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from the Jurassic strata of Cesana (Atti Accad. Scienze Torino, vol. xxvii, p. 17, pl. fig. 31) and from jasper of Permian age at Montenotte in Liguria, and they are likewise present in the chert of Angel Island, California (Buil. Dept. Geol. Univ. Cal. vol. i, p. 239, pl. xiv, fig. 14). In jasper from Badau Mountain.

Genus Spongodiscus, Haeckel.

The surface of the discoidal test is an irregularly perforate mesh work, and the margin is without radial appendages or equatorial band.

Spongodiscus tennis, sp. nov. Pl. I, fig. 18.

I he test is a flattened disc with a nearly circular outline, the mesh-work delicate, and the pores irregular and unequal in size. Diameter 0.125 mm.; the larger pores are 0.01 mm. in width. In diabase tuff from the Badoengan River.

Spongodiscus celahis, sp. nov. Pl. I, fig. 19.

lest oval in outline, the surface showing a network of fine pores and below this a lattice work with subquadrate pores. Long diameter o. imm. ; transverse 0.075 mm. 1° diabase tuff from the vicinity of the Badoengan River.

Order Cyrtoidea Haeckel.

Sub-order Monocyrtida Iiaeckel.

Genus Tripilidium Haeckel.

The lattice test with a simple mouth aperture and three radial spines, and a horn-like extension at the summit.

Tripilidium obliquum, sp. nov. Pl. II, fig. 9.

The test is conical, with a stout rod-like extension at the summit. Only one of the basal spines and the basal portion of