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towards (tödz)

A transfer = 'n overstapje

labelled (leiblad)

Trafalgar (trafalga)

Een zeereis naar Lilliput De reizen van Stanley Het verkeer was gestremd ! Vol! Te vol!



De conducteur (v.d. tram) kwam de passagiersgelden ophalen.

Iemand afhalen

iemand wegbrengen

A voyage to Lilliput

Stanley's travels

The traffic was interrupted !

Crowded ! Overcrowded!

To sit with one's face towards

the engine.


The conductor came round to collect the fares.

To meet a person at the station

to see a person off

Scores of people came to see him off at the Docks.

a score

Van zijn vrienden afscheid nemen.

'n twintigtal

To take leave of one's friends.

What do you say?

What do you say to the porter, when the train stops at the station?

And when you are going away by train ?

If you do not know your way at the station, what do you ask?

When you want to take a cab, what do you say to the cabman?

What do you say for instance to the omnibusconductor ?

What different sorts of cabs do you know?

Please help me to get my luggage out of the van. Here is my bicycle-ticket. Please get my luggaga labelled for Bristol; here is my bicycle-ticket.

Which is the platform for Bristol ? Which way am I to go?

What is the fare to Fleetstreet? That trunk has to go on the top and this bag I want to have inside. Do you go down the Strand ? How much is it to Trafalgar Square?

Hansoms, four-wheelers, motor-cabs, taxicabs.