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University Library at Leyden, in order to exclude all national rivalry. Mr. W. N. du Rieu, the director, is highly respected as a librarian and a scholar. The institution is famous of old, and well located for international intercourse. Mr. du Rieu to whom great credit is due also in the matter of direct interchange of manuscripts between libraries, in a letter written to me on May 16, this year, has signified his willingness to take the matter into his hands, should he be requested to do SO'. The director of the association, who would have to be intrusted especially with the management of the finances, should be assisted by an advisory council, consisting of the directors of the foremost libraries of Europe and the chief of one of the great American libraries. For these positions I would propose the chief librarians of Berlin, London, Paris, Vienna, of the „Laurentiana" of Florence and the „Vaticana" at Rome. If the association would not be encumbered by a directory of too many heads, then I might recommend the addition of the chief librarians of Munich, Oxford, and St. Petersburg. This directory would have the task of selecting the manuscripts to be photographed for the association as proposed by the managing director, of obtaining the permission of the respective libraries to photograph the selected manuscripts, and of determining the order of the annual publications. As the yearly subscription for each member of the association I would propose an amount of from 100 to 150 marks (25 to 37.50 doll.) As soon as 100 members have permanently signed, the association is to be considered as founded.

The publications are to be sent out from Leyden; they should be issued in good and uniform style, while the manner of reproduction of the manuscripts them'selves would have to depend on the nature of the latter, and be left to the decision of the. directory. If a manuscript could not be published completely in any one year, it should be distributed over several years.

I do not care to enter into more definite recommendations at this time. For even to the question, which is nearest at hand, as to whether my proposition can be carried out at all on account of the cost, I can only say that all my attempts to arrivé at a safe result have been unsuccessful. That we cannot be surprised