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the more so as this Bible-lover did not entirely collate the Leyden manuscript. May Mr. Sythoff's enterprise, beginning with the reproduction of God's word in the oldest form preserved, be of great use in promoting the knowledge of the Holy ScriptureS and in being a source of edification to the pious reader !|

The plan of placing in the first series the oldest Terence and the best Virgil of the Vatican, both uncial MSS., could be given up, as, a short time ago, we received the joyful tidings that these excellent Vatican Codices are to be reproduced at the expense of the Pope. Now I selected in their stead the Virgil Mediceus of the 5th cent and the Horace of Bern of the 9th, the Anthologia' Latina of Paris of the 7th or 8th, the only Tacitus of the 9th of the Laurentiana, and of the Leyden collection the Lucretius oblongus of the 9th cent. Of all these codices the writing is perfectlv known through the facsimiles, bnd the ablest editors have acknowledged them to be the most venerable and excellent, so that the study of the classics will greatly profit by them.

The same may be said of the Greek codices which I selected in the first place. The Aeschylus of the Laurentiana of the lOth or the llth cent.; the Anthologia Graeca of Heidelberg of the same time, a part of which is preserved at Paris; the Viennese Dioscorides of the 6th cent., with very remarkable miniatures, the Ilias Homeri of the codex Ambrasianus, in which are also drawings, and the Oxford Plato MS. of 895, which Professor Cobet greatly preferred to the Paris Plato.

Thus it is seen that the enterprise which Mr. Sijthoff has begun is not an ordinary one, and, as the success of the reproduction is certain, a new field of research is opened to philologists. ' |

Those who wish to read and consult the classic authors in the oldest form handed down to us, because this study is highly important for text-criticism, will be glad to buy these reproduced codices or will be glad to see that they are purchased by scientific libraries. It may also be hoped that the many librarians who, until now, were unable to send me an answer on account of administrative reasons, will eagerly avail themselves of the opportunity now offered them to purchase those excellently reproduced