptical test is 0.15 mm. in length and 0.12 mm. in breadth. The surface has, apparently, a numbér of short spines. The single radial spine is 0.15 mm. in length, and 0.04 mm. in thickness at the base. In jasper from the Upper Kapoewas, near the mouth of the Tandjan River.

Genus Druppula, Haeckel.

Test elliptical, of two concentric latticed shells, without radial spines.

Druppula arcta sp. nov. Pl. I, fig. 21.

Test regularly oval, surface smooth, length of outer test 0.105 mm. breadth 0.09 mm., the inner test measures 0.035 1 and 0.027 mm. respectively; the pores of the outer test are 0.005 mm. in width, with very narrow interspaces, those of the inner test are slightly smaller. Only traces of the connecting rays are shown. In diabase tuff from the River Badoengan. Rare. A similarly close arrangement of the lattice pores is shown in D. amygdalina, Rust (Pal. Bd. xxxviii, p. 155, pl. xvii, fig. 7) but this species is more elongate and considerably larger.

Druppula sp. ind. a. Pl. I, fig. 20.

Test short oval, surface smooth, length of outer shell, o. 11 mm., width 0.095 mm., the inner shell is nearly circular in outline, and 0.045 in diameter-, no pores are •shown. In red jasper from the Upper Kapoewas, near the mouth of River Tandjan.

Druppula? sp. ind. b. Pl. IV, fig. 30.

The test is a short oval, the outer shell measures 0.08 mm.