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De internationaalrechtelijke betrekkingen tusschen Nederland en Japan (1605-heden)

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vessels. Such reciprocal equality of treatment shall take effect without distintion, whether such articles come directlv from the place of origin or from any other place.

In the same manner there shall be perfect equality of treatment in regard to exportation, so that the same export-duties shall be paid and the same bounties and drawbacks allowed in the dominions or possessions of either of the High Contracting Parties on the exportation of any article which is or may be legally exported therefrom, whether such exportation shall take place in Netherland or in Japanese vessels, and whatever may be the place of destination, whether a port of either of the Contracting Parties or of any third Power.

Article VUL

No duties of tonnage, harbour, pilotage, lighthouse, quarantine or other similar or corresponding duties of whatever nature or under whatever denomination, levied in the name or for the profit of the Government, public corporations, functionaries, private individuals, corporations or establishments of any kind, shall be imposed in the ports of the dominions and possessions of either country upon the vessels of the other country, which shall not equally and under the same conditions be imposed in the like cases on national vessels in general or vessels of the most favoured foreign nation. Such equality of treatment shall apply reciprocally to the respective vessels, from whatever port or place they may arrivé, and whatever may be their place of destination.

Article IX.

In all that regards the stationing, loading and unloading of vessels in the ports, basins, docks, roadsteads, harbours, or rivers of the dominions and possessions of the two countries, no privilege shall be granted to national vessels which shall not be equally granted to vessels of the other country; the intention of the High Contracting Parties being that in this respect also the respective vessels shall be treated on the footing of perfect equality.

Article X.

The coasting trade of both the High Contracting Parties is excepted from the provisions of the present Treaty, and shall be regulated according to the laws, ordinances, and regulations