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The Dream of the Traveler

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And thou shalt continue thy journey.

And it shall not be a very long one, for the inward hurt thou receivedst in thy fall from that dung-hill will shorten it considerably.

And in order to beguile the tediousness of the road, thou shalt take thy pen and bottle filled with thy life-blood,

And when the fire within thee shall burn too fiercely and lick thy very life-blood, thou shalt sit down in some shady place on thy road and write of the great hope within thee of seeing thy Queen.

And in this way thou shalt give it an outlet as through some volcano that maketh fertile the soil all around it.

And even before thou art aware of it thyself, thou shalt have reached the golden palace gate of thy Queen.

And there the pen shall drop from thy hand,

And the fire and the light within thee shall shine out from thine eyes and face with a brilliancy that shall even surpass the brightness thou sawst in the eyes of thy Queen.

And while standing there thou shalt shed such a lustre over all the palace, that thy Queen shall be awakened by it.

And seeing the light she shall know that her King hath come at last, and she shall gather her robes about her and place her diadem on her head that she may receive thee worthily.

And she shall come through the palace gate to welcome thee.