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I guarantee to satisfy you. Leonard Brand, 50 Teignmouth Road, Cricklewood, London.

Nice selection on approval. Address : Hamilton, 6 St. Saviour's-terrace, Bath, Eng.

Schools and Colleges.

Engineering training.

Faraday House.

The Electrical Standardizing, Testing and Training Institution, Ltd.

Chairman (Voorzitter) of the Governors : The Right Honourable Lord Castletown K. P. (of the order of St. Patrick)

Principal: Alexander Russell M. A. (Master of Arts)

Victoria College, Jersey.

Visitor : His Majesty the King A long series of success at Oxford and direct entries to Woolwich and Sandhurst. Preparation also for Indian Police and Civil Service. The mild and sunny climate is especially suited to boys born in India. Fees £ 63 to £ 68. Arrangement made for the holidays if desired.

Sheffield scissors.

Assortments for retailers. £ 5 and upwards, through British merchants. Prices 6s, 6d to 14s doz. nett. f.o.b. Quick delivery

David Smith 9 Jewin-Street London and Sheffield.

"Swan Fountpens" (Fountainpens) are Absolutely Dependable (vertrouwbaar)


The great English piano Allison Pianos, Ltd. Kentish Tn. London N.W.

Knitted Coats.

Real silk knitted coats.

A practical style for general wear.

Debenham & Freebody, Wigmore Street and Welbeck Str. London, W.

on approval op zicht

Ltd = het Hollandsche N.V. Limited

Liability Corapany = Naamlooze Vennootschap

Woolwich (wtzlidz) Fees = Collegegelden

wholesale and

retail f.o.b. = free

on board nett. = without any discount (= korting)

Tn = Town