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another are shown. The test has round pores. Length from the apex to the base 0.185 mm.; width of base, 0.095 mm- '■> 'ength of basal spine 0.075 mm. In red jasper from near 1 andjan, River Kapoewas.

Genus Cyrtocalpis Haeckel.

The latticed tests are pitcher-, bell-, or egg-shaped, without spines or horn.

Cyrtocalpis tessellata, sp. nov. Pl. III, fig- 15■

Test conical, semi ovate, the base slightly concave, the surface with longitudinal ribs, and between these rows of pores, 7 to 8 in number, Transverse striae are also present. Length 0.19 mm.; greatest width 0.105 mm., the base 0.09 mm. in width. In red jasper from Pëpanai Island, River Kerijau.

Cyrtocalpis modesta, sp. nov. Pl. III, fig. 18.

The cyrtoidal test is pointed semi-oval, base truncate, with a somewhat contracted aperture. The pores of the test are small. Length 0.145 mm.; width of base 0.08 mm.; the pores in test 0.004 mm. This form nearly resembles C. lepida, Riist (Pal. Bd. xxxi, p. 302, pl. xxxv, fig. 10), from the Jurassic of Switzerland, but differs therefrom in having the basal aperture contracted. In jasper from Loeboek Antoe, Sarawak. Rare.

Genus Archicapsa Haeckel.

The cyrtoidal test rounded or oval, the basal aperture covered by a latticed plate.

Archicapsa jiciformis, Parona. Pl. II, fig 17, Pl. III, fig- 21.

Parona: Boll. Soc. geol. Italiana, vol. ix, 1890, p. 34, pl. v, fig. 3.