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2 I

Theodiscus sp. ind. b. Pl. II, fig. 4.

As shown in section the test is somewhat oval in outline, about 0.23 mm. in diameter. Only two of the radial spines are preserved, the longest of these measures 0.45 mm. by 0.05 in basal thickness; there are also traces of delicate surface spines. In red jasper from the Upper Kapoewas, near the mouth of the Tandjan River.

Genus Trigonocyclia, Haeckel.

Test discoidal with latticed cortical and simple medullary shell, and three radial spines.

Trigonocyclia sp. ind. a. Pl. II, fig. 10.

The cortical test is triangular in outline, from each of the angles a stout spine extends, only the lower part of which is preserved. Diameter of test, o.imm., thickness of spines at base, 0.03 mm. The medullary shell is not shown. Rare; in red jasper from Badau Mountain, near the mouth of the Badau River.

Genus Porodiscus, Haeckel.

The test is a flattened disc with a simple central chamber surrounded by concentric rings, divided by radial beams into imperfect chambers. The margins of the test are simple.

Porodisctis pygmceus, sp. nov. Pl. I, fig. 22.

As seen in section the test is elliptical, the long diameter 0.1 mm., and the transverse 0.05 mm. The central chamber is 0.02 mm. in width, it is surrounded by four chambered rings, which are 0.01 mm. apart. Rare; in diabase tuff at the River Badoengan.

Porodiscus ajjinis, sp. nov. Pl. I, fig. 23.

The test is elliptical in section, the long diameter 0.1 mm.,